Faculty (Prof.) Department Research Area
A. D. Rao Atmospheric Sciences Numerical Modeling of Coastal Ocean Precesses, Development of a Prediction System for Storm Tides and Associated Flooding, Identification and Modeling of Internal Waves in the Bay of Bengal, Modeling of Wind Waves and its Interaction with Storm Surges and Tides
A.K. Darpe Mechanical Engineering Machinery Health Monitoring, Rotor Dynamics, Vibration and Noise Engineering.
A.K. Jain Civil Engineering Earthquake Resistant Analysis of Structures, Wind Load Analysis of Structures, Dynamic Behaviour of Offshore Structures.
A.K. Keshari Civil Engineering Hydrological and Environmental Modeling, Sustainable Development, Remote Sensing and GIS, FEM, Waste Management and Sewerage System, Policy Analysis and Risk Assessment, Snow and Avalanche.
A.K. Shukla Physics Nanostructures of Carbon and Silicon, CNT and Graphene, Ramna Scattering, Absorption Studies and Photoluminesence.
Aaditeshwar Seth Computer Science and Engineering Computer Networks, Social Network Analysis, Information and Communication Technologies for Development.
Aakash Johry Design Playful learning, Experiential learning, Serious games, Interactive media and spaces, Design research and thinking, Design for marginalized populations.
Aarat Kalra Biomedical Engineering Quantum Biology, Bioelectronics, Biophysics, Biophotonics, Energy migration, Energy transfer, Forster theory, Nanoscience.
Abhijeet Raj Chemical Engineering Fuel combustion and pollutant emission reduction; Acid gas process modeling and simulation, Hydrogen and syngas; Reaction kinetics and mechanism development.
Abhijit Banerji Humanities and Social Sciences Applied Micro and IO, Agricultural Economics, and Experimental and Behavioural economics.
Abhijit Majumdar Textile and Fibre Engineering Yarn and Fabric Production Systems, Soft Computing Applications, Production and Operations Management.
Abhijit R. Abhyankar Electrical Engineering Machine Learning, Complex Networks, Systems Biology, Evolution and Evolvability, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Public Health Informatics.
Abhijnan Chakraborty Computer Science and Engineering Social Computing, Information Retrieval, Fairness in Machine Learning
Abhilash Jindal Computer Science and Engineering Operating Systems, Mobile Systems, Program Analysis
Abhisek Dixit Electrical Engineering Logic CMOS Device Design and Characterization, CMOS Variability, Reliability and Thermal-Effects, Aggressively Scaled CMOS Embedded DRAM (eDRAM) and SRAM Cells, Compact Device Moldeing and Process Design Kits, Modeling and Characterization of Si Solar-Cells and Modules.
Abhishek Das Mechanical Engineering Electric vehicle battery joining, Joining of lightweight materials and structures, Modelling and simulations of various joining processes, Non-traditional machining, Process control, Metrology and Measurement.
Abhishek Dixit Electrical Engineering Optical Access Networks, Fibre Wireless Converged Networks.
Abhishek Malhotra School of Public Policy Focuses on policy design for low-carbon development. In particular, he is interested in how policies can be designed taking into account multiple policy goals in the energy sector.
Abhishek Muralidhar Iyer Physics Multidisciplinary Physics
Aditya Mittal Biological Sciences Biophysics, Kinetics and Self Assembly
Aditya N. Agnihotri Physics Physics
Agam Gupta Management Studies Sharing Economy, Platform Ecosystems, Digital Business Models, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Data Visualization.
Ajay Saini Rural Development and Technology Foucault power, knowledge discourse; Governance, Biopower, Biopolitics and Governmentality Studies, Power, Resistance, and the Foucauldian Technologies, Social Exclusion, Rural Development, Technology, Livelihoods and Entrepreneurship, Disasters, Aid and Humanitarian Government, Indigenous people, Northeast India and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Ajeet Kumar Applied Mechanics Nonlinear Elasticity Theory of Rods, Plates and Shells, Stability and Bifurcation, Crystal Elasticity, Computational Materials Science, Mechanics of Helical Nano-Structures, Multi-Objective Optimization.
Alok Madan Civil Engineering Structural Engineering, Nonlinear Structural Dynamics, Concrete Structures, Computing in Structural Engineering, Structural Masonry.
Aloka Sinha Physics Liquid Crystals, Optical Image Processing.
Amartya Sengupta Physics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics at High Pressure, THz Science and Ultrafast Optics.
Ambuj Sagar School of Public Policy The intersection of science, technology and development. His recent work has focused on innovation policy for meeting sustainability and inclusivity challenges.
Amit Das Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Biophysics, Cell and Tissue Mechanics, Computational Modeling.
Amit Gupta Mechanical Engineering Microfluidics and Microscale Transport Processes, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Transport.
Amit Kumar Computer Science and Engineering Algorithms, Computer Networks.
Amit Kumar Jain Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, High Performance Electric Motor Drives, FACTS and Power Quality, Power Generation Control, Renewable Energy.
Amit Mehndiratta Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Imaging, Image Processing, Physiological Modeling and Quantitative Image Analysis, Image Guided Intervention, Mobile Assisted Healthcare, Machine Learning.
Amit Priyadarshi Mathematics Fractal Dimensions, Positive Operators.
Amit Rawal Textile and Fibre Engineering Nonwovens, Smart Textiles, Structural Mechanics of Fibrous Assemblies.
Amita Das Physics Nonlinear and Turbulent Phenomena in Laboratory, Astrophysical and Fusion Plasmas, Laser Plasma Interaction: Applications - Medical, Security etc., Fundamental Issues - Qed and Radiation Reaction Effects in Collective Plasma Environment, Dusty Plasmas as Strongly Coupled State of Matter, Interdisciplinary Connections with Condensed Matter, Visco-Elastic Fluid Systems, Behaviour of Active Matter.
Amitabh Bhattacharya Applied Mechanics Fluid Mechanics, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Multi-phase Flows, Turbulence
Amitabha Bagchi Computer Science and Engineering Structural Properties of Networks, Algorithms, Data Structures.
Amitabha Mukhopadhyay Biological Sciences Cell Biology, intracellular trafficking
Amitabha Tripathi Mathematics Number Theory, Combinatorics and Graph Theory.
Amlendu Kumar Dubey Management Studies Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics and Environment & Development Economics.
Amol Choudhary Electrical Engineering Photonics, Integrated Optics, Microwave Photonics, Optical Communications, Nonlinear Optics, On-chip Lasers, Frequency Combs, Ultrafast Lasers, Photon-phonon Interactions.
Amruta Mishra Physics Nuclear and Particles Physics, Hot and Dense Hadronic Matter and Experimental Observables in the Realastic Nuclear Collisions, Nuclear Astrophysics, Chiral Symmetry Breaking, Colour Superconductivity.
Anandarup Das Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, High Power Multilevel Converters, Electric Drives, Modular Converters, Power Quality.
Ananjan Basu Applied Research in Electronics Microwave and Millimeter Wave Engineering
Anant Kumar Majee Mathematics Stochastic Partial Differential Equations: Stochastic Conservation Laws, Stochastic Optimal Control in Ferromagnetism.
Aneesha Sharma Design User Experience Design, Systems & Service Design, Information Design, Visual Communication, Philosophy & Psychology of Creativity, Creativity and Innovation, Art & Design, Creative and Aesthetic experiences, Cognitive Neuroscience of Creativity, Culture & Design, Qualitative Research Methods.
Angelie Multani Humanities and Social Sciences Politics of Production of English Language Theatre in India, Extensive Work on Mahesh Dattani, One of India’s Foremost Contemporary Playwrights, Published on Indian English Theatre and Fiction.
Anil J. Elias Chemistry Synthetic Main Group and Organometallic Chemistry.
Anil K. Saroha Chemical Engineering Multiphase Reactors, Environmental Engineering.
Anil Verma Chemical Engineering Sustainable Environergy Electrochemical Systems: Batteries, CO2 Electrochemical Reduction to Hydrocarbons, Microbial Fuel Cell, PEM, DM Fuel Cell, Graphene Synthesis and Application in Energy Devices, C, Composites.
Anima Nagar Mathematics Dynamical Systems.
Anita Roy Biological Sciences Haematopoeisis, Leukemia
Anjan Ray Mechanical Engineering Combustion, Heat Transfer.
Anjan Roy Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Theoretical Biology, Bacterial Physiology, Statistical Mechanics.
Ankesh Jain Electrical Engineering Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Design, Data Converters, Phase Locked Loop and Clock Synthesizers, High Speed Circuit Design, Low Voltage Circuit Design.
Ankit Singhal Electrical Engineering Distributed Energy Resources (EVs, Solar PVs, Storage) integration into Power Systems; Distribution systems and microgrids, Transmission-Distribution co-simulation; TSO-DSO coordination, Power systems simulation, optimization, and controls.
Ankur Goswami Material Science and Engineering Fabrication of MEMS device for Detection, Sensing and Energy Harvesting Application. Structure Property Correlation in Oxide, 2D semiconductors. Understanding Electronic, Magnetic and Piezo Properties of Materials Using Various Scanning Probe Technique.
Ankur Gupta Applied Research in Electronics RF Microelectronics, Nanotechnology and Device Circuit co-Design.
Ankush Agrawal Humanities and Social Sciences Applied Econometrics and Development Economics.
Anoop Chawla Mechanical Engineering CAD, CAE, Dynamics, Bio-Mechanics, Road safety, Impact and Blast Mechanism.
Anshu Ogra School of Public Policy Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction, Feminist Science Studies, Knowledge Institutionalisation for CAA and DRR policy and planning.
Anuj Dhawan Electrical Engineering Nanomaterials, Plasmonics, Photonic devices, Biosensors, Biomedical devices, Nanofabrication, Growth and Self-Assembly of Novel Optical & Electronic Materials, Integrated Nano-Scale Systems, Computational Electromagnetics, Sensors: Fiber-Optic & Chip-Based, Biophotonics and Bioimaging.
Anup K Ghosh Material Science and Engineering Rheology and Processing of Polymers, Reactive Processing, Polymer Blends and Alloys, Mixing and Compounding, Polymeric Nanocomposites, Modelling and Simulation.
Anup Singh Biomedical Engineering Development of Techniques,Methods for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Data and Evaluating their Applications for Diagnosis of Diseases as well as for Monitoring Treatment Responses, Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare, Multi-Parametric MRI, Quantitative MRI, Development Software Tools for Medical Image Processing and Data Analysis.
Anupam Dewan Applied Mechanics Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, LES, RANS, Partially-Averaged Navier-Stokes approach, Turbulent Jet Impingement Heat Transfer, Turbulent Plume, Heat Transfer over a Square Cylinder, Heat Transfer Enhancement in Microchannel, Binary Alloy Solidification and Solar Distillation.
Anupam Shukla Chemical Engineering Membrane Synthesis and Separation, Electrochemical Systems.
Anurag Goyal Mechanical Engineering Thermo-fluid Systems, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Waste-heat Recovery, Thermal Energy Storage, Building Energy Efficiency, Water Purification and Desalination
Anurag S. Rathore Chemical Engineering Biosimilars, Bio processing, Quality by Design, Process Analytical Technology, Multi-variate Data Analysis.
Anushree Malik Rural Development and Technology Bioremediation of Aqueous Heavy Metal & Dye Pollution, Algal Waste Water Treatment & Biofuels, Biological Pest Control, Food Microbiology, Natural Antimicrobial Compounds.
Aparajita Dasgupta Mathematics Harmonic Analysis, Pseudo-Differential Operators.
Aparna Mehra Mathematics Optimization Theory.
Apurba Das Textile and Fibre Engineering Clothing Comfort, Nonwovens and Technical Textiles, Yarn Manufacturing, Instrumentation.
Aravind Krishna Swamy Civil Engineering Modeling Behaviour of Asphaltic Materials, Continuum Damage Modeling, Pavement Engineering, Rheology, Recycling of Pavement Materials.
Aravindan S. Mechanical Engineering Ceramics, Composites, Welding, Nano-Manufacturing.
Archana Chugh Biological Sciences Therapeutic applications of peptides
Archana Samanta Textile and Fibre Engineering Development of sustainable textile finishes and surface coating applications.
Arghya Samanta Applied Mechanics Falling Film Instability, Two Layer Channel Flow, Flow Transport through Porous Media.
Arjun Ghosh Humanities and Social Sciences Digital Humanities, Performance Studies, Technology in Society.
Arjun Sharma Applied Mechanics Compressible Flows, Numerical Simulations, Large-eddy Simulation, Turbulent Flows and Acoustics.
Arnab Banerjee Civil Engineering Metamaterial, Structures, Wave Propagation, Nonlinear Dynamics, Contact Modeling, Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering, Bridges, Finite Element Analysis, Vibration, Structural Analysis & Optimization, Dams.
Arnab Chanda Biomedical Engineering Artificial Tissues, Footwear, Sensors, Wearable Technologies, Entrepreneurship.
Arnob Ghosh Mechanical Engineering Game Theory, Stochastic Optimization, Resource Allocation, Smart Grid, Multi-agent learning, Mechanism Design, Transportation Network.
Arpan Chattopadhyay Electrical Engineering Wireless Networks, Cyber-Physical Systems: Design, Control, Learning, Security, and Performance Optimization, Statistical Signal Processing.
Arpan Gupta Mechanical Engineering Metamaterials, Acoustics, Vibrations, Image processing for machine diagnostics.
Arpan Kumar Kar Management Studies Data Science, Management of AI,ML Applications, Analytics driven Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation.
Arudra Burra Humanities and Social Sciences Moral and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Legal History.
