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Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN)

The Union Cabinet has approved a new program titled Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) in Higher Education aimed at tapping the talent pool of scientists and entrepreneurs, internationally to encourage their engagement with the institutes of Higher Education in India so as to augment the country's existing academic resources, accelerate the pace of quality reform, and elevate India's scientific and technological capacity to global excellence.

GIAN is an evolving scheme which will initially include participation of foreign faculty in Institutes as Distinguished / Adjunct / Visiting faculty / Professors of Practice, etc., to participate in delivering Short or Semester-long Courses.

MHRD Scheme on International Summer/ Winter Term (ISWT) under GIAN:

Objective: To arrange Guest Lectures by international renowned experts.

Long and Short Term Goals:

  • To increase the footfalls of reputed international faculty in the Indian academic institutes.
  • Provide opportunity to our faculty to learn and share knowledge and teaching skills in cutting edge areas.
  • To provide opportunity to our students to seek knowledge and experience from reputed international faculty.
  • To create avenue for possible collaborative research with the international faculty
  • To increase participation and presence of international students in the academic institutes.
  • Opportunity for the students of different Institutes/Universities to interact and learn subjects in niche areas through collaborative learning process.
  • Provide opportunity for the technical persons from Indian Industry to improve understandings and update their knowledge in relevant areas.
  • Motivate the best international experts in the world to work on problems related to India.
  • Develop high quality course material in niche areas, both through video and print that can be used by a larger body of students and teachers.
  • To document and develop new pedagogic methods in emerging topics of national and international interest.

Further details of this GIAN program can be accessed at: http://www.gian.iitkgp.ac.in


News & Events

Executive Programme in "Data and Decision Sciences Consulting"

05th Oct to 15th Dec, 2019

ITEC Short Term Course on “Biogas production, power generation and upgradation for vehicular application”

04th Feb to 15th Feb, 2020

Certificate course in "Business Management (Focus: Digital Marketing)"

19th Oct to 22nd Dec, 2019

Workshop on "Transportation Systems: Dynamics and Control for Traffic, Vehicles, and Pedestrians"

02nd Dec to 13th Dec, 2019

Short Term Course on "Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Design"

06th Dec to 10th Dec, 2019

Certificate Program on "Marketing of Goals, Initiatives & Causes (MAGIC)"

07th Dec to 09th Dec, 2019

Short Term Course on "Functional & Technical Textiles – Design Structure Testing & Applications"

07th Dec to 09th Dec, 2019

Short Term Course on "Machine Learning for Engineering Applications"

09th Dec to 13th Dec, 2019

Short Term Course on "Multiscale Modeling and Simulation"

09th Dec to 13th Dec, 2019

Short Term Course on "Joining of Advanced Materials"

09th Dec to 13th Dec, 2019

Short Term Course on "Automation & IoT for Smart Manufacturing"

10th Dec to 14th Dec, 2019

Short Term Course on "Advanced Agribusiness Planning and Project Appraisal Techniques"

200th Dec to 24th Dec, 2019

Short Term Course on "Lab Oriented Quality Control and Behaviour of Concrete Structures"

20th Dec to 24th Dec, 2019

Workshop on "Atomistic Simulations of Materials"

23rd Dec to 27th Dec, 2019

Short Term Course on "Case Teaching and Case Writing"

03rd Jan to 07th Jan, 2020

Workshop on "Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing & Business Analytics"

04th Jan to 07th Jun, 2020

Workshop on "Introduction to THz Technology and Modern Applications"

09th Jan to 15th Jan, 2020

Short Term Course on "Anthropometry, Pattern Making and Clothing Fit"

03rd Feb to 07th Feb, 2020

Executive Management Program on "Supply Chain Analytics"

08th February 2020 to 26th April 2020, Classes on Weekends

Short Term Course on "Advances in Energy Storage Technology"

24th Feb to 28th Feb, 2020

Short Term Course on "Vibration Analysis of Rotor Bearing Systems"

02nd March to 06th March, 2020

Short Term Course on "Mechanics of Composite Materials"

19th March to 23rd March, 2020

Short Term Course on "Turbulence Modelling and CFD" (*Postponed)

Programme dates will be announced soon

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