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Upcoming CEP Programme

Executive Management Programme in "Strategic Innovations, Digital Marketing & Business Analytics" Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi

6th January 2018 – 10th June 2018 (Classes on Weekends/National Holidays)

With the advent of the internet driven era, organizations are transforming their operations so that they can harness the power of the web driven ecosystem and grow sustainably. This has led to the digitization of both processes and products. In such a digital economy, the need was realised to leverage upon innovative business models to reach out to new customers and segments. In view of this, digital marketing more

CEP Certificate Course in "Business Management", Focus: Digital Marketing, Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi

19th May to 22nd July, 2018

The course is aimed at training intelligent minds in the art and science of management. With modules in the functional areas of management, the course expose the practitioners to the theory & practice of management. It synthesizes the various functional aspects and shall enable the participants to appreciate the linkages of the more

CEP Short Term Programme on “Flyash Management for Thermal Power Plants”, Industrial Tribology Machine Dynamics and Maintenance Engineering Centre, IIT Delhi

22nd May to 24th May, 2018

The power plants in the country generate close to 170 million tons flyash every year. This poses a great challenge to the power plant engineers and managers to ensure its utilization and safe disposal. The objective of this course is to provide knowledge about various aspects of flyash management for the thermal power plants. The course will cover various aspects of flyash handling, transportation, utilization and safe more

CEP Short Term Programme on "Finance for Non-Finance Executives" Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi

4th August to 18th August, 2018

The course is designed to introduce participants (decision-makers from non-financial backgrounds) to basic financial and accounting concepts. It includes extensive coverage of concepts such as financial statements, ratio analysis, break-even analysis, cost concepts, decision-making, capital budgeting, introduction to international finance and the Indian financial system, thereby enabling the participants to make use of accounting information from the point of view of profit planning, cost control and decision-making (both operating and financial). The objective of the course is to widen the horizon of knowledge and skills of the participants and build capacity so as to enable them to understand business/ financial processes in a holistic way and to prepare them for larger responsibilities.

CEP Short Term Programme on “Financial Institutions and Markets” Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi

1st September to 15th September, 2018

The course provides a broad overview of the functioning of financial institutions and markets. It covers the roles of financial institutions including commercial banks, investment banks, and insurance companies. In addition, it discusses the role and function of the main financial markets such as equity market, bond market, money market, foreign exchange market, and derivatives market. This course will also introduce participants to the financial markets regulators – how they function and regulate and protect financial market participants.

Executive Programme in "Data and Decision Sciences Consulting" Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi

6th October to 9th December 2018 (Classes on Weekends/National Holidays)

With the huge amount of data and its complexity involved in today’s business processes, there is a need to analyze and visualize this data and make effective decisions in the real business problems involved. Thus there is a need to leverage upon the data and decision sciences techniques to take on business challenges and goals. Data science professionals become experts to extract meaning from large volumes of data, which requires both tools and methods from mathematics, operational research, statistics, computer science, and other related subjects. The objective is to augment managerial decision making from data driven insights.



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Name of the Beneficiary: IITD CEP Account
Name of Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: IIT, Hauz Khas, Delhi-110016  
Beneficiary A/C No.: 36819334799
Bank MICR Code: 110002156
Bank IFS Code: SBIN0001077

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