Arun Kumar Applied Research in Electronics Digital Signal Processing, Underwater and Air Acoustics, Human and Machine Speech Communication Technologies, Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Mobile and Wearable Devices, and IoT
Arun Kumar Civil Engineering Human Health Risk Assessment, Nanoparticles, Water Treatment, Uncertainty Analysis, Water reuse, Emerging contaminants and Human health risk assessment
Arvind Kumar Nema Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering, Modeling, Simulation and Optimisation of Environmental Systems, Integrated Waste Management, Environmental Impact Assessment.
Ashish Chiplunkar Computer Science and Engineering Algorithm Design, Stochastic Problems
Ashish Misra Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Metabolic Analyses And Engineering.
Ashok Gupta Civil Engineering Structural Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Technology Enhanced Learning, Web Based Courses.
Ashok K. Ganguli Chemistry Chemistry of Novel Materials, Dielectric Oxides, Superconductors and Nanomaterials.
Ashok K. Patel Biological Sciences Virology, Chromatin remodelling
Ashok N. Bhaskarwar Chemical Engineering Interfacial Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Pollution-Prevention Technologies, Chemical Product Design.
Ashu Verma Energy Studies Power System Planning, Operation and Control Aspects of Integrated Renewable Energy Systems.
Ashutosh Rai Mathematics Theoretical Computer Science, Parameterized Complexity, Graph Algorithms
Ashwini Kumar Agrawal Textile and Fibre Engineering Microfluidics and Microscale Transport Processes, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Transport, Clean Air, Potable Water, Biomedical Devices.
Ashwini Vaidya Humanities and Social Sciences Computational Linguistics.
Atul Narang Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Systems Biology of Microbial Gene Regulation.
Avanish Tripathi Energy Studies Power electronics, electric transportation, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, wind & solar power generation, multi-motor drives & complex converters, high-power & high-speed motor drives, pulse width modulation techniques.
Awanish Pandey Optics and Photonics Centre Silicon Photonics, Microwave Photonics, Radiation hardened optical links.
AYAN BHOWMIK Material Science and Engineering Alloy design, Superalloys, High temperature refractory metal alloys, advanced manufacturing and repair technology, Phase transformation and crystallography of high temperature alloys, Structural characterization using microscopy and diffraction techniques, Bulk and micro-mechanical testing of materials.
B K Panigrahi Automotive Research and Tribology EV, Charging Infrastructure,IoT & Cyber Security
B. Jayaram Chemistry Biomolecular Modeling and Simulation, Physicochemical Model for DNA Sequence Analysis, Ab Initio Protein Structure Prediction, Active Site Directed Drug Design.
B. Premachandran Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics.
B.K. Behera Textile and Fibre Engineering Fabric Manufacturing, 3D Weaving, Spacer Fabric, Auxetic Fabric, Technical Textiles, Textile Structural Composites, Fabric Hand and Comfort, Project Management.
B.K. Panigrahi Electrical Engineering Power Quality, FACTS Device, Power System Protection, AI Application to Power System.
B.P. Patel Applied Mechanics Finite Element Method, Plates & Shells, Composite Mechanics, Non-linear Dynamics, Post-buckling Analysis, Smart Structures, Continuum Damage Mechanics.
B.R. Mehta Physics Nanostructured Materials and Thin Films, Interaction of Gas Molecules with Nanoparticles, Nanoparticle based Gas Sensors and Switchable Devices, Rare-Earth Metal and Palladium Nanoparticle Structures, GaN and InN nanostructures, Wide Bandgap and Bipolar Conductivity Oxides, Scanning Probe Microscopy and High Resolution Electron Microscopy, Nanotechnology Education.
B.S. Butola Textile and Fibre Engineering Polymeric Nanocomposites, Dyeing with Natural Dyes, Enzymatic Processing.
Babu J. Alappat Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering, Solid Waste Management, Incineration, Fluidised Bed Operations.
Bahni Ray Mechanical Engineering Multiphase Flow, Physics of Fluids, Micro fluidics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Stability Analysis, Traffic Flow.
Bappaditya Manna Civil Engineering Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction, Pile Foundation, Machine Foundation, Stability of Reinforced Slopes.
Bhabani K. Satapathy Material Science and Engineering Phase Behaviour, Tribology and Fracture Mechanics of Polymer Based Blends, Composites, Block Copolymers and Allied Materials.
Bhagu Ram Chahar Civil Engineering Seepage, Drainage, Canal Design.
Bhanu Nandan Textile and Fibre Engineering Fibre Science and Technology, Self-Assembly in Polymers, Polymer Crystallization, Fibrous Materials for Energy Storage and Catalysis, Electrospinning
Bharati Puri Humanities and Social Sciences Philosophy of Culture and History, Moral and Political Philosophy, Contemporary Thought and Intellectual History, Deep Ecology, Buddhism/and Politics, Exile and Travel, Religion/and Politics, Religion in East Asia, Peace Studies, Tibet/ Tibetan Literature and Politics, Ethnicities and Margins, Culture Religion and Politics in Ladakh, Children and Literature.
Bhaskar Kanseri Physics Quantum Science and Technologies, Experimental Quantum Optics, Entanglement and Squeezing, Non-Linear Optics, Optical Coherence and Polarization, Interferometry and Metrology, Optical Tomography, Spectral Switching, Guided Wave Photonics.
Bhaskar Mitra Electrical Engineering All Aspects of MEMS and Microfabrication, Microfluidics, Plastic MEMS, Microplasmas, Gas Phase Nanofluidics.
Bhawani Shankar Panda Mathematics Graph Theory, Algorithms and Parallel Computing.
Bhim Singh Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives, HVDC, FACTS, Power Quality, Renewable Energy, DSP Based Control of Power Converter and Drive.
Bhusan Bibhuti Sahu Energy Studies Plasma sources and mechanism of plasma and radical generation in such sources, Atmospheric plasma sources and their applications.
Bhuvanesh Gupta Textile and Fibre Engineering Plasma Functionalization of Polymers, Medical Textiles, Tissue Engineering, Wound Dressings, Sutures, Nanobiotechnology, Intelligent Polymers & Fibres.
Bijay P. Tripathi Material Science and Engineering Polymer Electrolyte Membranes, Functional Nanoporous Materials and Membranes, Water Filtration, Fouling, Biofouling, Catalysis and Biocatalysis.
Biju Basumatary Chemistry Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Porphyrinoids Macrocycles, ?-Conjugated Organic Materials.
Bipin Kumar Textile and Fibre Engineering Knitting Technology, Fabric Engineering, Smart Wearables, E-Textiles, Shape Memory Textiles, Textiles for Healthcare.
Biplab Basak Mathematics Algebraic Topology, Combinatorial Topology and Discrete Mathematics.
Bishwajit Kundu Biological Sciences Protein aggregation and diseases
Biswajita Parida Management Studies Integrated Marketing Communication, Product and Brand Management, Evolution of Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Technology and Marketing.
Biswajyoti Saha Mathematics Number Theory
Biswarup Chakraborty Chemistry Polyoxometalate Based Hybrid, Nanostructure, Bifunctional Materials for Photo- and or Electro- Catalysis, Small Molecule Activation, CO2 reduction and H2O oxidation, Kinetics Study and Reaction Mechanism.
Biswarup Mukherjee Biomedical Engineering Ultrasound imaging, Bioinstrumentation, Biomechatronics, Prosthetics and Rehabilitation, Haptics
Bodhaditya Santra Physics Cold Atom Quantum Technology
Brajesh Kumar Mani Physics Computational Condensed Matter Physics, First-Principles Calculations for Condensed Matter Systems, Finite-Temperature Properties of Perovskite Ferroics, Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Simulations. Atomic Many-Body Physics: Precision Atomic Structure Calculations, Development of Relativistic Coupled-Cluster based New Methods and Applications to Atomic Systems, Discrete Symmetry Violations in Atoms(ions).
Brejesh Lall Electrical Engineering Multiscale Modeling of Stochastic Processing, Widescale Cyclostationary Process Representation, Physical Layer in Wireless Communication.
Cdr Subir Kumar Singh Applied Mechanics Warship Design, Submarine Design.
Charu Monga Design Visual Communication, Filmmaking, Animation, Digital Media, Game Design, Cultural Construction, Design Research
Chetan Arora Computer Science and Engineering Computer Vision and Machine Learning.
Chinmoy K. Hazra Chemistry Development of New Synthetic Methods, Activation of Small Molecules Such as CO2 and CO, Catalysis, Remote Functionalizations, Physical Organic Chemistry, Reaction Mechanisms.
Chinmoy S. Dey Biological Sciences Diabetes, Signal transduction
D. Sundar Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Genome Engineering, Big Data Genomics, Biological Activity of Natural Drugs.
D.S. Mehta Physics Bio-photonics: Optical Coherence Tomography and Optical Tweezers, Optical 3D-surface Profilometry, Solid State Lighting (Optics of LEDs and OLEDs) and Optical Interferometry.
Dalip Singh Mehta SeNSE Bio-photonics Optical Coherence Tomography and Quantitative Phase Microscopy, Optical Tweezers and Applications. Green Photonics Solid State Lighting & Sun light harvesting, Solar Powered Laser, Optical Metrology Optical interferometry, 3D-surface profilometry, 3D-shape measurement techniques.
Das Sovik Civil Engineering Bioelectrochemistry, Resource Recovery from Waste, Wastewater Treatment, Emerging Contaminants.
Debabrata Dasgupta Mechanical Engineering Microfluidics and microscale transport processes, Computational Fluid Dynamics, multiphase transport and transport in multi-scale systems; pollution and healthcare.
Debananda Mishra School of Public Policy The public values and outcomes of HE institutions. He examines the relationship of HE institutions with the regions.
Debanjan Bhowmik Electrical Engineering Magnetism, Spintronics, Micromagnetics, Memory devices, Condensed Matter Physics.
Debaprasad Sahu Energy Studies ECR, Plasma Thruster, Plasma based ion Implantation, Magnetized Plasma Dynamics.
Debasis Mondal Humanities and Social Sciences Macroeconomics, International Economics and Public Economics.
Debayan Bhattacharya Civil Engineering Constitutive modelling of frictional materials, Experimental and computational geomechanics, Instability and bifurcation in soils, Image processing and instrumentation, Mechanics of porous media, Numerical modelling of geotechnical structures.
Debdip Ganguly Mathematics Partial Differential Equations, Geometric Analysis
Deepak Alok Humanities and Social Sciences Generative Syntax and its interfaces with Semantics and Pragmatics, Natural language processing, Speaker and addressee in the grammar of natural language, Honorification, allocutivity.
Deepak Jain Optics and Photonics Centre Semiconductor and Fiber based Photonic Devices.
Deepak Joshi Biomedical Engineering Brain-Computer Interface, Development of Intelligent Prosthesis, Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Neuroprostheses, Neuromusculoskeletal Modeling.
Deepak K Agrawal Biomedical Engineering Computational medicine and data science have the potential to advance biomedical sciences when adapted to accommodate clinical practice.
Deepak Kumar Automotive Research and Tribology Microfluidics and Micro scale Transport Processes, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Transport, Clean Air, Potable Water, Biomedical Devices.
Deepak Kumar Physics Applied Physics
Deepak U. Patil Electrical Engineering Optimal Control, Multi-agent systems, Switched and Hybrid Systems.
Deepanshu Shirole Civil Engineering Geotechnics, rock mechanics, rock physics, civil build materials, non-destructive evaluation, ultrasonics and acoustical techniques, imaging procedures, electrokinetic material mediation, damage analysis and healing.
Deepti Abbey Biological Sciences Stem cell biology, High throughput screening, Organoid biology, Genome editing.
Deepti Gupta Textile and Fibre Engineering Eco friendly Finishing of Textiles, Garment Sizing, Functional Clothing, Product Development.
Deepty Jain TRIPC Transportation Planning, Low Carbon Mobility, Built Environment Studies, Sustainable Urban Transport, Risk Mitigation and Adaptation.
Deo Raj Kaushal Civil Engineering Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Sediment Transport, Hydraulic Structures, Multiphase Flows, Slurry Pipeline and Flume, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Flow Instrumentation.
Devendra Kr. Dubey Mechanical Engineering Computational Materials Science, Molecular Modeling, Nanomechanics, Biomaterials and Biomechanics, Finite Element Modeling.
Dey Saumava Civil Engineering Computational Hydraulics, Groundwater Hydrology, Surface Water Hydrology, Hydrological Process Modeling, Geostatistical Modeling.
Dhanya C.T. Civil Engineering Hydro climatological Modeling, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory, Stochastic Hydrology, Optimisation in Water Resource Systems, Data Mining in Hydrology, Water Resources Management.
Dheeraj Pratap Optics and Photonics Centre Metamaterials, plasmonics, nanophotonics, nanoscale heat transfer.
Dhiman Mallick Electrical Engineering MEMS, Energy Harvesting, Magnetic/Piezoelectric/Magnetoelectric Devices, Micro-power Management.
Dibakar Rakshit Energy Studies Renewable Energy Research Pertaining to Solar Thermal Heat Transfer Design Encompassing, Transient Modeling and Simulation of High-temperature Systems, High Pressure Concentrating Solar Thermal Systems, Study of Various Solar Turbine Fluids, Solar Heat Storage Devices, Green Building Concepts, Waste Heat Recovery, Computational Heat Transfer Analysis Involving Convection, Conduction and Radiation, Thermodynamic Optimizations using Advanced Optimization Tools , Energy Research Related to Oil and Gas Transportation, Multiphase Flow Studies, Interfacial Mass Transfer Characterisation, Sloshing Dynamics, Fluid Structure Interactions.
