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Upcoming CEP Programme under GIAN

Short Term course on "Nanotechnology with colloidal nanoparticles" from 5th March 2018 to 9th March 2018

Visiting Faculty: Prof. Nikolai Gaponik, Coordinator: Dr. Sameer Sapra

These lectures will overview the historical developments and recent advances in the colloidal syntheses of metal and semiconductor nanoparticles being in focus of interest for modern science and nanotechnology. The methodologies for precise controlling of nanoparticle composition, size, size-distribution and physico-chemical properties will be more

Short Term course on "Interfaces in Materials" from 5th March 2018 to 9th March 2018

Visiting Faculty: Dr. Kevin M. Knowles, Coordinator: Prof. Rajesh Prasad

The study of interfaces in materials can be approached on a number of length scales, depending on the context. In this intense in-depth graduate level course, the focus will be on the study of interfaces at a level where a knowledge of crystallographic aspects of interfaces in crystalline materials is relevant, such as in deformation twinning, annealing twinning and growth twinning, the crystallography of martensitic phase more

Short Term course on "Certifying Algorithms" from 11th March 2018 to 16th March 2018

Visiting Faculty: Prof. Kurt Mehlhorn, Germany, Coordinator: Prof. Naveen Garg

A certifying algorithm is an algorithm that produces, with each output, a certificate or witness (easy-to verify proof) that the particular output has not been compromised by a bug. A user of a certifying algorithm inputs xx, receives the output yy and the certificate ww, and then checks, either manually or by use of a program, that ww proves that yy is a correct output for input xx. In this way, he/she can be sure of the correctness of the output without having to more

Short Term course on “Nanostructured Steels" from 02nd April 2018 to 06th April 2018

Visiting Faculty: Prof. Pedro E.J. Rivera-Diaz-del-Castillo, United Kingdom, Coordinator: Prof. Suresh Neelakantan

This course starts with a description of the microstructural features that makes a steel nanostructured. Focusing first on the metallurgical phenomena such as martensitic and bainitic transformations, recrystallization and precipitation, we present criteria to turn common steels into nanostructured. Main emphasis is on the effects of key elemental additions, severe plastic deformation, heat treatment time and temperature. A wide range of nanostructures is available for ferrous alloys. When the surface to volume ratio of the nanostructure more


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Name of the Beneficiary: IITD CEP Account
Name of Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: IIT, Hauz Khas, Delhi-110016  
Beneficiary A/C No.: 36819334799
Bank MICR Code: 110002156
Bank IFS Code: SBIN0001077

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