Upcoming CEP Programme

Executive Programme in "Strategic Innovations, Digital Marketing & Business Analytics", Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi

05th January to 09th June 2019 (Classes on Weekends/National Holidays)

With the advent of the internet-driven era, organizations are transforming their operations to harness the power of the web-driven ecosystem and grow sustainably resulting in the digitization of both processes and products. In this context, there is a need to leverage upon innovative business models to reach out to new customers and segments. In view of this, digital marketing and hence the emergence of search engines and social media are playing a significant role.

Workshop on "Brain Science and Technology: Tools and Techniques to Understand the Human Brain", IIT Delhi

02nd March to 06th March, 2019

Understanding how the human brain works is one of the fundamental challenges in science today. Advancing our knowledge in this regard will help us to solve various key problems in engineering and medicine. This workshop introduces the fundamental challenges and opportunities in Neuroscience from a computational and signal processing perspective. Participants will learn about Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence related problems in multiple domains. The applications of cutting-edge machine-learning techniques and signal and image processing methodologies to the analysis of neural data will also be described.

Workshop and Symposium on "Advanced Simulation Methods: DFT, MD and Beyond Basic Principles and Modern Insights", IIT Delhi

06th March to 10th March 2019

The hands on workshop on Density Functional Theory (DFT) will cover the basic principles and advance simulations techniques to determine various physicochemical properties in materials science. The hands on workshop on Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations will introduce basics of length and time scales challenges, all-atom, ab initio and coarse-grained simulations; various force-fields, etc.

Workshop on "Automotive Styling", IIT Delhi

09th March to 28th April, 2019 (Classes on Weekends)

One day Workshop on "Design Management", IIT Delhi

23rd March 2019

The objective of this workshop is to help the participants understand and realize the salient features of design management in terms of coordination, changes, iterations, information exchange, and so on. Also, the workshop will expose the audience to the available different design techniques.