Dibyajyoti Ghosh Chemistry Non-adiabatic charge carrier dynamics, Machine learning for accelerated functional materials discovery, Optoelectronics in emerging materials, Functional defects in semiconductors, Magnetism in Low-dimensional materials, Ion-dynamics in functional solids, Spintronics, Non-equilibrium quantum transport. Bifunctional Materials for Photo- and or Electro- Catalysis, Small Molecule Activation; CO2 reduction and H2O oxidation, Kinetics Study and Reaction Mechanism.
DICKENS LEONARD Humanities and Social Sciences Anti-caste Thought and Community; Cinema and Culture; Literature and Modernity; Translation and Dalit Studies.
Digavalli Ravi Kumar Mechanical Engineering Metal Forming, Mechanical Metallurgy.
Dilip Ganguly Atmospheric Sciences Climate Modeling, Cloud Parameterizations, Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions in Models and Observations, Modeling of Aerosol Chemistry and Physics, Radiative Forcing and Climate Change, Climate Sensitivity and Feedback Processes, Climate Diagnostics using Model Output and Observations, Monsoon Dynamics, Air Pollution and Indian Monsoon.
Dinesh Kalyanasundaram Biomedical Engineering Micromachining of Materials, Product Design, Solid Mechanics DNA based Diagnostics, lab-on-chip Device Design, Orthopaedics, Orthodontics, Surface Modification, Laser Machining.
Dipayan Das Textile and Fibre Engineering Nonwoven Products & Processes, Textile Structures, Fibre-to-Yarn Engineering.
Dipti Ranjan Sahoo Civil Engineering Earthquake Engineering, Large Scale Testing, Supplemental Damping and Energy Dissipation Devices, Performance-Based Seismic Design, Steel-Fibre Reinforced Concrete.
Divesh Bhatia Chemical Engineering Automotive Catalysis, Air Pollution Control, Monolith Reactors, Kinetics of fast Reactions.
Divya Dwivedi Humanities and Social Sciences Philosophy of Literature, Aesthetics,Philosophy of Psychoanalysis, Narratology, Literary Theory and Criticism, Formal inquiry into fictionality, Political Thought of Gandhi, Political Cartoons and Novels of O V Vijayan.
Divya Nayar Material Science and Engineering Intersection of computational biophysical chemistry and materials chemistry. Research areas include examining polymer solvation thermodynamics, self-assembly in bio-functionalized nanomaterials, biomolecular solvation, hydration and anomalies of water by making use of molecular simulations.
Don Dcruz Humanities and Social Sciences Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Cognition and Artificial Intelligence, Metaphysics, Ethics.
Dr.Manjesh Kumar Chemical Engineering Novel Material Synthesis, Characterization and Design, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Mechanistic Study of Functional Material Failure Modes.
Ekata Saha Mathematics Number Theory
Eri Ikeda Management Studies Business cycles, Development, Macroeconomics, Global Economy, Industrialisation, Environment
Farhana Ibrahim Humanities and Social Sciences Ethnographies of the State and Violence, Anthropology of Security, Policing, Civil-military relations, Ethnography of war, Migration and Displacement, Ethnography of Disasters, Borders and Nation, History and Anthropology, Ethnography of the Neighbourhood, Religion, Citizenship.
G.V Ramana Civil Engineering Geoenvironmental Engineering, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Waste Mechanics, Ground Improvement.
Gaurav Goel Chemical Engineering Transport at Nanoscale, Structure-Property Solvophobic Interactions and Self - Assembly.
Gaurav Singh Applied Mechanics Fracture Mechanics, Composites.
Gayathri Bharathan Optics and Photonics Centre Mid and near-infrared fibre lasers, Ultrafast lasers, Femtosecond laser micro-machining.
Gazala Habib Civil Engineering Aerosol Monitoring Characterisation and Modeling, Local Air Quality, Health and Climate Effects.
Geetam Tewari Civil Engineering Transport Planning and Policy, Traffic Safety, Public Transport and NMV Planning.
Girish Agrawal TRIPC Transportation Safety: Applications of Computations Neural, Policy, Earthwork Optimization, Public Infrastructure, Informal Networks; Geotechnical Data Analysis.
Gourab Ghatak Electrical Engineering Stochastic Geometry, 5Gb/6G Communications, Reinforcement Learning, ML for Wireless Communications, and ML for Quantitative Trading.
Gourab Kar Design envisioning research-driven-design approaches to shape objects, spaces and experiences to be in tune with human needs, capabilities and behaviors.
Gourav Dwivedi Management Studies Supply Chain Management, Transportation or Logistics Modeling, Sustainability, Industry 4.0 and Systems Thinking.
Gufran Sayeed Khan SeNSE Optical Instrumentation, Applied Optics, Aspheric Optics, Interferometry, X-Ray Optics, Diffractive Optical Elements,Computer Generated Holography, Computer Controlled Polishing, Diamond Turning.
Gurmail S. Benipal Civil Engineering Concrete Mechanics, Constitutive Modeling, Non-Linear Elasto-Dynamics and Stability.
H.K. Malik Physics Particle Acceleration using Lasers and Microwaves, Microwave-Plasma Interaction, Solitary Waves & Instabilities in Space related Plasmas, Negative Ion and Dusty Plasmas, Hall Thrusters, THz Generation; Plasma Etching; Nanostructures.
Hari Babu Srivastava SeNSE Photonics, sensors, directed energy systems, control system, electro-optical fire control and surveillance technologies and policies for a vibrant R&D ecosystem.
Hari Vemuri Applied Mechanics Experimental aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, Boundary-layer receptivity, Flow stability and transition, Flow control, Noise control, System identification, Modern robust control
Haridas V Chemistry Organic Chemistry & Molecular Design.
Hariprasad Kodamana Chemical Engineering Machine learning, Graphs, Optimisation, Model predictive control, fault detection and diagnosis.
Hariprasad. P. Rural Development and Technology Agriculture and technology, Food security, Biopesticide and Biofertilizer, Plant Pathology, Plant-Microbe Interactions, Mycotoxins in food and feed, Environmental Biotechnology
Harish Chaudhry Management Studies Marketing Management, Sales Management, Digital Marketing, Social Marketing, Education and School Leadership and Management.
Harish Hirani Mechanical Engineering Bearings, Synthesis and Application of Smart.
Harish Kumar Mathematics Computational Methods for Partial Differential Equations.
Harpal Singh Biomedical Engineering Medical Diagnostics, Drug Delivery Systems, Antimicrobial Polymers, Polymeric Hydrogels, Nanobiotechnology, Polymer based Implants & Medical Devices.
Harshan Jagadeesh Electrical Engineering Wireless networks, Coding theory, Distributed Storage Networks, Wireless Security, Cyber-Physical Systems.
Harun Venkatesan Textile and Fibre Engineering Textiles for comfort, extreme weather protection, water transport, filtration, antimicrobial and shape memory applications.
Hemant K. Kashyap Chemistry Statistical Mechanics of Soft-Matter, Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Ionic Liquids, Lipid-Membranes.
Husain Kanchwala Automotive Research and Tribology Applied dynamics and vibrations, Rotordynamics of vehicular transmissions, Vehicle propulsion, Vehicle system dynamics and control, Systems engineering and functional safety
Huzur Saran Computer Science and Engineering High Speed Networks, Graph Theory, Algorithms.
Indra Narayan Kar Electrical Engineering Robust Control, Mechatronics, System Identification, Intelligent Control, Non-linear Systems.
Ishaan Gupta Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Single-cell gene expression technology development to study heterogeneity, end-to-end development of novel transcriptomic assays to measure biological phenomena with high precision and accuracy.
Ishan Anand Humanities and Social Sciences Inequality, agriculture, political economy, development.
J. Uma Maheswari Civil Engineering Design Management, Matrix-based Design Techniques, Construction Project Management, Automation.
J.K. Dutt Mechanical Engineering Rotor Dynamics, Vibration and Control.
J.P. Singh Physics Nanostructures Growth by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Glancing Angle Deposition, Microscopic Characterisation, STM & AFM, Nanomechanics, Gas Sensing.
Jagdish Telangrao Shahu Civil Engineering Geotechnology for Roads and Railway Tracks, Numerical Modeling of Soil Behaviour, Ground Improvement, Soil Dynamics, Geosynthetics.
Jai D. Singh Chemistry Chemistry of Chalcogens/Organo-Chalcogens and their Applications in Organic Synthesis & Catalysis, Organic Metals and Superconductors.
James Gomes Biological Sciences Neurobiology and neurodegeneration
Janakiram Vaitla Chemistry Organic Chemistry Sulfur ylide chemistry, Carbene mediated transformations, Synthesis of natural products, Conversion carbon dioxide to valuable chemicals, Activation and functionalization of relatively inert bonds, Photoredox catalysis
Jasleen Lugani SeNSE Quantum optical technologies, Integrated quantum photonics, quantum information processing, Non-linear optics, optical memories, photon pair generation, photonic processors, Integrated optics platforms, photonic circuits.
Jatindra K. Sahu Rural Development and Technology Technological intervention in agriculture, Technology and Agriculture etc.
Javed Nabibaksha Sheikh Textile and Fibre Engineering Sustainable Chemical Processing of Textiles, Natural Dyeing and Finishing of Textile Materials, Functional Finishing of Textiles, Application of Bio-Nanotechnology in Textiles.
Jay Dhariwal Design Design problems in health care and our habitat in the form of buildings and the cities
Jayadeva Electrical Engineering Machine Learning, Neuromorphic Engineering, VLSI Design, Optimization.
Jayan Jose Thomas Humanities and Social Sciences Various Issues Related to Development, Mainly Labour, Industrialization and the Macroeconomy.
Jayant Jain Material Science and Engineering Materials Characterization, Microstructure-Property Correlation, Alloy Design and Control of Microstructure and Texture Through Processing, Nanoscale Deformation, Wear, Creep and Fatigue in Novel Materials.
Jayanta Bhattacharyya Biomedical Engineering Bio-materials, Nanoparticles, Genetically Engineered Polypeptides, Drug Delivery, Healthcare. Our Research Interest is the Development of Bioinspired and Bio-derived Materials to Meet Unmet Needs in Treating and Diagnosing Disease. We Strive to use Chemistry and Engineering Approaches to Iteratively Design, Synthesize, Characterize, Evaluate and Validate next Generation Biomaterials with the Goal of Making a Translational Impact on Improving Human Health. A Major Research Focus is Developing Bio-inspired Materials that will allow better Therapeutic Outcome for Cancer Therapy.
Jayati Sarkar Chemical Engineering Instabilities, Adhesion, Debonding, Dewetting and Pattern Formation of Soft Thin Films, Computational fluid dynamics, Self-organization of Complex Fluids, Granular Materials.
Jitendra Madaan Management Studies Operation Management, Supply Chain Management, Industrial System Engineering, Modeling, Simulation of Flexible, Sustainable System, Reverse, Green Supply Chains.
Jitendra Prasad Khatait Mechanical Engineering Precision Machine Design, Flexures, Medical Devices, Robotics.
Joby Joseph Physics Photonic Crystals, Interference Lithography, Digital Holography, OLED Light Extraction.
Jolly Xavier SeNSE Nano Optoplasmonic Single Molecule advanced sensors, Quantum Photonic Sensing and Imaging, Integrated Electro-mechanical Nano, micro devices, Application-specific micromachines, Tunable Quantum Optical Sources, Nanostructured Light harvesting Devices, Integrated Quantum Photonics, Nanophotonic and Nanoplasmonic integrated devices.
Josemon Jacob Material Science and Engineering Polymer Synthesis in the Areas of Semiconducting Polymers, Biodegradable Polymers and Catalysis,Metallopolymers.
Joyee Ghosh Physics Quantum Information Technologies, Quantum & Nonlinear Optics, Photonics, Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.
Jyoti Kumar Design Industrial Design, Human Computer Interaction Design, Design for culture, Design for usability, Design for user experience, user centre design process
Jyoti Phirani Chemical Engineering Flow Through Porous Media, Reservoir Simulation, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Unconventional Energy Resources.
K. Sreenadh Mathematics Applied Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Partial Differential Equations.
K.A. Subramanian Energy Studies Internal Combustion Engines and Alternative Fuels Development of Alternative Fuelled Internal Combustion Engines, Hybrid Engines, Simulation and Modeling of IC Engine Processes, Life Cycle Analysis, Alternative Fuel and Biofuel Policy.
K.C. Iyer Civil Engineering Financial Management, Project Risks, Legal Issues in Business, Infrastructure Project Management.
K.J. Mukherjee Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Bioprocess optimization and scale up. Primary interest is in designing host platforms for over-expressing metabolites and recombinant proteins and linking then with bioprocess strategies for overproduction. The work involves metabolic engineering of host pathways and rational design using structured modelling approaches.
Kamal K Pant Rural Development and Technology Heterogeneous catalysis and Reaction kinetics, Catalytic hydrocarbon conversion processes, Water treatment
Kamal K. Pant Chemical Engineering Heterogeneous Catalysis and Reaction Kinetics, Catalytic Hydrocarbon Conversion Processes, Water Treatment.
Kamana Porwal Mathematics Finite Element Methods for PDEs and Optimal Control Problems.
Kamlesh Singh Humanities and Social Sciences Positive Psychology &its Applications, Environmental Psychology, Psychometrics, Community Psychology, Mental Health of Rural Women and Adolescents.
Kanika T. Bhal Management Studies Leadership, Organization Management, Ethics, Corporate Governance and HRM.
Kaushik Mukherjee Mechanical Engineering Orthopaedic Biomechanics & Implant Design, Developmental Biomechanics, Bone and Joint Mechanobiology, Mechanics of Human Movement, Finite Element Analysis.
