Quality Improvement & Continuing Education Programme
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


Mentor's List (SFRF)

Faculty Mentor (Prof.) Department/ Centre/ School Research Area/s
Gaurav Singh Applied Mechanics Fracture Mechanics
Maloy Kumar Singha Applied Mechanics Stability and Dynamics of Structural Panels, Composite Structures, Sandwich Structures
Sanjeev Sanghi Applied Mechanics Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and its applications, CFD, Turbulence
Sawan S. Sinha Applied Mechanics Turbulence modelling and computations
Sitikantha Roy Applied Mechanics Biomechanics, Soft actuators and sensors, smart structure, multi body dynamics, solid mechanics
Vamsi Krishna Chalamalla Applied Mechanics CFD, Geophysical Flows, Ocean Modeling, Ocean Engineering
Puneet Mahajan Applied Mechanics

Impact of Composites – Simulation Mechanical Behavior of Composites & Experiments

Ravikrishnan Elangovan Biochemical Engineering Infectious disease diagnostics, Single molecule biophysics
Prashant Mishra Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Bio-nanotechnology, Enzyme Engineering, Bionanodevices
Shilpi Sharma Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Agricultural and Environmental Microbiology, Plant-microbe interactions
Monika Aggarwal Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Signal Processing, Communication, Medical imaging and signal Processing
Pushpapraj Singh Centre for Applied Research in Electronics MEMS, NEMS, Nano/Micro Electronic Devices, Micro fabrication, Sensors, Material Science
Samaresh Das Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Nanoelectronics, Optoelectronics, 2D Material devices
Ankur Gupta Centre for Applied Research in Electronics RF Devices and Circuits, Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, RFIC, Circuit Design, RF Microelectronics, CMOS and HEMT Devices design
Arun Kumar Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Signal Processing Applications, Underwater Acoustic Signal and Image Processing, Speech Processing, Machine Learning, Multi-sensor Data Fusion
Sagnik Dey Centre for Atmospheric Sciences Air pollution monitoring, climate and health impacts
Deepak Joshi Centre for Biomedical Engineering Neuromechanics, Human-machine interface, Signal processing and machine learning, Prosthetics
Dinesh Kalyanasundaram Centre for Biomedical Engineering Biomechanics, Design and manufacturing of medical devices
Prof. K. A. Subramanian Centre for Energy Centre Internal Combustion Engines, Hydrogen, Life Cycle Analysis of Biofuels
Dibakar Rakshit Centre for Energy Centre Heat Exchanger System Design and Optimization, Battery Thermal Management System Design, Building Energy Conservation
Satyananda Kar Centre for Energy Centre Atmospheric pressure plasma jet (both experiment and simulation) for Biomedical and Agricultural Applications
Supravat Karak Centre for Energy Studies organic and hybrid semiconductor based photovoltaic devices, Organic nanostructures, Photophysics
S K Tyagi Centre for Energy Studies Solar Biomass hybrid heating/cooling/cooking systems
Anushree Malik Centre for Rural Development and Technology Biofuels, Bio-nanotechnology, Bioremediation
Hariprasad. P. Centre for Rural Development and Technology Environmental Biotechnology
Jatindra K SAHU Centre for Rural Development and Technology Extraction and encapsulation of bioactive components; functionalization
of fat rich milk products; development of customised foods using 3D
printing technology; on-farm processing and management of high value
perishables; structural modification of fat rich products for healthy
Anil Verma Chemical Engineering Flow battery; Fuel cells; Carbon dioxide conversion; Lead acid battery recycling
Ashok N. Bhaskarwar Chemical Engineering Clean Energy; Pollution Prevention & Control; Enhanced Oil Recovery; Targetted Drug Delivery for Cancer Therapeutics
Kamal Kishore Pant Chemical Engineering Heterogeneous green catalysis for sustainable energy and environment, Biomass conversion to value added chemicals
Shantanu Roy Chemical Engineering Multiphase reactor engineering, Microreactors, CFD, Multiphase flows
Sudip K Pattanayek Chemical Engineering Protein, Sensor, Polymer, food safety, macromolecules near interfaces
Hemant Kumar Kashyap Chemistry Theoretical and Computational Physical Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics, Ionic Liquids, Biological Membranes
Pravin Popinand Ingole Chemistry Nanomaterials for energy related applications, Electrochemistry and Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
Ramakrishna Ramaswamy Chemistry Nonlinear science, computation
Shivajirao L. Gholap Chemistry Organic Synthesis, Total synthesis of Natural products
Sunil Kumar Khare Chemistry Microbial Biochemistry; Applied Enzymology; Nanotoxicology & Nanobiocatalysis; Proteomics
V Haridas Chemistry Chemical biology, Bioorganic chemistry, Peptides
Ashok K Ganguli Chemistry microemulsions, Nanomaterials, superconducting materials
