Quality Improvement & Continuing Education Programme
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


Mentor's List (SFRF-2020)

Faculty Mentor (Prof.) Department/ Centre/ School Research Area/s
Gaurav Singh Applied Mechanics Fracture Mechanics
Sagnik Dey Atmospheric Sciences, CERCA Air pollution
D. Sundar Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Bioinformatics
Ankur Gupta Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Analog Circuit Design, Sensors and System Design, MOS Device Design, Nanoelectronics
Arun Kumar Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Signal Processing, Underwater and Air Acoustic Signal Processing, Speech Processing, Machine Learning
Mahesh P. Abegaonkar Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Metasurfaces, MIMO Antennas, Millimeter Wave Antennas
Monika Aggarwal Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Signal Processing, Image Processing and Communication
Pushpapraj Singh Centre for Applied Research in Electronics

Microelectronics, MEMS Sensors, Material Science

Samaresh Das Centre for Applied Research in Electronics THz Electronics, Optoelectronic and Nanoelectronic Devices
Deepak Kumar Centre for Automotive Research and Tribology Tribology, Wear Resistant Coatings, Light metal and Alloy
Shahab Fatima Centre for Automotive Research and Tribology Machinery Condition Monitoring, Acoustical Natural Materials, Machinery Noise Control, Reliability and Maintenance
Arnab Chanda Centre for Biomedical Engineering Biomechanics/Gait/Wearable Technologies/Healthcare Entrepreneurship
Deepak Joshi Centre for Biomedical Engineering Biosignal Processing, Machine Learning, Biomedical Instrumentation
Dinesh Kalyanasundaram Centre for Biomedical Engineering Design and manufacturing, Especially Medical Devices
Jayanta Bhattacharyya Centre for Biomedical Engineering Nano-particle Drug Delivery
Debaprasad Sahu Centre for Energy Studies Experimental plasma physics
Ravi Kumar K. Centre for Energy Studies Solar Thermal, Thermal Energy Storage, Industrial Process Heating, Solar Radiation Forecasting
S. K. Tyagi Centre for Energy Studies Biomass Combustion, Phase Change Materials, Heat Driven Hybrid Refrigeration, Emission and Performance of Jaggery Industry, Biomass Characterization
Satyananda Kar Centre for Energy Studies Atmospheric pressure Plasma Jet
Anushree Malik Centre for Rural Development and Technology Environmental Biotechnology, Algal Technologies, Wastewater Treatment, Herbal Products
Hariprasad. P. Centre for Rural Development and Technology Environmental Biotechnology
Jatindra K. Sahu Centre for Rural Development and Technology Isolation, Encapsulation and Value Addition of bio actives; 3D printing of Biological Materials; Measurement and Monitoring of Trans Fats in Fried Foods
Kavya Dashora Centre for Rural Development and Technology Application of Nanotechnology, Actinomycetes, Value Chain Analysis
Anil Verma Chemical Engineering Energy storage; Batteries; Fuel Cells; CO2 Electroreduction
Ashok N. Bhaskarwar Chemical Engineering Interfacial Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Pollution Prevention Technologies
Kamal Kishore Pant Chemical Engineering Heterogeneous Catalytic Reaction Engineering, Biomass Conversion and Valorisatin, Water Treatment
Mohammad Ali Haider Chemical Engineering Catalysis, Batteries, Fuel Cells, Biofuels, Biorenewable Chemicals
Sudip K. Pattanayek Chemical Engineering Detection of pesticides in food, Rheology of Food, Protein characterization, Shear thickening Fluids
Ashok K. Ganguli Chemistry Electrocatalysts, Materials Research, Superconductivity, Nanomaterials
Hemant K. Kashyap Chemistry Theoretical and Computational Physical Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics, Ionic Liquids, Deep Eutectic Solvents, Lipid Membranes, Battery Electrolytes
Kuntal Manna Chemistry Inorganic and Materials Chemistry, Catalysis
Ravi P. Singh Chemistry Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Shivajirao L. Gholap Chemistry Organic Chemistry, Natural Product Synthesis and Development of new Synthetic methods.