Kaushik Saha Energy Studies Two-Phase Flows in Automotive and Power Generation Sectors, IC Engine Processes, NOx after-treatment with Urea-SCR, Material Processing in Thermal Plasmas.
Kaushik Sen Physics We are a new experimental condensed matter research group working in the area of quantum materials.
Kaustuv Manna Physics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Single crystal growth of intermetallic alloys and oxides, Magnetism, High field electrical and thermal transport measurements
Kaveri K Iychettira School of Public Policy Policy design and analysis, energy transitions in developing countries, institutional analyses, modelling for policy analysis.
Kavya Dashora Rural Development and Technology Plant protein extraction and characterization, Plant Proteins; Nanotechnology and nanotoxicity, Biomass valorization, Novel enzyme extraction and Utilization, Valorization of side streams; Bioprocess Technologies, Microbial Biotechnology, Programme management
Kedar B Khare Physics Optics, Photonics, Computational Imaging, Image Reconstruction.
Keerti Choudhary Computer Science and Engineering Fault-Tolerant Algorithms, Extremal Graph Structures, Dynamic Algorithms, Graph Realizability
Keshav Bharadwaj Ravi Civil Engineering Thermodynamic Modelling, Concrete, Cement, Supplementary Cementitious Materials, Reactivity, Modelling Transport in Concrete, Durability, Low-Carbon Concrete and Sustainability.
Kirti Dhwaj Applied Research in Electronics Microwave filtering Antennas
Kolin Paul Computer Science and Engineering Reconfigurable Computing, Embedded Systems.
Krishna Achuta Rao Atmospheric Sciences Regional Climate Change, Weather and Climate Extremes, Climate Change Detection and Attribution, Climate Modeling, Climate Variability, Climate Model Validation and Diagnosis, Ocean Heat Content, Sea-level Rise, UV CDAT.
KRISHNA BHARADWAJ BALASUBRAMANIAN Material Science and Engineering His research is focused on the interfaces of superconductors with low dimensional materials for interesting opto-electronic properties. He also works on high-temperature superconducting devices such as single photon detectors, nano-inductors and tunnel/super-Schottky diodes.
Krishna Raj R Automotive Research and Tribology Powertrain - Drives and control for electric vehicles, More Electric Aircraft power system, Multilevel converter topologies for drives.
Krishnakant Agrawal Mechanical Engineering Turbulent Reacting Flows, Gas Turbines and IC Engines, Aero-Acoustics, Combustion Dynamics and Emissions.
Kumar Neeraj Jha Civil Engineering Construction Project Management, Project Success Factor, Asset Management, Schedule Cost, Quality and Safety.
Kuntal Manna Chemistry Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis.
Kusum Meena Mechanical Engineering Additive manufacturing, Auxetic metamaterials, Laser material processing.
Lakshmi Narayan Ramasubramanian Material Science and Engineering Structure Property correlations at various length scales in amorphous materials, Additive manufactured materials, Multilayers, Nano indentation, Fatigue and Fracture
Lalan Kumar Electrical Engineering Array Signal Processing.
Leena Nebhani Material Science and Engineering Establishing Range of Highly Innovative Protocols For- Macromolecular Surface Engineering and Functionalization of Surfaces Via Combination of Orthogonal and Controlled Free Radical Polymerization Techniques, Synthetic, Grafting-To and Grafting-From Routes for Conjugating Macromolecules,Elastomers to a Variety of Surfaces, Synthesis of Organically Modified Mesoporous and Non-Porous Silica Nanoparticles, Synthesis of Functionalized Filler and Elastomer, Synthesis of Antimicrobial Hydrogels and Cryogels, Synthesis of Anti-Fouling and Biocompatible Surfaces.
Lokesh Kalahasthi TRIPC Freight demand modelling, Freight emissions and safety, Sustainable freight mode choice, Transportation policy, Smart Loading zones, Demand synthesis, Econometrics, Optimization and Automated deliveries.
Lt Cdr Navneet V Saxena Applied Mechanics Marine Hydrodynamics, Warship and Submarine Design.
Lt Cdr Pankaj K Mishra Applied Mechanics Warship and Submarine Design.
Lt Cdr Ravi Kumar Applied Mechanics Marine Hydrodynamics, Warship Design, Submarine Design.
Lucinda Elizabeth Doyle Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Electrochemically-Active Microorganisms.
M. Ali Haider Chemical Engineering Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Biorenewable Chemicals and Bio fuels.
M. Balakrishnan Computer Science and Engineering CAD for VLSI, Computer Architecture.
M. Ramu Yadav Chemistry Synergistic or Co-operative Catalysis, New Fluorination Methods, Artificial Metalloenzyme Catalysis.
M. Veerachary Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, High Frequency Switch-Mode Power Conversion, Fuzzy-Neuro Controllers for PE Systems, DSP based Controllers, Object Oriented Modeling of PE Systems, Development of MPPT Controllers for Space/Photovoltaic sources, Photovoltaic Power Conversion, Intelligent controllers for VRMs, Digital Control Theory and Applications.
M.Jagadesh Kumar Electrical Engineering Nanoscale SOI MOSFETs for CMOS applications, Strained Silicon Devices, SiC devices, SiGe HBTs, Power semiconductor devices, Metal-Semiconductor devices.
M.K. Singha Applied Mechanics Stability, Dynamics and Optimization of Structures, Composite Structures.
M.P. Gupta Management Studies Cloud Information Systems and Information System Management, E-Commerce and E-governance.
M.R. Ravi Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Combustion, Biomass Energy, Rural Energy Systems.
M.R. Shenoy Physics Guided Wave Optics, Optoelectronics.
Madhukar Kumar Computer Science and Engineering Program Verification, Model Checking, Syntax-Guided-Synthesis
Madhulika Sonkar Humanities and Social Sciences Sociology of Education, Gender studies, Urban anthropology, Ethnographic methods, Sociology of News.
Madhuresh Sumit Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Integrating computational and experimental systems biology to understand and manipulate cell responses, Multi-scale modeling of non-linear physiological systems and bio-processing units; Application of integrated systems approach towards process optimization; Miniaturization of bioprocessing for personalized medicines.
Madhusudan Singh Electrical Engineering Flexible Electronics, Maskless Lithography and Printing Methods, Organic and Inorganic Photovoltaics, Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, Nanoscale Transport, Sustainability, Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors, Device Design and Characterization.
Mahesh P. Abegaonkar Applied Research in Electronics Microwave and Millimeter Wave Antennas and Arrays, Metamaterials and Other Periodic Structures, FSS, EBG, AMC, Antennas for MIMO Systems, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Passive Circuits.
Mahim Sagar Management Studies Marketing, Branding of Public Goods, Service, Marketing Public Policy, Ethical Branding, Not for Profit Marketing, Social Marketing, and Product Management & Business Models.
Mahuya Bandyopadhyay Humanities and Social Sciences Sociology of Organisations and Work, Prison Studies, Ethnography of the State, Gender and Masculinities, Urban neighbourhoods, Violence and the Carceral Complex, Ethnographic Methods.
Manabendra Saharia Civil Engineering Flood Forecasting, Land Surface Modeling, Radar and Satellite Precipitation, Statistics, and Machine Learning, Human Computation.
Manan Suri Electrical Engineering Emerging Non-Volatile Memory Technology, Bio-inspired/Neuromorphic Computing, Circuit-Device Interaction.
Manav Bhatnagar Electrical Engineering Signal Processing for MIMO Communication Systems, Cooperative Communications, Ultra Wideband, Communications, Non-coherent Decoders, Cognitive Networks, Coding Theory of MIMO Communication Systems.
Mangala Joshi Textile and Fibre Engineering Polymeric Composites and Nanocomposites, Antimicrobial Finishing, Environmental and Ecological issues in Textiles.
Mani Mehra Mathematics Wavelets in Numerical Analysis, Wavelets in Partial Differential Equations.
Manidipa Banerjee Biological Sciences Virology, Cryo Electron Microscopy
Manish Kumar SeNSE Optical microscopy, Optical imaging, Optical systems, Bio-imaging, Fluorescence microscopy, Light sheet microscopy, Confocal microscopy, Optical instrumentation.
MANISHA THAKURATHI Physics Applied Physics
Manjeet Jassal Textile and Fibre Engineering Nano and Innovative Materials for Textile Applications,Electrospun Nano Fibres.
Manju Mohan Atmospheric Sciences Impacts of Urbanization on Weather, Climate and Air Pollution, Air Quality Measurements and Modeling for Regulatory Applications, Chemical Transport Modeling and Atmospheric Pollution Studies, Heat Island Measurements and Modeling, Fog Modeling, Numerical Modeling of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer.
Manoj M. Civil Engineering Transportation Planning, Activity/Travel Demand Modeling, Long-Term Mobility Decisions, Travel Behaviour Data Collection, Built Environment and Travel Behaviour, Econometric Modeling.
Manoj Menon Biological Sciences Cell death and differentiation
Manojkumar C. Ramteke Chemical Engineering Modeling and Optimization of Chemical and Polymeric systems, Meta-Heuristic Algorithms, Process Planning and Scheduling.
Marshal Physics Laboratory of Plasma Processing and Biophysics.
Mausam Computer Science and Engineering Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing.
Maya Ramanath Computer Science and Engineering Database and Information Retrieval Techniques for Semantic Web Data Management, Information Extraction and Opinion Mining.
Mayank Kumar Mechanical Engineering Multiphysics Simulations of Energy Conversion Systems, Turbulent Multiphase Reacting Flows, Coal Gasification & Clean Coal Technology
Md Rushdie Ibne Islam Applied Mechanics Computational Mechanics, Impact Mechanics, Particle-based methods, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Molecular Dynamics, Multi-scale Modelling.
Milind Wakankar Humanities and Social Sciences Aristotle, Plato, Plotinus, Hegel, Kant, Fichte, Schelling, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Benjamin, Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze, Simondon, Whitehead; Ramchandra Shukla, Hazari Prasad Dwivedi; Sufi and Bhakti Corpus (Jayasi, Tulsi, Sur, Kabir, Dnyaneswara, Tukaram, Eknath); the Marathi anti-Brahmin tradition from Phule to Patil.
Minakshi Kumari Mechanical Engineering Digital Twins,Smart Manufacturing,Maintenance Planning,Reliability Engineering,Simulation.
Minati De Mathematics Space-Efficient Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Combinatorial and Computational Geometry, Graph Theory.
Mohan K.S. Verma Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Flow Instability in Flexible Channel,Tube, Microfluidics, Medical Devices, Bio-Inspired Design, Lithium-ion Batteries, Electrochemical modeling, Battery Management System.
Monika Aggarwal Applied Research in Electronics Signal Processing and Communications, Underwater Acoustics and Image Processing.
Mukul Sarkar Electrical Engineering Solid State Imaging, CMOS Image Sensors, Bio-inspired Vision Sytems, Neuromorphic Imaging, Analog,Digital Circuit Design, Optoelectronics and Photonics.
Murali R. Cholemari Applied Mechanics Turbulent flows, Optical Flow Measurement, Applied Fluid Mechanics.
Mustafijur Rahman Electrical Engineering CMOS analog/RF/mm-wave integrated circuits & systems, CMOS cryogenic integrated circuits & systems for quantum computers
N. Shravan Kumar Mathematics Abstract Harmonic Analysis.
N.G. Ramesh Chemistry Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Carbohydrate Chemistry, Asymmetric Synthesis.
N.K. Garg Civil Engineering Water Resources System, Finite Element, Watershed Modeling, Irrigation Management, CAD, Sustainable Development.
N.M. Anoop Krishnan Civil Engineering Atomistic and Multiscale Simulations of Construction Materials, Mechanics and Physics of Glasses and Cementitious Materials, Radiation Damage and Nuclear-Waste Immobilization, Nanomaterials.
Nalin Pant Chemistry Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Molecular Conformation, Molecular Recognition.
Nandana Sengupta School of Public Policy Applied machine learning, Econometrics, Indian labour markets, Survey design, Adaptive surveys and Algorithmic bias.
Narayanan D. Kurur Chemistry NMR Methodology.
Naresh Bhatnagar Mechanical Engineering FRP Composite Materials, Processing and Manufacturing, Injection Molding, Biomaterials.
Naresh Tandon Automotive Research and Tribology Vibration and Acoustic Emission Monitoring, and Noise Engineering.
Naresh Varma Datla Mechanical Engineering Fracture and Fatigue, Composites, Biomechanics.
Narsing Kumar Jha Applied Mechanics Two-phase turbulence, Fluid-structure interaction, Biological and complex, polymeric fluid flows, Environmental flows, Flow Instabilities, Micro-fluidics
Naveen Garg Computer Science and Engineering Algorithms, Optimization.
Naveen Kumar Singh Biomedical Engineering Biomaterials using nucleic acid and hydrogels that can undergo dynamic and controllable changes on demand.
Naveen Thayyil Humanities and Social Sciences Law, Techno-Science and Democratisation: Regulatory issues in new and Radical Technologies, Democratisation of Regulation of Technology, Risk Regulation, Use of Ethics in Technology Regulation, Development of Technologies and Public Contestations, and Public Participation in Regulation, Environmental Law and Policy: International and Comparative Law, European Environmental Law, Biodiversity Conservation, Traditional Knowledge Systems, Forest Governance, Human Rights Jurisprudence: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Law and Development, Indigenous Peoples Rights, Public Interest Litigation and Judicial Activism, Intersection of WTO Law with Protection of Health and Environment, Legal and Democratic Theory: Citizenship, Sovereignty, Public Sphere, Epistemic Issues in the Governance of Technology, Reason and Resistance.
Neel Kanth Kundu Applied Research in Electronics Signal Processing for Quantum Communications, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Key Distribution, Wireless Communications, Machine Learning, Deep Learning for 6G Networks.
