Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi conducts the Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme (SFRFP) every year since 2008 for aspirant faculty fellows from various Institutes and Colleges of India.

The objective is to facilitate and orient the faculty fellows to undertake research. The faculty fellow may select a faculty mentor depending on the match of their research interests and of the faculty mentor.

The faculty fellow will get an opportunity to interact and work with the faculty mentor and his/her research students and get exposure to the equipment and lab facilities associated with the faculty mentor. Access to other general facilities such as the central library would also be feasible.

The visiting faculty fellows stay in IIT Delhi campus during the tenure of his/her project. The duration of the summer program would be ranging from four to eight weeks depending upon the complexity of the project selected by the faculty fellow. This way a faculty fellow who is planning to start on their PhD (or post graduate research programme) can spend the summer months (May-July) under the guidance of an active research faculty mentor of IIT Delhi.