Faculty (Prof.) Department Research Area
Ajeet Kumar Applied Mechanics Nonlinear Elasticity Theory of Rods, Plates and Shells, Stability and Bifurcation, Crystal Elasticity, Computational Materials Science, Mechanics of Helical Nano-Structures, Multi-Objective Optimization.
Amitabh Bhattacharya Applied Mechanics Fluid Mechanics, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Multi-phase Flows, Turbulence
Anupam Dewan Applied Mechanics Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, LES, RANS, Partially-Averaged Navier-Stokes approach, Turbulent Jet Impingement Heat Transfer, Turbulent Plume, Heat Transfer over a Square Cylinder, Heat Transfer Enhancement in Microchannel, Binary Alloy Solidification and Solar Distillation.
Arghya Samanta Applied Mechanics Falling Film Instability, Two Layer Channel Flow, Flow Transport through Porous Media.
Arjun Sharma Applied Mechanics Compressible Flows, Numerical Simulations, Large-eddy Simulation, Turbulent Flows and Acoustics.
B.P. Patel Applied Mechanics Finite Element Method, Plates & Shells, Composite Mechanics, Non-linear Dynamics, Post-buckling Analysis, Smart Structures, Continuum Damage Mechanics.
Cdr Subir Kumar Singh Applied Mechanics Warship Design, Submarine Design.
Gaurav Singh Applied Mechanics Fracture Mechanics, Composites.
Hari Vemuri Applied Mechanics Experimental aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, Boundary-layer receptivity, Flow stability and transition, Flow control, Noise control, System identification, Modern robust control
Lt Cdr Ravi Kumar Applied Mechanics Marine Hydrodynamics, Warship Design, Submarine Design.
Lt Cdr Pankaj K Mishra Applied Mechanics Warship and Submarine Design.
Lt Cdr Navneet V Saxena Applied Mechanics Marine Hydrodynamics, Warship and Submarine Design.
M.K. Singha Applied Mechanics Stability, Dynamics and Optimization of Structures, Composite Structures.
Murali R. Cholemari Applied Mechanics Turbulent flows, Optical Flow Measurement, Applied Fluid Mechanics.
Md Rushdie Ibne Islam Applied Mechanics Computational Mechanics, Impact Mechanics, Particle-based methods, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Molecular Dynamics, Multi-scale Modelling.
Nikhil Walani Applied Mechanics Bio-mechanics, Cell Mechanics, Cosserat surfaces, Elastic fluid shells, Variational principles in mechanics.
Narsing Kumar Jha Applied Mechanics Two-phase turbulence, Fluid-structure interaction, Biological and complex, polymeric fluid flows, Environmental flows, Flow Instabilities, Micro-fluidics
Pradyumna S. Applied Mechanics Structural Dynamics, Composite Structures, Functionally Graded Materials, Dynamic Stability
Prapanch Nair Applied Mechanics Numerical methods for fluid flow and multiphysics, meshless methods, high performance computing, machine learning in fluid mechanics
Prateek Gupta Applied Mechanics nonlinear waves in fluids, nonequilibrium thermodynamics, computational statistical mechanics, multiscale modeling techniques, shock waves, high order methods for fluid mechanics and PDEs, electrohydrodynamics, high performance computing.
Puneet Mahajan Applied Mechanics Finite Element Methods, Composites and Low Velocity Impact Behaviour, Snow Mechanics.
Rajdip Nayek Applied Mechanics Inverse problems in dynamical systems, Bayesian inference, State estimation, Machine Learning for Digital Twins, System identification, Structural health monitoring.
Ritabrata Thakur Applied Mechanics Stratified ocean dynamics, fluid nonlinear non-modal stability, transition to turbulence, biological mixing, internal waves, role of oceans in the Indian monsoon.
Ritwik Bandyopadhyay Applied Mechanics Crystal plasticity, Fatigue, Synchrotron X-ray diffraction, Uncertainty quantification, Structural dynamics and vibration.
Sriram Hegde Applied Mechanics Computer Aided Design, Design Optimization, Hydrodynamic Stability and transition delay, Finite Element Applications, Heat Transfer.
S.V. Veeravalli Applied Mechanics Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Flows, Pollutant Dispersion, Stability Theory, Design Methodology of Dams.
Sanjeev Sanghi Applied Mechanics Numerical and Analytical Studies of Turbulent Flows, Chaos and Dynamical Systems, Finite Element Method, Educational Software, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition.
Santosh Kapuria Applied Mechanics Smart Composite and Sandwich Structures, Functionally Graded Material Structures, Piezo Thermos Elasticity, Active Vibration Control, Finite Element Method, Offshore Pipelines and Structures, Pressure Vessels.
Sawan S. Sinha Applied Mechanics Compressible Turbulence Theory and Modeling, Hypersonic Flows, Turbulence-Chemistry Interactions, Partially-Averaged Navier-Stokes Method, Boltzmann Equation-based Solvers.
Sitikantha Roy Applied Mechanics Soft materials, Mechanobiology, Structural mechanics.
Souvik Chakraborty Applied Mechanics Deep learning, Digital twin, Stochastic Mechanics, Stochastic Dynamics, Reliability Analysis, Design under uncertainty, Multi-scale systems, Inverse problems
Sabyasachi Chatterjee Applied Mechanics Continuum dislocation mechanics, Inelastic behavior of solids, multiscale materials modeling, high temperature, creep and fatigue resistant materials, Discrete Dislocation Dynamics
Sushma Santapuri Applied Mechanics Mathematical Modeling of Functional Materials, Electrodynamics of Continua, Asymptotic Theories for Smart Composite Structures, Thermodynamics of Functional Materials, Rod and Plate Theories, Multiferroic Materials and Their Applications.
Vamsi K. Chalamalla Applied Mechanics Computational Fluid Dynamics, Ocean Modeling, Stratified Turbulence, Ocean Engineering.
Vikrant Tiwari Applied Mechanics Fracture mechanics, Impact and shock mechanics, Composite materials, Material characterization, Digital Image Correlation, Environmental factors.