Neeraj Khare Physics Nano-structure Functional Oxides, Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor, Oxides, Colossal Magnetoresistance Materials, High-Tc Superconductors, SQUIDs, Borocarbide Superconductors and Solar Cells.
Neeru Chaudhry Management Studies Accounting and Finance.
Neetu Singh Biomedical Engineering Structure-aAtivity Relationships in Design of Biologically Relevant Nanostructures, Smart Functional Nanomaterials (Drug Delivery, Biosensors and Biomedical Implant Coatings), Tissue Engineering.
Nezamuddin Civil Engineering Transportation Network Analysis, Transportation Logistics and Optimization, Traffic Operations, Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Nidhi Jain Chemistry Nanocatalysis in Organic Synthesis, Ionic Liquids, Structural Studies of DNA-Carcinogen Adducts.
Nikhil Balaji Computer Science and Engineering Automata Theory, Quantitative Verification, Computational Complexity
Nikhil Walani Applied Mechanics Bio-mechanics, Cell Mechanics, Cosserat surfaces, Elastic fluid shells, Variational principles in mechanics.
Niladri Chatterjee Mathematics Machine Translation, Artificial Intelligence, Reasoning, Statistical Modeling and Data Science.
Nilanjan Senroy Electrical Engineering Power System Stability and Control, Wide Area Measurement and Control, Statistical Techniques in Power Systems, Power Quality.
Nirat Ray Material Science and Engineering Experimental and First-Principles Design of Novel Artificial Solids made from Nanoscale Building Blocks, Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Nanostructures, Low Temperature Transport Studies in Low Dimensional Materials.
Nitya Nand Gosvami Material Science and Engineering Understanding Nanoscale Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of Engineering Materials.
Nomesh Bolia Mechanical Engineering Operations Research, Stochastic Modeling, Application of MDP to Various Control Problems, Application of OR to Logistics and Economics.
P. K. Muduli Physics Spin Torque induced Magnetization Dynamics, Spintronics and Nanomagnetism.
P.M. Pandey Mechanical Engineering Rapid Prototyping , Unconventional Machining, Finite Elements , CAD, CAM.
P.M.V. Subbarao Mechanical Engineering Experimental Turbulence, Tomography, Power Generation Systems and I.C. Engines.
P.V. Madhusudhan Rao Design Product Design & Manufacturing, Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing, Design for product Life-cycle, and Design of Medical & Assistive Devices.
P.V. Rao Mechanical Engineering Machining of Difficult to Machine Materials, Grinding of Ceramics, Micro, Nano Manufacturing, Sustainable Machining.
P.V.Ilavarasan Management Studies Information and Communication Technologies & Development, Indian IT industry, and Social Media, Management Information Systems, E-Commerce, Social Media, Business, Market Research Methods; and ICTs, Development & Business, SPSS,Business Analytics, nVivo.
P.V.M. Rao Mechanical Engineering Product Design & Realization, Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing.
Pankaj Srivastava Physics Nano-Science & Technology.
Parag Singla Computer Science and Engineering Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis, Artificial Intelligence.
Paresh P. Chokshi Chemical Engineering Hydrodynamic Stability, Theoretical/Computational Polymer Physics, Dynamics of Complex Fluids, Polymer Processing.
Paroma Sanyal Humanities and Social Sciences Linguistics
Parul Mehrotra Biological Sciences Immuno-metabolism, Host-pathogen interactions, Macrophage biology, Efferocytosis, Intra-cellular communication, Subcellular metabolite distribution.
Parvendra Kumar Optics and Photonics Centre Quantum Optics.
Pintu Das Physics Magnetism at Nanometer Scale, Atomic Scale Electronic Behavior as well as Low-Frequency Carrier-Dynamics of Correlated Electron Systems.
Pooja Ghosh Rural Development and Technology Bio-remediation, Environmental Toxicology, Bio-energy etc.
Pooja Prasad School of Public Policy Agricultural water management, climate resilient agriculture, sustainability science, system dynamics, uncertainty and risk.
Prabal Talukdar Mechanical Engineering Radiative Heat Transfer, Porous Media, Convective Drying, Reheating Furnace, Inverse Problems, Thermal Protective Fabric.
Prabhu Babu Applied Research in Electronics Signal Processing and Communications, Machine Learning, Nonlinear Optimization, Sparse Parameter Estimation aka Compressed Sensing, Bioinformatics, Big Data Analysis, Financial Data Modeling.
Pradeeba Sridar Biomedical Engineering The development of an automated framework for fetal ultrasound image analysis, retinal image analysis, translational engineering.
Pradipta Ghosh Physics Phenomenological Analyses of Physics beyond the Standard Model in the Light of Higgs, Collider, Dark Matter Searches, Neutrino Masses & Mixing and charged Lepton Flavour Violation.
Pradyumna S. Applied Mechanics Structural Dynamics, Composite Structures, Functionally Graded Materials, Dynamic Stability
Prakash G. Vijaya Physics NanoPhotonics, Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Functional Materials.
Pramesh Kumar Civil Engineering Transit Operations, Planning, and Real-Time Control, Emerging Technologies, Transportation Systems Optimization, Uncertainty Modeling in Transportation.
Pramit K. Chowdhury Chemistry Physical and Biophysical Chemistry, Protein Folding using Single Molecule Confocal Microscopy.
Pramod Khadilkar Design Design studies, Design Issues, Journal of Engineering Design, and International Journal of design
Prapanch Nair Applied Mechanics Numerical methods for fluid flow and multiphysics, meshless methods, high performance computing, machine learning in fluid mechanics
Prasanna R. Management Studies Supply Chain Logistics, Network Design, Location and Interdiction Problems.
Prashant Mishra Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Protein Engineering, Non Aqueous Enzymology, Nanoparticles based Drug Delivery, Protein based Nano Devices.
Prashant Palkar Mechanical Engineering Mixed-Integer Nonlinear, Optimization, Parallel Computing, Derivative-Free Optimization, Applications of Operations Research, Algorithmic Game Theory.
Prashanth Vangla Civil Engineering Interface Behavior of Particulate and Continuum Interfaces, Morphological Characterization of Soils Based on Digital Image Processing, 3D Printing in Geosynthetics and Granular Materials, Bio-inspired Geotechnics, Characterization and Quantification of the Pore Structures of Granular Materials, Site Characterization and Monitoring.
Prateek Gupta Applied Mechanics nonlinear waves in fluids, nonequilibrium thermodynamics, computational statistical mechanics, multiscale modeling techniques, shock waves, high order methods for fluid mechanics and PDEs, electrohydrodynamics, high performance computing.
Pratosh A.P. Electrical Engineering Vision and image processing audio, speech and music analytics and learning (deep learning, sequential modelling and transfer learning); Machine/Deep learning
Pravin P. Ingole Chemistry Electrochemical Techniques, Electroanalysis, Nanomaterials.
Preeti R. Panda Computer Science and Engineering Embedded Systems, CAD for VLSI.
Preeti Srivastava Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Chromosome Maintenance in Bacteria, Plasmid Replication and Segregation in Bacteria, Bio Desulfurization of Petroleum Fractions.
Prem Kalra Computer Science and Engineering Computer Graphics, 3D Animation.
Pritha Chandra Humanities and Social Sciences Syntactic Theory, Linguistic Typology, Biolinguistics & Language and Politics.
Prithviraj Mukhopadhyay Mechanical Engineering Materials and Manufacturing, Machining, Tool Development, Joining, Surface Coating Tech.
Priti Sinha Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Bio-microfluidics, Biophysics, Electrohydrodynamics
Priya Vashisth Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Implants, Biomaterials, Drug delivery, Tissue-based Exvivo bioreactors.
Priyank Srivastava Electrical Engineering Dynamical systems and control, Network optimization, Distributed algorithms.
Priyanka Kaushal Rural Development and Technology Biomass-to-Energy: Torrefaction, Pyrolysis, Gasification, SYN gas & Polygeneration: CHP, Bio-SNG, FT-Fuel, Hydrogen Enrichment etc. Valorization of Agriculture Residues Through Various Bio-Char Application.
Priyanka Verma Chemistry Photo-active plasmonic metal nanocatalysts, porous materials for solar-to-chemical conversion processes.
Puneet Mahajan Applied Mechanics Finite Element Methods, Composites and Low Velocity Impact Behaviour, Snow Mechanics.
Punit Sharma Mathematics Distance Problems for Matrix Pencils and Polynomials, Perturbation Theory for Linear and Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems, Stability of Control Systems, Nearness Problems in Control Theory.
Purnima Singh Humanities and Social Sciences Group Processes, Justice, Identity, and Intergroup Relations in Organizational and Social Contexts.
Pushparaj Singh Applied Research in Electronics Microelectromechanical Systems, Sensors and Microelectronics.
R. Alagirusamy Textile and Fibre Engineering Hybrid Yarns for Composites, Natural Fibre Composites, Textile Prefoming for Composites, Yarn Engineering.
R. Ayothiraman Civil Engineering Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Pile Foundations, Deep Excavations in Urban Areas, Problematic Soils and Ground Improvement.
R. Chatterjee Physics Novel Functional Ferroic Materials with Special Interest in Topological Insulators, Magnetoelectric Multiferroic Materials, Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys, Shape Memory in Ceramics & Non-pb based Environment Friendly Ceramics for Actuators, Microwave Absorbing Materials (Stealth Technology).
R. Chattopadhyay Textile and Fibre Engineering Liquid Absorption by Fibrous Assembly, Clothing- Skin Interaction, Product Development, Value added Products from Fibrous Waste, Structure- Property Relation in Yarn
R. Uma Energy Studies Plasma Physics, Laser-Plasma, Wave Interactions with Plasmas, Optics of Plasmas.
R.K. Pandey Mechanical Engineering Bearing Lubrication, Tribological Elements Design, Engine Tribology, Lubrication In Metal Forming.
R.K. Varshney Physics Optical Fibre Communication, Integrated Oprics.
R.S. Rengasamy Textile and Fibre Engineering Mechanics of Yarns & Machines, Extreme Cold Climate Clothing, Absorbent Materials, Oil Spill Cleanup using Fibrous Materials, Garment Technology, Surface Characteristics of Textiles, Sewing Threads, Liquid Transport Phenomena, Clothing Comfort.
Rabindra Mohanty Energy Studies Power systems protection with renewable energy integration, time-domain protection, microgrids, cyber security in power systems, electric vehicles and energy storage systems.
Ragesh Jaiswal Computer Science and Engineering Algorithms, Complexity Analysis.
Rahul Garg Computer Science and Engineering Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Neuroimaging, High Performance Computing.
Rahul Goel TRIPC Transport and Health, Traffic Injury Epidemiology, Traffic Emissions and Air Pollution, Active Travel and Physical Activity, Health Impact Assessment, Gender and Transport.
Rahul Goyal Energy Studies Experimental and Numerical Study on Hydraulic Turbines During Off-design and Transient Operations to Increase the Efficiency of Turbine and to Minimize Dynamic Pressure Loading.
Rahul Mishra Applied Research in Electronics Nanoelectronics, Spintronics, Neuromorphic devices
Rahul Narain Computer Science and Engineering Computer Graphics, Animation.
Rahul Suresh Marathe Physics Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Biophysics, PT Symmetric Hamiltonians.
Rajan Prasad Mechanical Engineering Wave propagation in elastic and acoustic metamaterial, Active and passive vibration control, Acoustic coating, Seismic waves, Vibroacoustics.
Rajarshi Dasgupta School of Public Policy Forest and conservation policy, Land use policy, Environmental Scenarios, Geo-spatial application in environmental decision making.
Rajdip Nayek Applied Mechanics Inverse problems in dynamical systems, Bayesian inference, State estimation, Machine Learning for Digital Twins, System identification, Structural health monitoring.
Rajendra Kumar Sharma Mathematics Algebra and Cryptography.
Rajendra S. Dhaka Physics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Strongly Correlated Systems, Surface and Interface Research, Low Dimensional Systems, Complex Oxide Thin Films and Hetrostructures, High Tc Superconductors, Metal Insulator Transition.
Rajendra Singh Physics III-Nitrides based Materials and Devices, Semiconductor Nanowires for Nanoscale Devices, 2d Materials and Devices, Semiconductor Wafer Bonding, Ion Implantation.
Rajesh Khanna Chemical Engineering Phase Separation, Thin Liquid Films, Mist Reactors, Colloids and Interfacial Science.
Rajesh Prasad Material Science and Engineering Phase Transformations in Metallic Systems, Metal Foams, Equal Channel Angular Processing, Nanocomposites, Friction Stir Welding.
Rajiv K. Srivastava Textile and Fibre Engineering Porous and Fibrous Scaffolds, Emulsion Templating, Reactive Electrospinning, Biodegradable Polymers and Polymer Structure-Property Relationship.
Rakesh Khosa Civil Engineering Water Resources Systems, Stochastic Processes, Conflict Resolution and Hydrologic Modeling of Large River Basin.
Rakesh Kumar Palani Electrical Engineering Analog/RF Mixed Signal Design, Data Converters, Low power Circuits, Frequency Reference circuits.
Rama Krishna K Mechanical Engineering Kinematics and Mechanisms, Geometric Modeling for CAD and Manufacturing, Mechanics and Machine Design.
Ramachandra Rao Kalaga Civil Engineering Mass Transit Planning, Traffic Flow Modeling and Traffic Safety.
Ramesh Narayanan Energy Studies Plasma Sources in Different Geometries, with Emphasis on ECR and RF Sources.
Rangan Banerjee Energy Studies Energy Management & Energy Efficiency, Demand Side Management, Energy Modelling, Power Systems Planning.