Arun Kumar Civil Engineering Water reuse, emerging contaminants, exposure assessment, water treatment, nanoparticles implications
Bappaditya Manna Civil Engineering Pile foundations under machine induced vibrations, Block foundations, Stability of unreinforced and reinforced slopes, and Analysis of dam foundation on jointed rock mass
Kumar Neeraj Jha Civil Engineering Construction Project Management, Construction quality and safety, Green building, sustainability, Formwork
Mukesh Khare Civil Engineering Air and Vehicular Pollution Modelling; Indoor Air Pollution
Deo Raj Kaushal Civil Engineering Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering, Sediment Transport, Multiphase Flows, Slurry Pipeline and Flume, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Flow Instrumentation
Sumedha Chakma Civil Engineering Water Resources, Solid Waste Management
Sayan Ranu Computer Science and Engineering Data Mining and Machine Learning
Chetan Arora Computer Science and Engineering Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Smruti Ranjan Sarangi Computer Science and Engineering Computer architecture, Cyber security, Parallel processors, VLSI, Embedded Systems
Subodh Sharma Computer Science and Engineering Program Analysis, Formal Verification
Gopal Krishan Computer Services Centre Cloud Computing
Ajay Guleria Computer Services Centre software defined networking, information centric networking, network security and vehicular ad hoc Networks
Rajesh Bhat Computer Services Centre Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, IoT, Image Processing, Education Technologies, Data Sciences.
Ram Lal Computer Services Centre Machine Learning, Digital Image Processing, Criptography
Jaya Srivastava Computer Services Centre Web Mining, Data Mining , Text Mining
Swades De Electrical Engineering Communication Networks
Tapan Kumar Gandhi Electrical Engineering Computational Neuroscience, Medical Imaging, Medical Signal Processing, Assistive Technology, Medical Electronics, Machine Learning in Healthcare
Sukumar Mishra Electrical Engineering Micro grid, Renewable Energy
Amit Kumar Jain Electrical Engineering power electronics, electric drives, electric vehicles, renewable energy etc.
Anandarup Das Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, Electric drives, Grid connected Renewable energy
Ankesh Jain Electrical Engineering Analog and Mixed signal circuit design
Arpan Chattopadhyay Electrical Engineering (1) Analysis, control, resource allocation and design of wireless networks, with a special focus on applications related to internet-of-things (IoT) ; (2) Design, security, control, and learning of intelligent cyber-physical systems (CPS); (3) Networked estimation and control; (4) Statistical signal processing
Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi Electrical Engineering Power system Operation, planning, control and protection, Smart Grid, Micro Grid, Cyber security, AI and ML, Biomedical Image Processing, Evolutionary Computing and Soft Computing
Harshan Jagadeesh Electrical Engineering Information theory, coding theory, security
Indra Narayan Kar Electrical Engineering Networked Control, Incremental stability, Hybrid systems, cooperative robotics
M.Veerachary Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, DC-DC Conversion, Digital Control
Madhusudan Singh Electrical Engineering Material and device fabrication, characterization
Nilanjan Senroy Electrical Engineering Power System Dynamics and Control, Modelling and control of Wind turbine generator systems, Impact of renewable integration on grid dynamics, Modelling and control of energy storage systems
Seshan Srirangarajan Electrical Engineering Signal processing, Wireless communications, Optimization, Machine Learning
Shankar Prakriya Electrical Engineering 5G, wireless energy harvesting, interference management, full-duplex relaying, NOMA
Shouribrata Chatterjee Electrical Engineering Analog and RF circuits
Vibha Arora Humanities and Social Sciences Development, Environmental Issues, Political Sociology, Religion
Purnima Singh Humanities and Social Sciences Applied Social Psychology, Organizational Behaviour
Kamlesh Singh Humanities and Social Sciences Positive Psychology & psychological testing
Deepak Kumar ITMMEC Tribology, Light Metals and Alloys, Lubrication, Metal Matrix Composites, Coatings, Surface Engineering
Shahab Fatima ITMMEC Machinery condition monitoring, Acoustical natural materials, Reliability and Maintenance
Ashok Kumar Patel Kusuma School of Biological Sciences Chromatin Remodelling, Transcription Factor, Kinase, Chikungunya and Dengue
Arpan Kar Management Studies Social Media, Data Science, Machine Learning
Surya Prakash Singh Management Studies Operations Research, Operations Management, Operations Modelling
Sanjay Dhir Management Studies Strategic Management, innovations, creativity, strategic thinking, ambidextrous organisations
P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan Management Studies ICTs & Development; Social Media & Business; Sharing economy - Uber & Ola
