Faculty (Prof.) Department Research Area
Ashu Verma Energy Studies Power System Planning, Operation and Control Aspects of Integrated Renewable Energy Systems.
Avanish Tripathi Energy Studies Power electronics, electric transportation, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, wind & solar power generation, multi-motor drives & complex converters, high-power & high-speed motor drives, pulse width modulation techniques.
Bhusan Bibhuti Sahu Energy Studies Plasma sources and mechanism of plasma and radical generation in such sources, Atmospheric plasma sources and their applications.
Debaprasad Sahu Energy Studies ECR, Plasma Thruster, Plasma based ion Implantation, Magnetized Plasma Dynamics.
Dibakar Rakshit Energy Studies Renewable Energy Research Pertaining to Solar Thermal Heat Transfer Design Encompassing, Transient Modeling and Simulation of High-temperature Systems, High Pressure Concentrating Solar Thermal Systems, Study of Various Solar Turbine Fluids, Solar Heat Storage Devices, Green Building Concepts, Waste Heat Recovery, Computational Heat Transfer Analysis Involving Convection, Conduction and Radiation, Thermodynamic Optimizations using Advanced Optimization Tools , Energy Research Related to Oil and Gas Transportation, Multiphase Flow Studies, Interfacial Mass Transfer Characterisation, Sloshing Dynamics, Fluid Structure Interactions.
K.A. Subramanian Energy Studies Internal Combustion Engines and Alternative Fuels Development of Alternative Fuelled Internal Combustion Engines, Hybrid Engines, Simulation and Modeling of IC Engine Processes, Life Cycle Analysis, Alternative Fuel and Biofuel Policy.
Kaushik Saha Energy Studies Two-Phase Flows in Automotive and Power Generation Sectors, IC Engine Processes, NOx after-treatment with Urea-SCR, Material Processing in Thermal Plasmas.
R. Uma Energy Studies Plasma Physics, Laser-Plasma, Wave Interactions with Plasmas, Optics of Plasmas.
Rahul Goyal Energy Studies Experimental and Numerical Study on Hydraulic Turbines During Off-design and Transient Operations to Increase the Efficiency of Turbine and to Minimize Dynamic Pressure Loading.
Ramesh Narayanan Energy Studies Plasma Sources in Different Geometries, with Emphasis on ECR and RF Sources.
Rangan Banerjee Energy Studies Energy Management & Energy Efficiency, Demand Side Management, Energy Modelling, Power Systems Planning.
Rabindra Mohanty Energy Studies Power systems protection with renewable energy integration, time-domain protection, microgrids, cyber security in power systems, electric vehicles and energy storage systems.
Ravi K. Kumar Energy Studies Solar Thermal Energy Systems for Desalination, Process Heating and Power Generation, Thermal Energy Storage, Hydrogen Storage; Forecasting of Solar Radiation.
S.K. Tyagi Energy Studies Energy and Energy Analyses, Solar-Biomass, Solar Thermal, Energy Conservation.
Satyananda Kar Energy Studies Atmospheric Pressure Plasma, Plasma Sources, DC, RF, mw), Plasma Diagnostics, Plasma Processing, Waves in Plasmas, PIII and Tribology.
Snehasish Panigrahy Energy Studies Clean fuel technology, radiation in participating medium, Ab initio (quantum chemistry) calculation, and fluid and thermal engineering applications are some of the expertise acquired by him during his research career.
Subhendu Dutta Energy Studies Application of Power Electronics in Solar Photovoltaic Systems, AC-DC Hybrid Nanogrid System, High Frequency Switching Converter Design, EV charging.
Sumit K. Chattopadhyay Energy Studies Power Electronic Converters for Renewable Energy, Smart-Grid, Micro-grid, HVDC, FACTS, MV-Drives, Energy-Storage, Induction-Furnace, Arc-Furnace, Electric-Traction, Ship-Propulsion and Electric-Vehicle Applications.
Supravat Karak Energy Studies Organic & Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices, Thin Film Electronics, Ultrafast Photodetectors, Device Physics.
Trilok Singh Energy Studies Micro- and nanotechnology to develop innovative methods to solve energy generation problems. His interests also include the design, fabrication and development of high-efficiency flexible solar cells for various energy applications.
Vamsi Krishna Energy Studies Nano-science and Nano-photonics for Enhancing the Solar Cell Efficiency.
Vipin Kumar Energy Studies Electrochemical energy storage using metal sulfur batteries