Ranjan Bose Electrical Engineering Wireless Communications, Broadband Wireless Access, Ultra Wideband Communications, Information Theory and Coding.
Ranjan K. Mallik Electrical Engineering Communication Theory and Systems, Difference Equations, Linear Algebra.
Rathin Biswas School of Public Policy Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Technology for Society, Health Happiness & Well-being, Governance, PwD & Accessibility.
Ravi K. Kumar Energy Studies Solar Thermal Energy Systems for Desalination, Process Heating and Power Generation, Thermal Energy Storage, Hydrogen Storage; Forecasting of Solar Radiation.
Ravi Kumar Kunchala Atmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Chemistry, Transport Modeling, Remote Sensing of Greenhouse Gases, Monitoring and Modeling of Greenhouse and Trace Gases.
Ravi P. Singh Chemistry Asymmetric Catalysis, C-H Activation, Total Synthesis.
Ravi Shankar Management Studies Decision Science, Business Analytics & Big Data, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Total Quality Management & Six Sigma, Sustainable Freight Transportation, Strategic Technology Management, Telecom System Planning& Design, Knowledge Management etc.
Ravi Shankar Chemistry Main Group Chemistry, Inorganic Polymers.
Ravibabu Mulaveesala SeNSE InfraRed Vision and Industrial Imaging. Signal, Image and Video Processing Techniques for Non-invasive Imaging/Non-destructive Testing Methods. Non-destructive Testing & Evaluation. Structural Health Monitoring. Bio-medical Imaging. Thermal Non-destructive Testing/Thermal wave imaging. InfraRed.
Ravikrishnan Elangovan Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Single Molecule Biophysics, Fluorescence Spectroscope, Molecular Motors, Skeletal Muscle Mechanics.
Ravinder Kaur Humanities and Social Sciences Sociology of Kinship, Marriage and Family, Urban Social Anthropology, Migration Studies, Gender Studies, Demographic Anthropology, Sociology of India, Social Change.
Reetika Khera Humanities and Social Sciences Food Security, Health and Nutrition, Education and Caste.
Richa Kumar Humanities and Social Sciences Sociology of Agriculture, Sociology of Food and Nutrition, Science and Technology Studies, Rural and Agrarian Policy.
Rijurekha Sen Computer Science and Engineering Mobile and Embedded Systems Hardware Architecture, OS, Sensing, Efficient Processing, Security, Computational Sustainability.
Ritabrata Thakur Applied Mechanics Stratified ocean dynamics, fluid nonlinear non-modal stability, transition to turbulence, biological mixing, internal waves, role of oceans in the Indian monsoon.
Ritu Gupta Chemistry Synthesis of nanomaterials and fabrication of functional devices, development of printable chemiresistive and electrochemical sensors for diagnostics & environmental monitoring applications.
Ritu Kulshreshtha Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology MicroRNAs in Cancer Biology, Cancer, Disease Biomarkers, Tumoral Hypoxia Research, RNAi Technology.
Ritumoni Sarma Mathematics Algebra and Number Theory.
Ritwick Das Optics and Photonics Centre Nonlinear Optics, Waveguides, Nanophotonics.
Ritwik Bandyopadhyay Applied Mechanics Crystal plasticity, Fatigue, Synchrotron X-ray diffraction, Uncertainty quantification, Structural dynamics and vibration.
Rohan Paul Computer Science and Engineering Human Robot Interaction, Language Grounding, Symbolic Reasoning
Rohit Chandra School of Public Policy Energy Policy, Political Economy of Infrastructure and Finance, Industrial History, State Capitalism.
Rohit Kumar Humanities and Social Sciences Econometrics, Empirical IO, Machine learning.
Rohit Narula Physics Theoretical Development, Simulation And Experimental Work Related to the Optical Response of Both Model and Complex Systems.
Rohit Vaish Computer Science and Engineering Algorithms and Economics, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Social Choice, Game Theory
Rousan Debbarma Chemical Engineering Nanomaterials, Thin films, Interfacial Engineering, Charge transport, Solid-state devices.
S M Ishtiaque Textile and Fibre Engineering Machine Design, Process and Product Development, Textile Management, internal Structure of Yarn.
S. Arun-Kumar Computer Science and Engineering Semantics and Verification.
S. C. S. Rao Mathematics Parallel Computing, Numerical Analysis.
S. Dharmaraja Mathematics Applied Probability, Queueing Theory, Financial Mathematics, Stochastic Modeling and Performance Analysis of Computer and Communication Systems.
S. Fatima Automotive Research and Tribology Machinery Health Monitoring, NVH, Machinery and Industrial Noise Control, Acoustical Natural Materials, Reliability and Maintenance.
S. Janardhanan Electrical Engineering Discrete-Time Systems, Sliding Mode Control, Robust Control.
S. Wazed Ali Textile and Fibre Engineering Eco-friendly, Green Chemical Processing of Textiles, Nanotechnology in Functional Materials, Piezoelectric Polymers and Textiles, Water purification using textile material, Waste water treatment using MFC.
S.D. Joshi Electrical Engineering Statistical Signal Processing, Image Processing, Group Theoretical Approach to Signal,Image Processing.
S.G. Deshmukh Mechanical Engineering Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Information Systems.
S.K Sinha Civil Engineering Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Soil-Anchor Systems, Sensing Technologies, Numerical Modeling, Energy Geotechnics, Soil and Granular Mechanics.
S.K. Saha Mechanical Engineering Multibody Dynamics, Robotics, Design, Mechatronics.
S.K. Tyagi Energy Studies Energy and Energy Analyses, Solar-Biomass, Solar Thermal, Energy Conservation.
S.P. Singh Mechanical Engineering Dynamics of Rotary Machinery, Composite Materials, Machine Design , Active Vibration Control, Nano-Mechanics.
S.R. Kale Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Particle-Laden Flows, Combustion and Energy Conversion.
S.V. Modak Mechanical Engineering Vibration Engineering, Experimental Modal Analysis, Finite Element Model Updating in Structural Dynamics, Vibro-Acoustics.
S.V. Veeravalli Applied Mechanics Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Flows, Pollutant Dispersion, Stability Theory, Design Methodology of Dams.
Sabyasachi Chatterjee Applied Mechanics Continuum dislocation mechanics, Inelastic behavior of solids, multiscale materials modeling, high temperature, creep and fatigue resistant materials, Discrete Dislocation Dynamics
Sabyasachi Paldas Design Systems & Service Design
Sachin Kumar B Biomedical Engineering Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Biomechanics of Fibrin Blood Clot, Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation (LLPS) in Biology, Cancer Metabolic Imaging.
Sagar Sarkar Mechanical Engineering Laser Material Processing, Laser Additive Manufacturing, Online Process Monitoring and Control, AI and ML in Additive Manufacturing, Fatigue and Fracture in Additive Manufacturing
Sagnik Dey Atmospheric Sciences Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interaction, Air Quality, Climate Change and its Impact on Human Health, Remote Sensing of Earth Atmosphere and Climate.
Sahiinii Lemaina Veikho Humanities and Social Sciences Trans-Himalayan Languages, Phonetics, Historical Linguistics, Technology for Language Documentation.
Sahil Bansal Civil Engineering Engineering Reliability Estimation, Risk and Loss Modeling, Uncertainty Quantification, Structural Health Monitoring, Optimal Design, Rare Event Simulation.
Sahil Garg Civil Engineering Construction Management, Quality Management in Construction, Rework Management, Building Materials, Construction Technology and Practices, Contract Management, Non-Destructive Testing, Estimation and Costing of Construction Projects, Safety in Construction Projects, Project Management.
Sai Chand TRIPC Transportation Network and Safety Modelling: Expertise in Traffic Simulation Modelling, Pervasive Traffic Data, Surrogate Safety Measures, Highway Safety, Simulation of Connected and Automated Vehicles, and Large-scale Network Planning.
Saif K. Mohammed Electrical Engineering Wireless Communication, Communication Theory and Systems, Information Theory and Statistical Signal Processing.
Saikat Sarkar Civil Engineering Stochasto-deterministic mechanics of structures, Fracture and failure of structures, Composite and architected materials, Impact mechanics, Inverse problems, HPC.
Sajeev Philip Atmospheric Sciences Earths climate and global surface air quality, by estimating global greenhouse gas fluxes, public health impacts attributable to ambient fine particulate matter and trace gas exposure.
Sajesh P. Thomas Chemistry X-ray quantum crystallography studies of weak intermolecular interactions, and unusual chemical bonds; crystal engineering; solid-state formulation of pharmaceutical drugs, design and structure-property relations of functional molecular materials; computational crystallography
Samar Husain Humanities and Social Sciences Human Sentence Processing, Natural Language Parsing, Natural Language Modeling and Dependency Grammar.
Samaresh Das Applied Research in Electronics Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics.
Sameer Sapra Chemistry Nanomaterials, Semiconductor Nanocrystals, Quantum Dots, Light Emitting Devices
Samiran Mandal Atmospheric Sciences The coastal ocean around the Indian subcontinent is essential for monitoring the tides, marine ecosystem, navigation, port management, oil-spill impacts, fishery, sediment transport, coastal erosion, cyclone path prediction etc.
Sampa Saha Material Science and Engineering Biodegradable Polymeric Particles to Polymer Brushes.
Samrat Mukhopadhyay Textile and Fibre Engineering Natural Fibers and their Modifications, Fiber Reinforced Composites and Concrete, Single polymer Composites, Sustainable Technologies in Textile Chemical Processing and Technical Interventions in Handloom Sector.
Sandeep Kumar Electrical Engineering Applications of optimization theory, signal processing, machine learning, and graph methods in data analytics, communication, and networks.
Sandeep Kumar Jha Biomedical Engineering Fabrication of Biosensors (Optical, Piezoelectric, Capacitive, Electrochemical); Nanoparticle Sensing; Microfabricated Microfluidic lab-on-a-chip for PCR and Flow-Cytometry Applications; Capillary Electrophoresis Microchip; Immobilization and Stabilization of Biomolecules in Synthetic and Natural Polymers etc.
Sandeep Sen Computer Science and Engineering Computational Geometry, Algorithms.
Sandeep Sukumaran Atmospheric Sciences Understanding the changes in circulation and precipitation associated with Indian summer monsoon in a warming climate, High resolution atmospheric models and data from Coupled Model Inter-comparison Project to understand the future changes in monsoon circulation and precipitation under various emission scenarios
Sangeeta Kohli Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Renewable Energy Technology.
Sangeeta Santra Material Science and Engineering Solid-state diffusion as a tool to understand the microstructure and kinetics of diverse synergic phenomena underlying the phase evolution in the multi-component systems, and correlates with the functional response of the materials for aerospace and superconducting magnet applications. Her research interests focus on the areas of thermo-kinetics, phase transformation and microstructure-property correlation in the multi-material systems.
Sanil V Humanities and Social Sciences Philosophy
Sanjay Dhir Management Studies Corporate Strategy, Strategic Management, Strategic Thinking, Strategic Alliances, Strategic Innovations.
Sanjay Mitra School of Public Policy Public policy design, infrastructure development including electricity sector issues, transport & road safety, decentralization and process reforms, indigenization, technology transfer.
Sanjeev Jain Mechanical Engineering Solar Cooling, Building Energy Efficiency, Decentralized Energy Systems, Natural Refrigerants.
Sanjeev Sanghi Applied Mechanics Numerical and Analytical Studies of Turbulent Flows, Chaos and Dynamical Systems, Finite Element Method, Educational Software, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition.
Sanjiva Prasad Computer Science and Engineering Semantics and Verification, Programming Languages, Concurrent Systems.
Sankalpa Ghosh Physics Theoretical Condensed Matter.
Santanu Chaudhury Electrical Engineering Computer Vision, Multimedia Systems, Computational Intelligence.
Santanu Ghosh Physics Field Emission from cnt and Composites, Magnetic Metal Insulator Nanocomposites, Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors, si qd on Silicon Nitride, ion -Materials Interaction.
Santanu K. Mishra Automotive Research and Tribology EV Charging Infra, Renewable Energy, Power Converter Design.
Santanu Manna Electrical Engineering Design,Simulation of semiconductor devices, Molecular Beam Epitaxy growth, Cleanroom fabrication, Optoelectronic measurements of Gr. IV & III-V (GaAs, InP) based devices (i) solid-state QD-based single/entangled photon emitter and (ii) Mid-infrared Quantum cascade laser-based THz emitter/frequency comb, Nonlinear optical properties of SiGe QDs.
Santanu Mondal Biological Sciences We are a chemical biology research group. Our objective is to integrate chemistry and biology to address diverse biomedical problems.
Santosh Kapuria Applied Mechanics Smart Composite and Sandwich Structures, Functionally Graded Material Structures, Piezo Thermos Elasticity, Active Vibration Control, Finite Element Method, Offshore Pipelines and Structures, Pressure Vessels.
SANTRA BODHADITYA Physics They serve as the core processor for any quantum information and technology device based on cold atoms
Saptarshi Basak Automotive Research and Tribology Design of special machines for automotive applications, On-board generation systems, Control and Estimation in Variable Speed AC Drives
Saptarshi Mukherjee Humanities and Social Sciences Mechanism Design, Social Choice, Game Theory, Bounded Rationality Theory.
Saran Kumar Biological Sciences Vascular Biology, Cancer Metabolism, Tumor Heterogeneity, Vascular Aging, Cancer Stem Cells, Cardiovascular Biology.
Sarbeswar Sahoo Humanities and Social Sciences Post-Colonial State, Civil Society and Democratisation, Sociology of Religion, Poverty, and Neo-Liberal Globalisation.
