Quality Improvement & Continuing Education Programme
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


CEP conducted in 2017- till date (31 Jan 2018)

  • Strategic Decision Models for Operations Finance and IT
  • Venture Capital Financing in India
  • International Finance
  • Combat Modelling & Simulation
  • Information Security
  • Certificate Course in Business Management
  • Workshop on Unit Operation
  • 25th SIDBI-SIMAP "Management Skill formation Program for Entrepreneurial Venture"
  • 3rd SERB Summer School on ROBOTICS
  • Econometrics for Business Decisions
  • Experimental & Empirical Methods in Linguistics
  • Advances in data Assimilation Techniques
  • Business Management (Focus: Banking Operations)
  • Middle Management Training in IT Management
  • CEP- Programme for Economic Faculty by CEA/ Ministry of Finance
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Strategic Innovations, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics
  • Stability and Control of Renewable Energy based System
  • Basic Course on Corrosion and its Control
  • Engineering Materials for Automobile Application- An Introduction
  • Advances in Cyber Security
  • Storm Water Modelling
  • Business Models
  • Brain Science and Technology: Tools and Techniques to understand the Human Brain
  • Geotechnical Modelling using GeoStudio
  • Centre of Excellence for Biopharmaceutical Technology Course Series
  • Visionary Leadership Manufacturing Programme
  • NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute
  • Capacity Building for Effective Workplace Communication
  • Engineering Materials for Automotive Applications
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Seismic Vulnerability Assessment and Retrofitting of Existing Structures
  • An Introduction to Topological Insulators and Superconductors
  • Fundamental and Practical Aspects of Heusler
  • Bio-reaction Engineering
  • Turbulence in Environmental Flows
  • Religion, Democracy and Violence
  • Pedestrian Dynamics – Empirics and Modelling
  • Critical Philosophy of Race
  • Phase-Ordering and Aging in Pure and Disordered Systems
  • Redox Flow Batteries for Electrical Energy Storage
  • Computational Solutions of Hyperbolic PDEs for Scientists, Engineers and Mathematicians
  • Prosthetics and Motor Learning
  • Plasticity and Constitutive Modeling of Soil with Applications in Finite Element Analysis
  • Complex Networks
  • Path Planning and Navigation for Robotics
  • The Psychology of Groups, Influence and Power
  • Case study Writing and Teaching
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IIT Delhi is a multidisciplinary institute of national importance and houses 500 faculty members. IIT Delhi is considered one of the top most institute for cutting edge research and outreach.

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