Faculty (Prof.) Department Research Area
Abhijit R. Abhyankar Electrical Engineering Machine Learning, Complex Networks, Systems Biology, Evolution and Evolvability, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Public Health Informatics.
Abhisek Dixit Electrical Engineering Logic CMOS Device Design and Characterization, CMOS Variability, Reliability and Thermal-Effects, Aggressively Scaled CMOS Embedded DRAM (eDRAM) and SRAM Cells, Compact Device Moldeing and Process Design Kits, Modeling and Characterization of Si Solar-Cells and Modules.
Abhishek Dixit Electrical Engineering Optical Access Networks, Fibre Wireless Converged Networks.
Amit Kumar Jain Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, High Performance Electric Motor Drives, FACTS and Power Quality, Power Generation Control, Renewable Energy.
Amol Choudhary Electrical Engineering Photonics, Integrated Optics, Microwave Photonics, Optical Communications, Nonlinear Optics, On-chip Lasers, Frequency Combs, Ultrafast Lasers, Photon-phonon Interactions.
Anandarup Das Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, High Power Multilevel Converters, Electric Drives, Modular Converters, Power Quality.
Ankesh Jain Electrical Engineering Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Design, Data Converters, Phase Locked Loop and Clock Synthesizers, High Speed Circuit Design, Low Voltage Circuit Design.
Ankit Singhal Electrical Engineering Distributed Energy Resources (EVs, Solar PVs, Storage) integration into Power Systems; Distribution systems and microgrids, Transmission-Distribution co-simulation; TSO-DSO coordination, Power systems simulation, optimization, and controls.
Anuj Dhawan Electrical Engineering Nanomaterials, Plasmonics, Photonic devices, Biosensors, Biomedical devices, Nanofabrication, Growth and Self-Assembly of Novel Optical & Electronic Materials, Integrated Nano-Scale Systems, Computational Electromagnetics, Sensors: Fiber-Optic & Chip-Based, Biophotonics and Bioimaging.
Arpan Chattopadhyay Electrical Engineering Wireless Networks, Cyber-Physical Systems: Design, Control, Learning, Security, and Performance Optimization, Statistical Signal Processing.
B.K. Panigrahi Electrical Engineering Power Quality, FACTS Device, Power System Protection, AI Application to Power System.
Bhaskar Mitra Electrical Engineering All Aspects of MEMS and Microfabrication, Microfluidics, Plastic MEMS, Microplasmas, Gas Phase Nanofluidics.
Bhim Singh Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives, HVDC, FACTS, Power Quality, Renewable Energy, DSP Based Control of Power Converter and Drive.
Brejesh Lall Electrical Engineering Multiscale Modeling of Stochastic Processing, Widescale Cyclostationary Process Representation, Physical Layer in Wireless Communication.
Debanjan Bhowmik Electrical Engineering Magnetism, Spintronics, Micromagnetics, Memory devices, Condensed Matter Physics.
Deepak U. Patil Electrical Engineering Optimal Control, Multi-agent systems, Switched and Hybrid Systems.
Dhiman Mallick Electrical Engineering MEMS, Energy Harvesting, Magnetic/Piezoelectric/Magnetoelectric Devices, Micro-power Management.
Gourab Ghatak Electrical Engineering Stochastic Geometry, 5Gb/6G Communications, Reinforcement Learning, ML for Wireless Communications, and ML for Quantitative Trading.
Harshan Jagadeesh Electrical Engineering Wireless networks, Coding theory, Distributed Storage Networks, Wireless Security, Cyber-Physical Systems.
Indra Narayan Kar Electrical Engineering Robust Control, Mechatronics, System Identification, Intelligent Control, Non-linear Systems.
Jayadeva Electrical Engineering Machine Learning, Neuromorphic Engineering, VLSI Design, Optimization.
Lalan Kumar Electrical Engineering Array Signal Processing.
M.Jagadesh Kumar Electrical Engineering Nanoscale SOI MOSFETs for CMOS applications, Strained Silicon Devices, SiC devices, SiGe HBTs, Power semiconductor devices, Metal-Semiconductor devices.
M. Veerachary Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, High Frequency Switch-Mode Power Conversion, Fuzzy-Neuro Controllers for PE Systems, DSP based Controllers, Object Oriented Modeling of PE Systems, Development of MPPT Controllers for Space/Photovoltaic sources, Photovoltaic Power Conversion, Intelligent controllers for VRMs, Digital Control Theory and Applications.
Madhusudan Singh Electrical Engineering Flexible Electronics, Maskless Lithography and Printing Methods, Organic and Inorganic Photovoltaics, Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, Nanoscale Transport, Sustainability, Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors, Device Design and Characterization.
Manan Suri Electrical Engineering Emerging Non-Volatile Memory Technology, Bio-inspired/Neuromorphic Computing, Circuit-Device Interaction.
Manav Bhatnagar Electrical Engineering Signal Processing for MIMO Communication Systems, Cooperative Communications, Ultra Wideband, Communications, Non-coherent Decoders, Cognitive Networks, Coding Theory of MIMO Communication Systems.
Mukul Sarkar Electrical Engineering Solid State Imaging, CMOS Image Sensors, Bio-inspired Vision Sytems, Neuromorphic Imaging, Analog,Digital Circuit Design, Optoelectronics and Photonics.
