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Short Term programme on "Low Cost Technology Development for Physical Pest Management", IIT Delhi

13th October to 17th October, 2018

The crop production has become extremely toxic due to the extensive use of chemicals for pest management. It is an urgent requirement for technology to step in for reducing the chemical pest management and at the same time develop tools for physical pest management. The scope of using the rural, low-cost mechanisms is extremely less explored despite having a huge potential. This course aims to train and encourage the practitioners to develop low-cost physical pest management techniques and help growing safe crops.

Executive Programme in "Data and Decision Sciences Consulting" DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, IIT Delhi

6th October to 9th December 2018 (Classes on Weekends/National Holidays)

With the huge amount of data and its complexity involved in today’s business processes, there is a need to analyze and visualize this data and make effective decisions in the real business problems involved. Thus there is a need to leverage upon the data and decision sciences techniques to take on business challenges and goals. Data science professionals become experts to extract meaning from large volumes of data, which requires both tools and methods from mathematics, operational research, statistics, computer science, and other related subjects. The objective is to augment managerial decision making from data driven insights.

GIAN Short Term course on “Analytical Systems Biology and Characterization of Biotherapeutics”, IIT Delhi

11th December to 14th December, 2018

Development of protein based medicines is the current burgeoning segment of the global pharmaceutical industry. India has successfully placed itself as a leader in “generic” segment and is now steadily working its way up to make a global mark in the “biotherapeutic” segment as well. Unlike a “generic” drug that is a chemically synthesized identical copy of the innovator drug, production of biotherapeutics is a complex process as it involves recombinant expression of the specific protein/ peptide in a biological host.

GIAN Short Term course on “Downstream Processing for Production of Biologicals”, IIT Delhi

11th December to 14th December, 2018

Biotherapeutics form an important part of modern medicines. Complexity of biotherapeutics molecules necessitates elaborate purification processes involving a number of unit operations like chromatography, refolding, precipitation, filtration to target process and product related impurities. Selection of such unit operation depends on the expression system and specific purification requirements of the molecule.