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Executive Programme in "Strategic Innovations, Digital Marketing & Business Analytics" Department of Management Studies

05th January to 09th June 2019 (Classes on Weekends/National Holidays)

With the advent of the internet-driven era, organizations are transforming their operations to harness the power of the web-driven ecosystem and grow sustainably resulting in the digitization of both processes and products. In this context, there is a need to leverage upon innovative business models to reach out to new customers and segments. In view of this, digital marketing and hence the emergence of search engines and social media are playing a significant role.

Workshop on "Automotive Styling"

9th March to 28th April 2019 (Classes on Weekends)

Short Term programme on “Computational Fracture Mechanics for Photovoltaic Reliability”

13th May to 23rd May 2019

The aim of this 2-module short course is to present the state-of-the-art and the most recent developments in the areas of computational fracture mechanics to simulate and study the influence of cracks in Silicon based solar cells on the current-voltage characteristics, under the action of mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical fields. To begin with relevant advanced computational methods to study crack growth in three dimensions will be discussed.

Short Term programme on “Startup Basecamp 101” Department of Management Studies

1st June to 21st July, 2019

Facilitate crucial learning for aspiring entrepreneurs to handle ideation, operation and growth process of startups and high potential ventures using tested and scientific methods and frameworks designed for startups.

One day CEP Workshop on “Design Management”

01st June 2019

The objective of this workshop is to help the participants understand and realize the salient features of design management in terms of coordination, changes, iterations, information exchange, and so on. Also, the workshop will expose the audience to the available different design techniques.

Workshop on "Electroanalytical Techniques for Energy Conversion and Storage"

06th June to 08th June 2019

Workshop on "Unit Operations", Department of Chemical Engineering

10th June to 14th June 2019

CEP Executive Programme in "Data and Decision Sciences Consulting"

5th October to 15th December, 2019

Data science professionals become experts to extract meaning from large volumes of data, which requires both tools and methods from mathematics, operational research, statistics, computer science, and other related subjects. The objective is to augment managerial decision making from data driven insights. Exploration in the domain is a collaborative approach involving mathematical understanding, business tactics, technological applications and behavioral sciences to help management make data driven decisions. Pedagogy would involve lectures, classroom discussions, group assignments, case studies and hands-on sessions in IIT Delhi.