Short Term Course on "Confronting Evil - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on 21st Century Challenges"

01st March to 02nd March, 2019

There is an urgency today to re-open the question of values, nihilism, and our sense of desirable futures under the heading of “evil”. Today, two senses of the term “evil” overlap and resound: “it is bad” and “everything is going wrong” as the planet, the climate, politics, egalitarian structures, and knowledge are in crisis. This course will examine and redefine the term ‘evil’ to address contemporary challenges from an inter-disciplinary perspective involving Philosophy, history, sociology, psychoanalysis, and technology studies.

Workshop on "Brain Science and Technology: Tools and Techniques to Understand the Human Brain"

02nd March to 06th March, 2019

Understanding how the human brain works is one of the fundamental challenges in science today. Advancing our knowledge in this regard will help us to solve various key problems in engineering and medicine. This workshop introduces the fundamental challenges and opportunities in Neuroscience from a computational and signal processing perspective. Participants will learn about Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence related problems in multiple domains. The applications of cutting-edge machine-learning techniques and signal and image processing methodologies to the analysis of neural data will also be described.