Faculty (Prof.) Department Research Area
Aakash Johry Design Playful learning, Experiential learning, Serious games, Interactive media and spaces, Design research and thinking, Design for marginalized populations.
Aneesha Sharma Design User Experience Design, Systems & Service Design, Information Design, Visual Communication, Philosophy & Psychology of Creativity, Creativity and Innovation, Art & Design, Creative and Aesthetic experiences, Cognitive Neuroscience of Creativity, Culture & Design, Qualitative Research Methods.
Charu Monga Design Visual Communication, Filmmaking, Animation, Digital Media, Game Design, Cultural Construction, Design Research
Gourab Kar Design envisioning research-driven-design approaches to shape objects, spaces and experiences to be in tune with human needs, capabilities and behaviors.
Jay Dhariwal Design Design problems in health care and our habitat in the form of buildings and the cities
Jyoti Kumar Design Industrial Design, Human Computer Interaction Design, Design for culture, Design for usability, Design for user experience, user centre design process
Pramod Khadilkar Design Design studies, Design Issues, Journal of Engineering Design, and International Journal of design
P.V. Madhusudhan Rao Design Product Design & Manufacturing, Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing, Design for product Life-cycle, and Design of Medical & Assistive Devices.
Sabyasachi Paldas Design Systems & Service Design
Saurabh Tewari Design History and Culture of Design, Design studies, Typography, communication Design, Design, Education.
Srinivasan Venkataraman Design Design Creativity, Design Theory and Methodology, Engineering, Product Development.
Subir Dey Design Visual Communication, Illustration, Art, Drawing, Sketching, Visual Culture, Storyboarding, Creativity, Designing, Design Thinking
Sumer Singh Design Product Design, Transportation design, Design for sustainability, Design sketching, Computer Aided Surfacing, Design Innovation. Product Innovation, Product Visualization, Automotive Styling, Sustainable products and systems, Systems Thinking,Computer Aided Surfacing.