Shveta Singh Management Studies Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
Nirat Ray Material Science and Engineering Electronic properties of materials
Bijay Prakash Tripathi Material Science and Engineering Functional & nanomaterials, polymer synthesis, membranes, energy storage, water purification
Nitya Nand Gosvami Material Science and Engineering Nanomechanical behaviour of materials, Nanoscale friction and wear behaviour, Scanning probe microscopy, corrosion of lightweight alloys
Sampa Saha Materials Science and Engineering Biodegradable polymer
Rajesh Prasad Material Science and Engineering Physical Metallurgy
Suresh Neelakantan Material Science and Engineering Mechanical behaviour of materials; Titanium alloys; Metallic porous materials; high entropy alloys
Biplab Basak Mathematics Algebraic Topology; Combinatorial Topology; Discrete Mathematics
Harish Kumar Mathematics Numerical Differential Equations
K Sreenadh Mathematics Differential equations and Analysis
Minati De Mathematics Space-efficient Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Combinatorial and Computational Geometry, Graph Theory
Bhawani Sankar Panda Mathematics Graph Theory, Sensor Networks, Data Mining, Algorithms
Punit Sharma Mathematics Numerical Linear Algebra
Rajendra K Sharma Mathematics Algebra, Cryptography
S Dharmaraja Mathematics Applied Stochastic Processes, Financial Mathematics
S. Chandra Sekhara Rao Mathematics Numerical Linear Algebra, Computational ODE/PDE, Parallel Computing
Subiman Kundu Mathematics Set-Theoretic Topology, Function Spaces, Measure Theory, Ring Theory, Atsuji Spaces (UC spaces)
V V K Srinivas Kumar Mathematics Numerical Analysis, Numerical Methods, FEM, WEB-Spline Methods, Machine Learning Methods, R-Language, Coding in MATLAB, Computational PDEs, Fractional PDEs
Niladri Chatterjee Mathematics Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Naresh Varma Datla Mechanical Engineering Fracture and fatigue, Composites
B. Remachandran Mechanical engineering Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Jitendra Prasad Khatait Mechanical engineering Robotics, Product design, Machine design
Nomesh Bolia Mechanical engineering Operations Research, Stochastic Modelling and their applications to Transportation, Public Policy and Governance, and Clean Air Issues
P.V.Rao Mechanical engineering Machining, Grinding, Micro/Nano Manufacturing, etc
Rama Krishna K Mechanical Engineering Kinematics, Mechanisms, Geometric Modeling, Robotics
Sangeeta Kohli Mechanical Engineering Biomass based-rural energy technologies
Sujeet Kumar Sinha Mechanical Engineering Tribology
Sunil Jha Mechanical Engineering Industrial Automation, Mechatronics, Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing Processes
Sunil Pandey Mechanical Engineering Welding & Fabrication Technology [Development of consumables, Welding of dissimilar metals, Surfacing & Tribological studies, Welding metallurgy, Solid state joining, Welding power-sources, Computer added process planning & Expert systems]
Supreet Singh Bahga Mechanical Engineering Fluid mechanics, heat transfer, microfluidics
Varun Ramamohan Mechanical Engineering Operations research with applications in health care
Prabal Talukdar Mechanical Engineering Heat transfer in porous media, Continuous casting, Inverse heat transfer, Convective drying, Reheating furnace, Computational heat transfer
Varun Ramamohan Mechanical Engineering Operations research applied to problems in health and biomedical systems engineering: probabilistic modeling, simulation and optimization
Hitendra K Malik Physics Hall thrusters, Terahertz radiation, Solitons, Microwave/Laser-plasma interaction, Particle acceleration, Plasma-material interaction, Surface nitriding
Rajendra Singh Physics Semiconductor materials and devices, wide band gap semiconductors, 2D materials
Sunil Kumar Physics Femtosecond time-domain spectroscopy and nonlinear photonics
Kushal Sen Textile Technology Textile Chemical Processing, Electrically conducting textiles
Abhijit Majumdar Textile Technology Ballistic protection; Fabric Engineering; Supply Chain Management; Multi-criteria Decision Making; Soft Computing
Apurba Das Textile Technology Clothing Comfort, Protective Clothing, Fire Protective Clothing, Fibre Reinforced Composites, Electromagnic Shielding Textiles, Filter Fabrics
Ashwini Agrawal Textile Technology Smart and functional textile materials, speciality fibres, plasma Technology
Javed Nabibaksha Sheikh Textile Technology Natural dyeing, sustainable textile chemical processing, Simultaneous dyeing and functional finishing, Superabsorbents, Textile chemistry, Natural dyeing, Functional Textiles, Nanotechnology in textiles
R. S. Rengasamy Textile Technology Thermal comfort, Oil spill-cleanup, Absorbent materials
R Chattopadhyay Textile Technology Liquid absorption by fibrous assembly, clothing- skin interaction, product development
Dipayan Das Textile Technology Nonwoven Products & Processes, Fibrous Air Filters, Textile Structures