Arun Kumar Civil Engineering Water Treatment, Water Reuse, Nanoparticles implications, Emerging Contaminants Risk Assessment
Arvind K Nema Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering, Integrated Waste Management, Systems Optimization, Risk Assessment
Bappaditya Manna Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering, Foundation Engineering, Soil Dynamics, Machine Foundations
Deo Raj Kaushal Civil Engineering Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Sediment Transport, Hydraulic Structures, Multiphase Flows, Slurry Pipeline and Flume, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Flow Instrumentation
Dipti Ranjan Sahoo Civil Engineering Earthquake Engineering, Steel Structures, Seismic retrofitting, RC structures
Kumar Neeraj Jha Civil Engineering Construction Project Management, Construction Safety and Quality, Green Building, Lean Construction, Construction Technology
R. Ayothiraman Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering (Pile foundations, Tunnelling in soils and rocks, Rock Engineering, Ground Improvement)
Sahil Bansal Civil Engineering Structural Dynamics, Uncertainty quantification, Sensitivity analysis, System Identification, Optimal Sensor Placement, Robust analysis and optimization, Reliability analysis and optimization
Tanusree Chakraborty Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Engineering
Vasant Matsagar Civil Engineering Multi-Hazard Protection of Structures
Ajay Guleria Computer Services Centre Software defined networking, Information Centric Networking, Network Security and Vehicular adhoc Networks
Jaya Computer Services Centre Web Mining, Data Mining
Manepalli Mallikharjuna Rao Computer Services Centre MIS, ERP implementation, ANN, AI
Rajesh Bhat Computer Services Centre Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Internet of Things, Image Processing, Education Technologies, Data Science.
Ram Lal Computer Services Centre Digital Image Processing, Cryptography, Machine Learning with Python
Jyoti Kumar Design Human Computer Interaction Design, Physiological measurement of human experiences.
Amit Kumar Jain Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, Electric Drives, Electric vehicles, Wind Energy etc
Amol Choudhary Electrical Engineering Optical Communication, Nonlinear Optics, Microwave Photonics, Integrated Optics, Laser sources
Anandarup Das Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, Multilevel Converter
Ankesh Jain Electrical Engineering Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Design
Arpan Chattopadhyay Electrical Engineering Wireless networks, IoT, cyber-physical systems, machine learning for cyber security, energy-efficient sensing, resource allocation in radar
Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi Electrical Engineering Smart Grid, Protection, EVs, AI and ML
Dhiman Mallick Electrical Engineering MEMS, Energy Harvesting
Madhusudan Singh Electrical Engineering Flexible Electronics, Materials Science, Low Cost Sensors
Nilanjan Senroy Electrical Engineering Power System Dynamics and Control, Renewable Energy Systems.