Mustafijur Rahman Electrical Engineering CMOS analog/RF/mm-wave integrated circuits & systems, CMOS cryogenic integrated circuits & systems for quantum computers
Nilanjan Senroy Electrical Engineering Power System Stability and Control, Wide Area Measurement and Control, Statistical Techniques in Power Systems, Power Quality.
Pratosh A.P. Electrical Engineering Vision and image processing audio, speech and music analytics and learning (deep learning, sequential modelling and transfer learning); Machine/Deep learning
Priyank Srivastava Electrical Engineering Dynamical systems and control, Network optimization, Distributed algorithms.
Rakesh Kumar Palani Electrical Engineering Analog/RF Mixed Signal Design, Data Converters, Low power Circuits, Frequency Reference circuits.
Ranjan Bose Electrical Engineering Wireless Communications, Broadband Wireless Access, Ultra Wideband Communications, Information Theory and Coding.
Ranjan K. Mallik Electrical Engineering Communication Theory and Systems, Difference Equations, Linear Algebra.
S. Janardhanan Electrical Engineering Discrete-Time Systems, Sliding Mode Control, Robust Control.
S.D. Joshi Electrical Engineering Statistical Signal Processing, Image Processing, Group Theoretical Approach to Signal,Image Processing.
Saif K. Mohammed Electrical Engineering Wireless Communication, Communication Theory and Systems, Information Theory and Statistical Signal Processing.
Sandeep Kumar Electrical Engineering Applications of optimization theory, signal processing, machine learning, and graph methods in data analytics, communication, and networks.
Santanu Chaudhury Electrical Engineering Computer Vision, Multimedia Systems, Computational Intelligence.
Santanu Manna Electrical Engineering Design,Simulation of semiconductor devices, Molecular Beam Epitaxy growth, Cleanroom fabrication, Optoelectronic measurements of Gr. IV & III-V (GaAs, InP) based devices (i) solid-state QD-based single/entangled photon emitter and (ii) Mid-infrared Quantum cascade laser-based THz emitter/frequency comb, Nonlinear optical properties of SiGe QDs.
Saurabh Gandhi Electrical Engineering Computational neuroscience, machine learning, biosignals, complex dynamical systems.
Seshan Srirangarajan Electrical Engineering Signal Processing, Wireless Communications, Wireless Sensor Networks, Optimisation, Machine Learning.
Shankar Prakriya Electrical Engineering Signal Processing for Communications, Cooperative Links, Cognitive Radio.
Shaunak Sen Electrical Engineering Control Systems, Dynamical Systems.
Shouri Chatterjee Electrical Engineering Filter Design, Low-Voltage and Low-Power Circuits, Delta-Sigma Modulators, Instrumentation Techniques.
Shubhendu Bhasin Electrical Engineering Nonlinear Control, Adaptive Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems, Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Reinforcement Learning Control, Approximate Dynamic Programming, Differential Games.
Soumya Shubhra Nag Electrical Engineering Power Electronics, DC-DC converters, electric vehicle chargers, electric vehicle power-train, electric vehicle infrastructure, solar photovoltaic, battery energy management system, electric storage.
Soutik Betal Electrical Engineering Nanorobotics, Electromagnetic Medical Devices and Implants, Nanofabrication, MEMS, Terahertz devices, Electronic devices and sensors.
Sreyam Sinha Electrical Engineering High-Frequency Switched-Mode Power Converters, Wireless Power Transfer, Electric Vehicles, Resonant Converters.
Subashish Datta Electrical Engineering Linear Control Theory, Robust Control and LMIs, Graph Theoretic Control and Multi-agent Systems.
Subrat Kar Electrical Engineering Photonic Switching, Optical Networks, Computer Communication Network, Embedded systems, Telecom Networks - Software Defined Networks
Sukumar Mishra Electrical Engineering Power System Engineering, Intelligent Techniques for Control of Power System and Power Quality Studies, Renewable Energy.
Sumantra Dutta Roy Electrical Engineering Computer Vision and Image analysis, Pattern Recognition, Audio Data Retrieval and Analysis, Biometrics and Bioinformatics.
Sumeet Agarwal Electrical Engineering Machine Learning, Complex Networks, Systems Biology, Evolution and Evolvability, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Public Health Informatics.
Sumit Pramanick Electrical Engineering High Frequency Link Converters, Multilevel Converters For Machine Drives, Grid Connected Converters, HVDC Circuit Breakers.
Swades De Electrical Engineering Wireless Communication Networks And Systems, Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks, Smart Grid and IoT Communications, Cognitive,White-Space Access Networks, Performance Modeling and Analysis.
Tanmoy Chakraborty Electrical Engineering Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, Graph Mining.
Tapan Kumar Gandhi Electrical Engineering Computational Neuroscience, Neuro-Inspired Engineering, Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Assistive Technology, AR/VR, Medical Electronics/Instrumentations
Vivek Venkataraman Electrical Engineering Nonlinear & Quantum Optics, Fiber & Integrated Photonics, Light-Matter Interaction & Atomic Physics, All-Optical Devices & Novel Light Sources, Optical Signal Processing And Communication.
V.Ramgopal Rao Electrical Engineering Nanoelectronics, Technology Aware Design Challenges with Emerging Technologies, CMOS Reliability, Bio-MEMS.
Yashasvi Bansal Electrical Engineering Synchrophasor technology and its applications, Microgrid protection, Power system optimization, Islanding detection, Reconfiguration, Smart home energy management, Cyber-security, Power system resiliency, and Reliability.