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Upcoming CEP Programme under GIAN

Short Term course on "Not For Profit Marketing" (Date Extended)

Date: August 27th to August 31st, 2018

Visiting Faculty: Prof. Helena M. Alves, Portugal

Host Faculty: Prof. Mahim Sagar

Marketing has traditionally been considered to be a function associated with for-profit/commercial organizations but recent developments in the domain suggest that marketing can be applied in the case of public and non-profit organizations also. In this course, various concepts of Public, Not for Profit and social Marketing will be covered along with latest developments in the more

Short Term course on "Dynamic Modelling of Stormwater, Sewerage, and Watershed Systems with SWMM/PCSWMM"

Date: September 10th to September 14th, 2018

Visiting Faculty: Nandana Perera, Canada

Host Faculty: Prof. A K Gosain

This workshop covers introduction to SWMM5 and PCSWMM, fundamentals of SWMM hydrology/hydraulics and modelling procedures (discretization, parametrization, sensitivity, calibration, error analysis and inferring results) for stormwater, sewerage and watershed systems. It is focused on a hands-on approach providing more

Short Term course on "Approaches for Contaminated Site Characterization"

Date: September 10th to September 14th, 2018

Visiting Faculty: Prof. Dr. Peter Dietrich and Prof. Dr. Rudolf Liedl

Host Faculty: Prof. B. R. Chahar and Dr. Prabhas. K. Yadav

The workshop will effectively present a sync between the formalization of groundwater contamination problem with the interplay of data requirements, to be obtained from site characterization, and mathematical modelling. For this, in the workshop modeling approaches and geophysical methods from a very bare fundamentals and up to the recentmost development will be presented. Subsequently, the usefulness and criticality of quality more

Short Term course on "Technical Challenges and Solutions for Holistic Development of Communities"

Date: September 14th to September 19th, 2018

Visiting Faculty: Priti Parikh, UCL

Host Faculty: Prof. V.K.Vijay, Prof. Kavya Dashora & Prof. Vivek Kumar

This module will provide engineers an overview of the challenges and complexities of working internationally. The module will discuss theories of development and the challenges associated with infrastructure provision. The focus of this module would be for resource limited settings where the mainstream development paradigms fail to address the gap in basic rural energy, amenities and housing more

Short Term course on "Analytical Systems Biology and Characterization of Biotherapeutics"

Date: December 11th to December 14th, 2018

Visiting Faculty: András Guttman, Hungary

Host Faculty: Prof. Anurag S Rathore

Development of protein based medicines is the current burgeoning segment of the global pharmaceutical industry. India has successfully placed itself as a leader in “generic” segment and is now steadily working its way up to make a global mark in the “biotherapeutic” segment as well. Unlike a “generic” drug that is a chemically synthesized identical copy of the innovator drug, production of biotherapeutics is a complex process as it involves recombinant expression of the specific protein/ peptide in a biological more

Short Term course on "Downstream Processing for Production of Biologicals"

Date: December 11th to December 14th, 2018

Visiting Faculty: Prof. Shuichi Yamamoto, Japan

Host Faculty: Prof. Anurag S Rathore

Biotherapeutics form an important part of modern medicines. Complexity of biotherapeutics molecules necessitates elaborate purification processes involving a number of unit operations like chromatography, refolding, precipitation, filtration to target process and product related impurities. Selection of such unit operation depends on the expression system and specific purification requirements of the more



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