Faculty (Prof.) Department Research Area
Agam Gupta Management Studies Sharing Economy, Platform Ecosystems, Digital Business Models, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Data Visualization.
Amlendu Kumar Dubey Management Studies Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics and Environment & Development Economics.
Arpan Kumar Kar Management Studies Data Science, Management of AI,ML Applications, Analytics driven Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation.
Biswajita Parida Management Studies Integrated Marketing Communication, Product and Brand Management, Evolution of Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Technology and Marketing.
Eri Ikeda Management Studies Business cycles, Development, Macroeconomics, Global Economy, Industrialisation, Environment
Gourav Dwivedi Management Studies Supply Chain Management, Transportation or Logistics Modeling, Sustainability, Industry 4.0 and Systems Thinking.
Harish Chaudhry Management Studies Marketing Management, Sales Management, Digital Marketing, Social Marketing, Education and School Leadership and Management.
Jitendra Madaan Management Studies Operation Management, Supply Chain Management, Industrial System Engineering, Modeling, Simulation of Flexible, Sustainable System, Reverse, Green Supply Chains.
Kanika T. Bhal Management Studies Leadership, Organization Management, Ethics, Corporate Governance and HRM.
M.P. Gupta Management Studies Cloud Information Systems and Information System Management, E-Commerce and E-governance.
Mahim Sagar Management Studies Marketing, Branding of Public Goods, Service, Marketing Public Policy, Ethical Branding, Not for Profit Marketing, Social Marketing, and Product Management & Business Models.
Neeru Chaudhry Management Studies Accounting and Finance.
P.V.Ilavarasan Management Studies Information and Communication Technologies & Development, Indian IT industry, and Social Media, Management Information Systems, E-Commerce, Social Media, Business, Market Research Methods; and ICTs, Development & Business, SPSS,Business Analytics, nVivo.
Prasanna R. Management Studies Supply Chain Logistics, Network Design, Location and Interdiction Problems.
Ravi Shankar Management Studies Decision Science, Business Analytics & Big Data, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Total Quality Management & Six Sigma, Sustainable Freight Transportation, Strategic Technology Management, Telecom System Planning& Design, Knowledge Management etc.
Sanjay Dhir Management Studies Corporate Strategy, Strategic Management, Strategic Thinking, Strategic Alliances, Strategic Innovations.
Seema Sharma Management Studies Sustainable Development, Socio-Economic Analysis, Productivity & Efficiency Analysis and Energy Economics.
Shuchi Sinha Management Studies Leadership, Effective Communication, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Managing Change, Building Collaborative Cultures.
Shveta Singh Management Studies Managerial Accounting and Financial Management, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management and Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurial Finance
Smita Kashiramka Management Studies Banking and Risk Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Markets and Institutions and Corporate Finance.
Sonali Jain Management Studies Financial Markets, Derivatives and Corporate Finance.
Surendra S. Yadav Management Studies Corporate Finance, International Finance, International Business, and Security Analysis & Portfolio Management.
Surya Prakash Singh Management Studies Operations Management, Supply Chain Analytics, Decision Science, Manufacturing Systems, Optimization Techniques, Operation Research and Supply Chain Management
Sushil Management Studies Strategic Management, Strategic Alliances and M & A, Flexible Systems Management, Strategic Change & Flexibility, Technology Management, Creative Problem Solving, Waste Management.
Vivek G Nair Management Studies Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management