Faculty (Prof.) Department Research Area
Abhishek Das Mechanical Engineering Electric vehicle battery joining, Joining of lightweight materials and structures, Modelling and simulations of various joining processes, Non-traditional machining, Process control, Metrology and Measurement.
A.K. Darpe Mechanical Engineering Machinery Health Monitoring, Rotor Dynamics, Vibration and Noise Engineering.
Amit Gupta Mechanical Engineering Microfluidics and Microscale Transport Processes, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Transport.
Anjan Ray Mechanical Engineering Combustion, Heat Transfer.
Anoop Chawla Mechanical Engineering CAD, CAE, Dynamics, Bio-Mechanics, Road safety, Impact and Blast Mechanism.
Anurag Goyal Mechanical Engineering Thermo-fluid Systems, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Waste-heat Recovery, Thermal Energy Storage, Building Energy Efficiency, Water Purification and Desalination
Aravindan S. Mechanical Engineering Ceramics, Composites, Welding, Nano-Manufacturing.
Arnob Ghosh Mechanical Engineering Game Theory, Stochastic Optimization, Resource Allocation, Smart Grid, Multi-agent learning, Mechanism Design, Transportation Network.
Arpan Gupta Mechanical Engineering Metamaterials, Acoustics, Vibrations, Image processing for machine diagnostics.
B. Premachandran Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics.
Bahni Ray Mechanical Engineering Multiphase Flow, Physics of Fluids, Micro fluidics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Stability Analysis, Traffic Flow.
Debabrata Dasgupta Mechanical Engineering Microfluidics and microscale transport processes, Computational Fluid Dynamics, multiphase transport and transport in multi-scale systems; pollution and healthcare.
Devendra Kr. Dubey Mechanical Engineering Computational Materials Science, Molecular Modeling, Nanomechanics, Biomaterials and Biomechanics, Finite Element Modeling.
Digavalli Ravi Kumar Mechanical Engineering Metal Forming, Mechanical Metallurgy.
Harish Hirani Mechanical Engineering Bearings, Synthesis and Application of Smart.
J.K. Dutt Mechanical Engineering Rotor Dynamics, Vibration and Control.
Jitendra Prasad Khatait Mechanical Engineering Precision Machine Design, Flexures, Medical Devices, Robotics.
Kaushik Mukherjee Mechanical Engineering Orthopaedic Biomechanics & Implant Design, Developmental Biomechanics, Bone and Joint Mechanobiology, Mechanics of Human Movement, Finite Element Analysis.
Krishnakant Agrawal Mechanical Engineering Turbulent Reacting Flows, Gas Turbines and IC Engines, Aero-Acoustics, Combustion Dynamics and Emissions.
Kusum Meena Mechanical Engineering Additive manufacturing, Auxetic metamaterials, Laser material processing.
M.R. Ravi Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Combustion, Biomass Energy, Rural Energy Systems.
Mayank Kumar Mechanical Engineering Multiphysics Simulations of Energy Conversion Systems, Turbulent Multiphase Reacting Flows, Coal Gasification & Clean Coal Technology
Minakshi Kumari Mechanical Engineering Digital Twins,Smart Manufacturing,Maintenance Planning,Reliability Engineering,Simulation.
Naresh Bhatnagar Mechanical Engineering FRP Composite Materials, Processing and Manufacturing, Injection Molding, Biomaterials.
Naresh Varma Datla Mechanical Engineering Fracture and Fatigue, Composites, Biomechanics.
Nomesh Bolia Mechanical Engineering Operations Research, Stochastic Modeling, Application of MDP to Various Control Problems, Application of OR to Logistics and Economics.
P.M. Pandey Mechanical Engineering Rapid Prototyping , Unconventional Machining, Finite Elements , CAD, CAM.
P.M.V. Subbarao Mechanical Engineering Experimental Turbulence, Tomography, Power Generation Systems and I.C. Engines.
P.V. Rao Mechanical Engineering Machining of Difficult to Machine Materials, Grinding of Ceramics, Micro, Nano Manufacturing, Sustainable Machining.
P.V.M. Rao Mechanical Engineering Product Design & Realization, Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing.
Prabal Talukdar Mechanical Engineering Radiative Heat Transfer, Porous Media, Convective Drying, Reheating Furnace, Inverse Problems, Thermal Protective Fabric.
Prashant Palkar Mechanical Engineering Mixed-Integer Nonlinear, Optimization, Parallel Computing, Derivative-Free Optimization, Applications of Operations Research, Algorithmic Game Theory.
Prithviraj Mukhopadhyay Mechanical Engineering Materials and Manufacturing, Machining, Tool Development, Joining, Surface Coating Tech.
R.K. Pandey Mechanical Engineering Bearing Lubrication, Tribological Elements Design, Engine Tribology, Lubrication In Metal Forming.
Rama Krishna K Mechanical Engineering Kinematics and Mechanisms, Geometric Modeling for CAD and Manufacturing, Mechanics and Machine Design.
Rajan Prasad Mechanical Engineering Wave propagation in elastic and acoustic metamaterial, Active and passive vibration control, Acoustic coating, Seismic waves, Vibroacoustics.
S.G. Deshmukh Mechanical Engineering Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Information Systems.
S.K. Saha Mechanical Engineering Multibody Dynamics, Robotics, Design, Mechatronics.
S.P. Singh Mechanical Engineering Dynamics of Rotary Machinery, Composite Materials, Machine Design , Active Vibration Control, Nano-Mechanics.
S.R. Kale Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Particle-Laden Flows, Combustion and Energy Conversion.
S.V. Modak Mechanical Engineering Vibration Engineering, Experimental Modal Analysis, Finite Element Model Updating in Structural Dynamics, Vibro-Acoustics.
Sagar Sarkar Mechanical Engineering Laser Material Processing, Laser Additive Manufacturing, Online Process Monitoring and Control, AI and ML in Additive Manufacturing, Fatigue and Fracture in Additive Manufacturing
Sangeeta Kohli Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Renewable Energy Technology.
Sanjeev Jain Mechanical Engineering Solar Cooling, Building Energy Efficiency, Decentralized Energy Systems, Natural Refrigerants.
Shriyam Shaurya Mechanical Engineering Data-driven optimization for problems in automation, logistics and healthcare; Complex resource distribution networks; Multi-agent planning and reinforcement learning
Srivastava Amber Mechanical Engineering Optimization, Learning and Control, Sequential Decision Making, Industry 4.0, Operations Research, Markov Decision Processes and Reinforcement Learning, Manufacturing process optimization, System Identification, Data-driven and Predictive Control.
Subhra Datta Mechanical Engineering Micro-Scale Fluid Mechanics, Lectrokinetics, Microfluidics.
Sudarsan Ghosh Mechanical Engineering Grinding of Ceramics and Super Alloys, Machining of Titanium Alloys, Surface Engineering.
Sudipto Mukherjee Mechanical Engineering Mechanism, Robotics, Mechanical System Design, Impact Biomechanics
Sujeet Kumar Sinha Mechanical Engineering Nano-Tribology, Bio-Tribology, Polymer Tribology, Materials in Mechanical Design
Sunil Jha Mechanical Engineering Advanced Machining and Finishing Processes, Micro and Nanofinishing, Mechatronics, Robotics
Supreet Singh Bahga Mechanical Engineering Microfluidics and Nano Fluidics, Electro Hydrodynamics, Heat Transfer.
Varun Ramamohan Mechanical Engineering Probabilistic Modeling, Simulation and Optimization, with Applications in Healthcare Systems Engineering.