Saroj Kanta Mishra Atmospheric Sciences Climate Change & Global Warming, Climate Modeling & Climate Engineering, Climate Projection & Climate Prediction, Climate Change Impact Assessments, Tropical Climate & Asian Monsoon.
Sarthak Parikh Physics Develop efficient tools and compute higher-point and higher-loop Feynman diagrams in anti-de Sitter space.
Sarvesh Kumar Dubey Atmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Model Development, Numerical Weather Prediction, Observational analysis, Tropical Meteorology
Sarvesh Kumar Srivastava Biomedical Engineering Biointerfaces, Metabolic Engineering, Microfabrication, Gastroenterology, Oral drug delivery.
Saswata Bhattacharya Physics Condensed Matter Physics, Density Functional Theory, Defects in Semi-Conductor, Clusters and Catalysis, Nanoscale Magnetism, 2D Materials, Energy Materials etc.
Satish Kumar Dubey SeNSE Digital Holography, Laser based instrumentation for measurement and monitoring systems, Opto-electronic sensing for PoC diagnostics.
Satyananda Kar Energy Studies Atmospheric Pressure Plasma, Plasma Sources, DC, RF, mw), Plasma Diagnostics, Plasma Processing, Waves in Plasmas, PIII and Tribology.
Satyawati Sharma Rural Development and Technology Bio-pesticides, Bio-fertilizers and Bio-inoculants, Rapid Composting and Waste Management, Mushroom Technology and Functional Food from Nutraceutical Mushrooms, Cattle Feed and Fodder Management, Tissue Culture, Biogas Slurry Management, Wasteland Reclamation through Biological Means, Bio Remediation of Xenobiotic Contaminated Soils.
Saurabh Gandhi Electrical Engineering Computational neuroscience, machine learning, biosignals, complex dynamical systems.
Saurabh Mani Tripathi Optics and Photonics Centre Fiber optics, integrated optics.
Saurabh Raj Biological Sciences Single molecule biophysics, DNA-Protein interactions
Saurabh Rathore Atmospheric Sciences Detection and Attribution of Global Ocean Warming and Sea Level Rise, Marine Heatwaves and Compound Extreme Events.
Saurabh Tewari Design History and Culture of Design, Design studies, Typography, communication Design, Design, Education.
Sawan S. Sinha Applied Mechanics Compressible Turbulence Theory and Modeling, Hypersonic Flows, Turbulence-Chemistry Interactions, Partially-Averaged Navier-Stokes Method, Boltzmann Equation-based Solvers.
Sayan Ranu Computer Science and Engineering Data Analytics, Graph Indexing and Mining, Social Network Analysis, Querying and Mining Spatio-Temporal Data, Bioinformatics, Deep Learning for Graphs, Machine Learning, and Big data analytics.
Sayantan Paria Chemistry Bioinorganic Chemistry, Water Oxidation Catalyzed by Transition Metal Complexes, Nitrogen Fixation, Spectroscopic Characterization of Metastable Reaction Intermediates.
Seema Sharma Management Studies Sustainable Development, Socio-Economic Analysis, Productivity & Efficiency Analysis and Energy Economics.
Selvarajan Nagendran Chemistry Chemistry of Group 13 and 14 Elements with Special Emphasis to the Low-Valent Compounds of Silicon.
Senthilkumaran P. Physics Optical Beam Shaping Singularities, Berry and Pancharatam Topological Pahses, Fiber Optics Holofraphy, Non Destructive Testing Techniques, Shear, Talbot Interferometry, Speckle Metology and Non-Linear Optics.
Seshan Srirangarajan Electrical Engineering Signal Processing, Wireless Communications, Wireless Sensor Networks, Optimisation, Machine Learning.
Shahid Malik SeNSE Analog integrated Circuits, Signal Conditioning, Circuits, Biomedical Instrumentation, Embedded Sensing Microsystems, Implantable/Injectable Sensors, Sensing Prosthetic, and Remote Sensing,Instrumentation.
Shahzad Gani Atmospheric Sciences Atmospheric observations for understanding aerosol dynamics and their interlinkages with sources, sinks, and meteorology in the Indo-Gangetic Plain.
Shaikh Z. Ahammad Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Water and Wastewater Treatment-Physico-Chemical and Biological, Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment, Bioremediation of Emerging Pollutants, Antibiotic Resistance in the Environment, Bioreactor Design.
Shalini Gupta Chemical Engineering Colloidal Interactions and Nanoscale Engineering, Molecular Self-Assembly, Microfluidics, Nanolithography.
Shankar Prakriya Electrical Engineering Signal Processing for Communications, Cooperative Links, Cognitive Radio.
Shantanu Roy Chemical Engineering Multiphase Reactor Engineering, Multiphase Flows.
Sharad K. Gupta Chemical Engineering Transport Phenomena, Membrane Separation Processes.
Shashank Bishnoi Civil Engineering Experimental and Numerical Studies into Hydration of Cement and Supplementary Cementitious Materials, Sustainability, Durability, Repair and Life-Cycle Costs of Concrete Structures.
Shashank Deep Chemistry Physical Chemistry. Structural Biology. Physicochemical Characterization of Macromolecule Interaction Surface using Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy, Fluorescence and Different Calorimetric Techniques. Biophysical Studies of Protein Folding and Protein Aggregation.
Shaunak Sen Electrical Engineering Control Systems, Dynamical Systems.
Shib Shankar Banerjee Material Science and Engineering Functional and Smart Elastomeric Materials with Tailored Properties and Applications, Sustainable Elastomeric Material, Compounding and Processing of Polymers (Conventional and Reactive), Viscoelastic Properties, Thermoplastic Elastomers and Polymer Blends, Mechano-Adaptive Composite Materials, Advanced Manufacturing of Polymers, 3D Printing of Functional Elastomeric/Polymeric Materials, Radiation Processing of Polymers, Soft Materials.
Shilpi Minocha Biological Sciences Cancer Biology
Shilpi Sharma Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Plant-Microbe Interaction, Microbial Diversity, Microbial Dynamics in Waste Water Treatments and Rhizospheres, Effect of Various Biotic and Abiotic factors on Structure and Function of Microbial Communities in Terrestrial Ecosystems Especially Targeting Genes Involved in Nitrogen Cycling.
Shiv Prakash Patel Mathematics Representation Theory, Automorphic Forms, Number Theory.
Shivajirao L. Gholap Chemistry Natural Product Synthesis and Biological Studies, Development of New Synthetic Methods.
Shouri Chatterjee Electrical Engineering Filter Design, Low-Voltage and Low-Power Circuits, Delta-Sigma Modulators, Instrumentation Techniques.
Shriyam Shaurya Mechanical Engineering Data-driven optimization for problems in automation, logistics and healthcare; Complex resource distribution networks; Multi-agent planning and reinforcement learning
Shubhendu Bhasin Electrical Engineering Nonlinear Control, Adaptive Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems, Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Reinforcement Learning Control, Approximate Dynamic Programming, Differential Games.
Shuchi Sinha Management Studies Leadership, Effective Communication, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Managing Change, Building Collaborative Cultures.
Shveta Singh Management Studies Managerial Accounting and Financial Management, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management and Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurial Finance
Siddharth Pandey Chemistry Optical Spectroscopy, Advanced Fluorescence Techniques, Molecularly Organized Media, Environmentally Friendly Solvent Systems, Chemosensors, Photophysical Processes.
Simona Sawhney Humanities and Social Sciences Learning and Thinking at the Intersections of Political and Psychoanalytic Theory.
Sisir Debnath Humanities and Social Sciences Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics
Sitikantha Roy Applied Mechanics Soft materials, Mechanobiology, Structural mechanics.
Sivananthan Sampath Mathematics Applied Harmonic Analysis, Inverse Problems, Learning Theory.
Smita Kashiramka Management Studies Banking and Risk Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Markets and Institutions and Corporate Finance.
Smruti Ranjan Sarangi Computer Science and Engineering Computer Architecture, Operating Systems.
Snehasish Panigrahy Energy Studies Clean fuel technology, radiation in participating medium, Ab initio (quantum chemistry) calculation, and fluid and thermal engineering applications are some of the expertise acquired by him during his research career.
Sohel Rana Textile and Fibre Engineering Reinforcement of cementitious materials with nanomaterials, microfibres, plant fibres and hybrid fibre systems, reinforcement of cementitious composites with braided and auxetic textile structures, structural health monitoring (SHM).
Somnath Baidya Roy Atmospheric Sciences Land-Atmosphere Interactions, Deforestation, Agriculture, Carbon Cycle, Mesoscale and Boundary Layer Modeling, Thunderstorms, Regional Climate Change, Renewable Energy Meteorology.
Somnath Ghosh Chemical Engineering Microfluidics, Fluid mechanics, Functional colloids synthesis and their interaction, interfacial engineering.
Sonali Jain Management Studies Financial Markets, Derivatives and Corporate Finance.
Sorav Bansal Computer Science and Engineering Operating Systems, Compilers.
Soumik Siddhanta Chemistry Nanoplasmonics and Molecular Spectroscopy; Physical Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Molecular Spectroscopy
Soumya Shubhra Nag Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, DC-DC converters, electric vehicle chargers, electric vehicle power-train, electric vehicle infrastructure, solar photovoltaic, battery energy management system, electric storage.
Sourabh B. Paul Humanities and Social Sciences Trade and Development, Applied Econometrics, Labour Economics, Health and Nutrition.
Sourabh Ghosh Textile and Fibre Engineering Tissue Engineering, Medical Textiles, 3D Bioprinting.
Soutik Betal Electrical Engineering Nanorobotics, Electromagnetic Medical Devices and Implants, Nanofabrication, MEMS, Terahertz devices, Electronic devices and sensors.
Soutrik Basu School of Public Policy Innovation Studies, Agricultural Policy, S&T Policy, R4D, Development Studies,and Natural Resource Management.
Souvik Chakraborty Applied Mechanics Deep learning, Digital twin, Stochastic Mechanics, Stochastic Dynamics, Reliability Analysis, Design under uncertainty, Multi-scale systems, Inverse problems
Sreedevi Upadhyayula Chemical Engineering Heterogeneous Catalysis, Green Industrial Processes, Modeling of Fluid Reactions in Composite Manufacturing.
Sreyam Sinha Electrical Engineering High-Frequency Switched-Mode Power Converters, Wireless Power Transfer, Electric Vehicles, Resonant Converters.
Sri Harsha Kota Civil Engineering Formation, Transformation and Chemical Mechanisms of Air Pollutants Near Roadways, Development of Air Quality Models, Estimation of Emission Factors, Source Apportionment of Air Pollutants, Regional Air Quality.
Srikanta Bedathur Computer Science and Engineering Data Management, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Natural Language Processing.
Srinivasan Venkataraman Design Design Creativity, Design Theory and Methodology, Engineering, Product Development.
Sriram Hegde Applied Mechanics Computer Aided Design, Design Optimization, Hydrodynamic Stability and transition delay, Finite Element Applications, Heat Transfer.
Srivastava Amber Mechanical Engineering Optimization, Learning and Control, Sequential Decision Making, Industry 4.0, Operations Research, Markov Decision Processes and Reinforcement Learning, Manufacturing process optimization, System Identification, Data-driven and Predictive Control.
Stuti Khanna Humanities and Social Sciences Cities, Modernism, Post-Colonialism, South Asia, the Novel, Gender, Translation, Cinema.
Subashish Datta Electrical Engineering Linear Control Theory, Robust Control and LMIs, Graph Theoretic Control and Multi-agent Systems.
Subhashis Banerjee Computer Science and Engineering Computer Vision, Real-time Systems, Robotics.
Subhendu Dutta Energy Studies Application of Power Electronics in Solar Photovoltaic Systems, AC-DC Hybrid Nanogrid System, High Frequency Switching Converter Design, EV charging.
Subhra Datta Mechanical Engineering Micro-Scale Fluid Mechanics, Lectrokinetics, Microfluidics.
Subir Dey Design Visual Communication, Illustration, Art, Drawing, Sketching, Visual Culture, Storyboarding, Creativity, Designing, Design Thinking
Subodh Kumar Computer Science and Engineering Computer Graphics, Visualization, Geometry.
Subodh Sharma Computer Science and Engineering Formal Methods, Program Analysis, Concurrent Systems.
Subrat Kar Electrical Engineering Photonic Switching, Optical Networks, Computer Communication Network, Embedded systems, Telecom Networks - Software Defined Networks
Subrata Kundu Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry: Main group organometallic chemistry, Low valent phosphorus chemistry, Polymers of main-group elements
Sudarsan Ghosh Mechanical Engineering Grinding of Ceramics and Super Alloys, Machining of Titanium Alloys, Surface Engineering.
Suddhasatwa Basu Chemical Engineering Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology, Interfacial and Electrochemical Engineering, Enhanced Oil Recovery.
Sudip K. Pattanayek Chemical Engineering Polymer Physics, Biopolymers under Flow, Polymer Nano-composites.
Sudipta Raha Roy Chemistry Organic Synthesis, Catalysis, Organometallic Chemistry.
Sudipto Mukherjee Mechanical Engineering Mechanism, Robotics, Mechanical System Design, Impact Biomechanics
Sujeet Chaudhary Physics Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in Ultrathin Films, Anomalous Hall Effect & Ferromagnetic Resonance, Magnetic Multilayered Structures for Spintronics.
Sujeet Kumar Sinha Mechanical Engineering Nano-Tribology, Bio-Tribology, Polymer Tribology, Materials in Mechanical Design
Sujin B. Babu Physics Soft Condensed Matter, Biophysics and Fluid Dynamics.
Sujit Manna Physics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Topological Phase of Matter in 2D Materials, Topological Superconductivity, Non-collinear Magnetism, Strongly Correlated Systems, Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Spectroscopic Imaging, Spin Polarized STM.