Seshan Srirangarajan Electrical Engineering Signal processing, Wireless communications, Optimization, Machine Learning
Shankar Prakriya Electrical Engineering 5G communications, IoT, Energy Harvesting, Security
Sukumar Mishra Electrical Engineering Renewable Energy, Intelligent Algorithm
Sumantra Dutta Roy Electrical Engineering Image Analysis, Machine Learning
Tapan K. Gandhi Electrical Engineering Brain Imaging, Biomedical signal/image processing, Assistive Technology, Computational Neuroscience, Medical Electronics, Artificial Intelligence
Kamlesh Singh Humanities and Social Sciences Positive Psychology, Psychological Testing, Applied Psychology
Purnima Singh Humanities and Social Sciences Organizational Behaviour and Social Psychology
Vibha Arora Humanities and Social Sciences Environmental Sociology, Digital anthropology and ICT, Sociology of Religion, Political Sociology
Vivekanandan Perumal Kusuma School of Biological Sciences Virology, Epigenetics, Next Generation Sequencing, Genomics, Microbial Diagnostics, Antimicrobial Resistance
Arpan Kumar Kar Management Studies Data Science and AI/ML Applications, Digital Marketing, Social Media
Gourav Dwivedi Management Studies Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Transportation/Logistics Modelling, and Industry 4.0
P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan Management Studies Social Media & Business Applications; Sharing Economy; ICTs for Development
Sanjay Dhir Management Studies Strategic Innovation, Strategic Management, Strategic Thinking, Corporate Strategy, Strategic Management
Surya Prakash Singh Management Studies Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Optimization
Bijay Prakash Tripathi Material Science and Engineering Polymer Synthesis; Nanomaterials; Membranes: Energy Storage; Water Purification; Separation
Lakshmi Narayan R. Material Science and Engineering Structure-Mechanical Property Correlations in 3D printed Metals and Alloys; Mechanical behavior of Metallic Glass Composites and High Entropy Alloys
Leena Nebhani Materials Science and Engineering Macromolecular surface engineering and functionalization of surfaces via combination of orthogonal and controlled radical polymerization techniques, Synthetic 'grafting-to' and 'grafting-from' routes for conjugating macromolecules/elastomers to a variety of surfaces, Preparation of organically modified mesoporous silica nanoparticles and its application in nanomedicine and as clean energy source, Synthesis of functionalized filler and elastomer, Synthesis of anti-fouling and biocompatible surface, Synthesis of antimicrobial hydrogels and cryogels for water disinfection of surface
Nirat Ray Material Science and Engineering Computational Design of Novel Materials, Electronic transport in low-dimensional Materials
Nitya Nand Gosvami Material Science and Engineering Nanoscale Tribology, Mechanics and Microscopy of Materials
Rajesh Prasad Material Science and Engineering Physical and mechanical metallurgy
Sampa Saha Material Science and Engineering Biodegradable Polymer
Suresh Neelakantan Material Science and Engineering Mechanical behaviour of advanced materials: bulk and porous forms; in situ phase transformation effect on deformation behaviour; structure-property correlations of materials; materials characterization. Current interest in High entropy alloys (HEAs) and β Titanium alloys for various structural applications; TRIP/TWIP steels & Ti-, Ni- and Fe- based: shape memory alloys, stochastic fibre networks, auxetic (i.e. negative Poisson’s ratio) materials/composites for structural and biological applications
Bhawani Shankar Panda Mathematics Graph Theory, Graph Algorithm, Data Mining
Harish Kumar Mathematics Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
K. Sreenadh Mathematics Partial Differential Equations, Control Theory
Punit Sharma Mathematics Numerical linear algebra and their applications in control theory.
Rajendra K. Sharma Mathematics Algebra, Cryptography
S. Dharmaraja Mathematics Stochastic Modeling
S. Chandra Sekhara Rao Mathematics Numerical Linear Algebra, Computational ODE/PDE, Parallel Computing
V. V. K. Srinivas Kumar Mathematics Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Methods (FEMs), Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Fractional PDEs, Inverse Problems, Statistical Methods and Econometrics, Price and Load prediction of electricity, R-language
Krishnakant Agrawal Mechanical Engineering Gas Turbines, Turbulent Combustion, Internal Combustion Engines, Aero-acoustics
Pulak Mohan Pandey Mechanical Engineering Additive Manufacturing/ 3D Printing and Tooling, CAD/CAM, Non-traditional Machining and Finishing, FEA of Manufacturing Processes, Biomedical application of 3D Printing
P.Vekateswara Rao Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing
Varun Ramamohan Mechanical Engineering Operations Research in Healthcare Systems
Brajesh Kumar Mani Physics Computational Condensed Matter Physics
Rajendra S. Dhaka Physics http://web.iitd.ac.in/~rsdhaka/
Abhijit Majumdar Textile and Fibre Engineering Sustainable Supply Chain; Multi-criteria Decision Making; Protective Textiles; Body Armour
Apurba Das Textile and Fibre Engineering Clothing Comfort, Protective Textiles, Composites
Bipin Kumar Textile and Fibre Engineering Wearable Technology, E-Textiles, Knitting, Functional Textiles