"It was really wonderful and amazing, it must carry on. We really appreciate your genuine efforts to uplift new generation entrepreneur."

Dr. Hemant Gaur

"The teaching and learning here was more experienced and activity based which was a lot of fun and knowledgeable."

Harshita Singh

"It has been a great experience with presence of diverse experts. Heterogeneity of the participants added more knowledge to the whole experience."

Dr. Urvashi Makkar

"Overall a very liberating experience since I enjoy academic ambience. It would be a delight to meet once again or pursue a long term course from here. I am overwhelmed."

Manjula Chaudhary

"A good fruitful course. Can look further as a full time 3 month course for more exploration and answers. Would love to join for other courses."

Vartika Dwivedi

"It was really a great opportunity to learn from IIT faculty as they have good depth knowledge."

Parveen Bhatia

"The course was conducted and managed very professionally. The staff was very approachable and was always there to help the participants. The efforts of the coordinator and his team are praiseworthy."

Wg. Cdr. MK Verma

"This course is excellent to understand element level understanding of the FEA , where, why, how to use 1D/2D/3D etc. elements."