Sukumar Mishra Electrical Engineering Power System Engineering, Intelligent Techniques for Control of Power System and Power Quality Studies, Renewable Energy.
Suma Athreye School of Public Policy Economics and management of intellectual property, Financing of R&D, Researcher incentives and the commercialisation of technology in universities and public sector labs, COVID vaccines and pharmaceutical capability in emerging markets.
Sumantra Dutta Roy Electrical Engineering Computer Vision and Image analysis, Pattern Recognition, Audio Data Retrieval and Analysis, Biometrics and Bioinformatics.
Sumedha Chakma Civil Engineering Settlement in Landfills, Gas Generation from Landfills, GIS Based Landfill Management, Bioreactor Landfill, Infiltration Characteristics of Different Vegetation and Land use, Watershed Management, Water Contamination and Remediation, Open Channel Hydraulics, Contaminant Hydrology.
Sumeet Agarwal Electrical Engineering Machine Learning, Complex Networks, Systems Biology, Evolution and Evolvability, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Public Health Informatics.
Sumer Singh Design Product Design, Transportation design, Design for sustainability, Design sketching, Computer Aided Surfacing, Design Innovation. Product Innovation, Product Visualization, Automotive Styling, Sustainable products and systems, Systems Thinking,Computer Aided Surfacing.
Sumit K. Chattopadhyay Energy Studies Power Electronic Converters for Renewable Energy, Smart-Grid, Micro-grid, HVDC, FACTS, MV-Drives, Energy-Storage, Induction-Furnace, Arc-Furnace, Electric-Traction, Ship-Propulsion and Electric-Vehicle Applications.
Sumit Pramanick Electrical Engineering High Frequency Link Converters, Multilevel Converters For Machine Drives, Grid Connected Converters, HVDC Circuit Breakers.
Sumit Sinha Ray Textile and Fibre Engineering Recycling waste plastic bottles into nanofibers for face mask applications.
Sumitash Jana Humanities and Social Sciences His research broadly focuses on understanding the brain mechanism that mediate self-control. Self-control is our ability to focus on our tasks and goals despite environmental interruptions (e.g., choosing to keep reading despite notifications on your phone) but also flexibly change our goals when the need arises (e.g. choosing to pick up the phone when there is an important call).
Sumitava Mukherjee Humanities and Social Sciences Cognitive Aspects of Numbers/Magnitudes with Implications for Descriptive Theories in Decision Making and Applications in Information Design or Cognition-Technology Interaction.
Sunil Jha Mechanical Engineering Advanced Machining and Finishing Processes, Micro and Nanofinishing, Mechatronics, Robotics
Sunil K. Khare Chemistry Biochemistry, Enzyme Technology, Applied Microbiology.
Sunil Kumar Physics Femtosecond Lasers and Spectroscopy, Terahertz, Time-Domain Spectroscopy, Nonlinear Optics and Microscopy, Pulse Shaping, Photophysics of Nanosystems and Correlated Solids.
Sunil Kumar Khare Rural Development and Technology Microbial Biochemistry; Applied Enzymology Environmental & Food Biochemistry, Nanotoxicology & Nanobiocatalysis, Proteomics
Sunil Nath Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Bioseparation, Mechanism and Thermodynamics of ATP-based Molecular Machines, Molecular Systems Biology, Engineering.
Supratic Gupta Civil Engineering Concrete Mechanics, Self-Compacting Concrete, Constitute Modeling, Analytical and Experimental Research of RC and Prestressed Concrete Bridges, Bamboo Concrete Composites.
Supravat Karak Energy Studies Organic & Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices, Thin Film Electronics, Ultrafast Photodetectors, Device Physics.
Supreet Singh Bahga Mechanical Engineering Microfluidics and Nano Fluidics, Electro Hydrodynamics, Heat Transfer.
SUPRIT SINGH Physics Quantum Fields in Curved Spacetimes: Cosmology and Black Holes
Surajit Chakravarty School of Public Policy Urban Policy - Housing, Transportation, Land Use, Public Participation, Small Towns; Technology and Cities Spatial impacts of platform-based industries.
Surendra S. Yadav Management Studies Corporate Finance, International Finance, International Business, and Security Analysis & Portfolio Management.
Suresh Bhalla Civil Engineering Smart Material and Structures, Structural Health Monitoring, Non-Destructive Evaluation, Bio-Mechanics, Engineered Bamboo Structures.
Suresh Neelakantan Material Science and Engineering Mechanical Behaviour of Advanced Materials in Bulk and Porous Forms.
Surjeet Kour Mathematics Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry.
Surya Prakash Singh Management Studies Operations Management, Supply Chain Analytics, Decision Science, Manufacturing Systems, Optimization Techniques, Operation Research and Supply Chain Management
Suryanarayana Vikrant Karra Material Science and Engineering Computational Materials Science, Energy Storage & Conversion Materials, Lithium-ion Batteries and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials, Microstructural evolution of metals and ceramics, High-temperature component materials, Phase-Field Modeling.
Sushil Management Studies Strategic Management, Strategic Alliances and M & A, Flexible Systems Management, Strategic Change & Flexibility, Technology Management, Creative Problem Solving, Waste Management.
Sushma Santapuri Applied Mechanics Mathematical Modeling of Functional Materials, Electrodynamics of Continua, Asymptotic Theories for Smart Composite Structures, Thermodynamics of Functional Materials, Rod and Plate Theories, Multiferroic Materials and Their Applications.
Swades De Electrical Engineering Wireless Communication Networks And Systems, Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks, Smart Grid and IoT Communications, Cognitive,White-Space Access Networks, Performance Modeling and Analysis.
T.R. Sreekrishnan Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Waste Engineering and Environmental Biotechnology-Development, Modeling and Optimization of Aerobic and Anaerobic Biological Treatment Processes for High Strength and Toxic Industrial Waste Streams, Biodegradation of Xenobiotic Compounds, Production of Biodegradable Polymers, Development of Biosensors for Monitoring Environmental Pollutants.
Tanmay Dutta Chemistry Biochemistry, Enzymology, Molecular RNA Biology, Genetics.
Tanmoy Chakraborty Electrical Engineering Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, Graph Mining.
Tanusree Chakraborty Civil Engineering Foundation Engineering, Blast Loading in Soil, Soil Plasticity and Constitutive Modeling, Soil-Structure Interaction and Underground Construction in Soil and Rock.
Tapan K. Chaudhuri Biological Sciences Protein folding and protein engineering
Tapan K. Nayak Biological Sciences Neurobiology and Ion-channels
Tapan Kumar Gandhi Electrical Engineering Computational Neuroscience, Neuro-Inspired Engineering, Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Assistive Technology, AR/VR, Medical Electronics/Instrumentations
Tarak Karmakar Chemistry Molecular dynamics simulations, Enhanced Sampling, Machine Learning, applications in biophysics, materials, and nano-bio systems
Tarun Sharma Physics String theory, Quantum field theories, Supersymmetry, Holography, Chern Simons matter theories.
Tiesta Thakur School of Public Policy Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Labor & Personnel Economics, Pest Management, Bio-diversity Conservation and Payment for Environmental Services (PES).
Tobias Toll Physics Phenomenology of the Strong Force at small x.
Trilok Singh Energy Studies Micro- and nanotechnology to develop innovative methods to solve energy generation problems. His interests also include the design, fabrication and development of high-efficiency flexible solar cells for various energy applications.
Tsering Nurboo Humanities and Social Sciences Classical Buddhist Philosophy, Contemporary Buddhist Philosophy, Debates in Indian Philosophy, East-West Philosophical Dialogue.
Upasna Sharma School of Public Policy The intersection of adaptation to climate change and risk reduction related to natural hazards and variability.
V M Chariar Rural Development and Technology Development programs of sanitation, housing, well-being & livelihoods, there is immense value in a framework that respects inclusion
V. Arya Civil Engineering Biological Wastewater Treatment, Physico Chemical Treatment of Water and Wastewater, Removal of Emerging Contaminants, Advanced Oxidation Processes.
V. Ravishankar Physics Hight Energy Physics, Quantum Information
V.Ramgopal Rao Electrical Engineering Nanoelectronics, Technology Aware Design Challenges with Emerging Technologies, CMOS Reliability, Bio-MEMS.
V.V.K. Srinivas Kumar Mathematics Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Methods, WEB-spline mesh-free Methods, Fractional Partial Differential Equations, Computational Methods for Partial Differential Equations.
Vamsi K. Chalamalla Applied Mechanics Computational Fluid Dynamics, Ocean Modeling, Stratified Turbulence, Ocean Engineering.
Vamsi Krishna Energy Studies Nano-science and Nano-photonics for Enhancing the Solar Cell Efficiency.
Varsha Banerjee Physics Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics.
Varsha Singh Humanities and Social Sciences Specific: Cognition, Affect, and Decision Making, Episodic Memory, Anxiety Disorder Broad: Brain-Behavior, Mind-Body Problems.
Varun Ramamohan Mechanical Engineering Probabilistic Modeling, Simulation and Optimization, with Applications in Healthcare Systems Engineering.
Vasant A. Matsagar Civil Engineering Multi-Hazard Protection of Structures, Earthquake, Wind, Blast and Fire Engineering, Fibre reinforced Polymer Composites.
Venkata Ramana Gunturi Civil Engineering Geoenvironmental Engineering, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Waste Mechanics, Ground Improvement.
Venkata Vivek Kumar Koppula Computer Science and Engineering Theoretical Cryptography, Quantum Computing
Vibha Arora Humanities and Social Sciences Development, Political Sociology, Democracy and Governance, New Media, and Digital Culture, Sociology of Marginalized Groups, Sociology of Religion [Indigenous Religion, Hinduism and Buddhism], Environmental Sociology [Social Forestry; Sociology of Sacred Groves and Sacred Landscapes of the Himalayas; Hydropower Projects and Environmental Movements; Cultural Ecology; Indigenous Knowledge], Visual Methods of Social Research, Photography and Visual Anthropology.
Vigyanshu Mishra Applied Research in Electronics Applied Electromagnetics, Biomedical applications, Wearable applications, Antennas, Metamaterials, RF & Microwave Engineering, and System design.
Vijaykumar Narayandas Baheti Textile and Fibre Engineering Advanced materials utilizing fibrous industrial wastes, Ball milling of fibrous materials in dry and wet condition, Activated carbon fabric structures, EMI shielding and joule heating fabrics, Textile reinforced composites, nanocomposites and concrete structures, Recycling of textile wastes
Vikas Vikram Singh Mathematics Stochastic Games, Chance Constraints, Stochastic Optimization, Distributionally Robust Optimization.
Vikram Singh Chemical Engineering Low Reynolds Number Fluid Mechanics – Suspensions and Emulsions, Colloids and Aerosols, Geothermal Energy.
Vikrant Chemical Engineering Fluidization, Fluid-Particle Mechanics, Multiscale Modelling of Multiphase Flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Discrete Element Model, Gasification and Combustion, Carbon Capture using Solid Sorbent.
Vikrant Saxena Physics Computational Plasma Physics, Laser-Plasma Interactions, Nonlinear Plasma Waves, XFEL Irradiation of Rare Gas Clusters, Plasma based Particle Acceleration etc.
Vikrant Tiwari Applied Mechanics Fracture mechanics, Impact and shock mechanics, Composite materials, Material characterization, Digital Image Correlation, Environmental factors.
Vimlesh Pant Atmospheric Sciences Physical Oceanography, Ocean Modeling, Coastal Ocean Processes, Marine Aerosols, Air-sea Interactions, Meteorological and Oceanographic Observations.
Vipin Kumar Energy Studies Electrochemical energy storage using metal sulfur batteries
Virendra Kumar Vijay Rural Development and Technology Renewable Energy Sources, Biogas Enrichment and Bottling, Biogas Generation using Alternate Feed Materials, Anaerobic Digestion Process, Bio Energy Applications for Rural Areas, Animal Power, Rural Industrialization, Sustainable Development and Environment, Waste Management Systems, Cow-dung and Urine Based Products (Panchagavya), Biomass Gasification.
Vireshwar Kumar Computer Science and Engineering Security and Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems, Applied Cryptography, Adversarial Machine Learning
Vishal K. Vaibhav Physics Nonlinear Optics, Signal Processing, Numerical Methods, Inverse Problems
Viswanathan Puthan Veedu Mathematics Approximation Theory, Fractal Functions.
Vivek G Nair Management Studies Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management
Vivek Kumar Rural Development and Technology Wastewater and water treatment, solid waste management, enzyme application mathematical modeling, pulp and paper etc.
Vivek Mukundan Mathematics Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry
Vivek V. Buwa Chemical Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Flows, Reactor Engineering.
Vivek Venkataraman Electrical Engineering Nonlinear & Quantum Optics, Fiber & Integrated Photonics, Light-Matter Interaction & Atomic Physics, All-Optical Devices & Novel Light Sources, Optical Signal Processing And Communication.
Vivekanandan Perumal Biological Sciences Virology, DNA structure and functions
Yama Dixit Atmospheric Sciences Studying tropical and subtropical climate dynamics, past and future (including Indian summer monsoon), Abrupt climate changes and impacts on society.
Yashasvi Bansal Electrical Engineering Synchrophasor technology and its applications, Microgrid protection, Power system optimization, Islanding detection, Reconfiguration, Smart home energy management, Cyber-security, Power system resiliency, and Reliability.
Yashpal Jogdand Humanities and Social Sciences Self and Identity, Intergroup Conflict, Humiliation, Ostracism, Social Exclusion and Rejection in Intergroup and Interpersonal Relations, Stereotypes and Prejudice, Leadership and Mobilisation, Psychology of Oppression.