Name Department Research Area
Abhishek Das Department of Mechanical Engineering EV Battery Joining Technology, Advanced Welding Techniques, Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing.
Ajeet Kumar Applied Mechanics Solid Mechanics, Nanomechanics.
Anandarup Das Department of Electrical Engineering Power electronics, multilevel converter.
Anil Verma Department of Chemical Engineering Batteries, Fuel Cells, Energy Systems
Anjan Ray Mechanical Engineering Combustion
Ankesh Jain Department of Electrical Engineering Analog and mixed-signal circuits, Machine learning and AI for circuits, Power management and energy harvesting
Ankit Singhal Electrical Engineering Power Systems, renewable integration, distribution systems control and optimization, electricity market, energy equity.
Ankur Goswami Department of Material Science and Engineering Broadly on electronic materials. Specifically on triboelectric energy harvesters, MEMS resonators, photodetectors, solar photovoltaics, thin films of transition metal oxide and dichalcogenide (2D materials) for various electric transport
Ankur Gupta Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Analog Circuit Design, MOS, VLSI
Ankush Agrawal Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Econometrics, Data Analysis, Big Data, Official Statistics, Economics, Development Economics, Sample Surveys.
Apurba Das Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering Protective clothing, Clothing Comfort, Technical Textiles
Aravindan S Department of Mechanical Engineering Advanced material processing, welding, and nanomanufacturing
Arnab Chanda Centre for Biomedical Engineering Healthcare, Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics, Product Development and Entrepreneurship.
Arpan Chattopadhyay Department of Electrical Engineering Next-generation wireless communication
Arpan Kar Department of Management Studies Social media, Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, Emerging Information Systems.
Ayan Bhowmik Department of Material Science and Engineering High-temperature alloys, additive manufacturing, mechanical properties and modelling.
B S Panda Department of Mathematics Graph Algorithms, Data Mining, Graph Theory
B. Jayaram Biological Sciences Computation biology and drug discovery
Bappaditya Manna Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Bibhuti Bhusan Sahu Energy Science and Engineering Plasma-based material processing, Devices for plasma-based deposition and etching for thin film deposition and semiconductor fabrication, etc.
Bijay P Tripathi Department of Material Science and Engineering Polymer synthesis, Polymer membrane; Catalysis; hydrogen generation; Biocatalysis; polymer nanocomposite
Biplab Basak Department of Mathematics Computational Topology for Data Analysis
Biswajita Parida Department of Management Studies Advertising, Branding, Consumer Behavior,
Biswarup Chakraborty Department of Chemistry Inorganic Nanomaterial and Electrocatalysis
Chinmoy Kumar Hazra Department of Chemistry Organic synthesis and catalysis
Debaprasad Sahu Department of Energy Science and Engineering Plasma Technology and Application.
Deepak Jain Optics and Photonics Centre
Deepak Joshi Centre for Biomedical Engineering Machine learning Signal Processing Neurology.
Deepty Jain Centre for Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Built environment and transport sector studies, Pedestrian walkability studies
Dheeraj Pratap Optics and Photonics Centre Photonic metasurfaces
DIBYAJYOTI GHOSH Material Science and Engineering computational investigation of structural stability, ion migration and photovoltaic properties of halide perovskite solar cells.
Divya Nayar Material Science and Engineering Intersection of computational biophysical chemistry and materials chemistry. Research areas include examining polymer solvation thermodynamics, self-assembly in bio-functionalized nanomaterials, biomolecular solvation, hydration and anomalies of water by making use of molecular simulations.
Gaurav Singh Department of Applied Mechanics Fracture Mechanics, Composite Mechanics.
Gourav Dwivedi Department of Management Studies Supply Chain Management
Hariprasad P. Centre for Rural Development and Technology Soil Health, Phytochemistry, Aptamer based Rapid test kits.
Harshan Jagadeesh Department of Electrical Engineering Security
Husain Kanchwala Centre for Automotive Research and Tribology Vehicle dynamics and control, dynamical systems, stability, vibrations.
J K Sahu Centre for Rural Development and Technology Staple food fortification, Agro-food processing, Encapsulation of bio-actives
Jagadeesh Harshan School of Information Technology Wireless networks, Security, Distributed Storage, Coding theory, Information theory.
Javed Nabibaksha Sheikh Textile and Fibre Engineering Sustainable textile chemical processing, Recycling of polymeric waste, Functional composites, Functional dyes and chemicals.
Jaya Computer Services Centre Data Mining, Web Mining , Phishing
Jayant Jain Department of Material Science and Engineering Advanced high strength and light weight materials.
Jitendra Prasad Khatait Mechanical Engineering Precision machine design, robotics and mechatronics, compliant mechanisms.
Joby Joseph SeNSE Photonic crystals, Interference lithography, Digital holography, OLED light extraction.
JP Singh Physics Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, biosensors, photocatalysis, nanomechanics
K. Ravi Kumar Department of Energy Science and Engineering Solar Thermal Energy, Concentrating Solar Power, Thermal Energy Storage, Hydrogen Production and Storage, Desalination, Solar Cooking, Drying, Renewable Energy Resource Assessment and Forecasting using AI/ML techniques, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), Numerical and Experimental Heat Transfer.
Kaushik Sen Department of Physics As a group, we are interested in electric transport and dynamics properties of quantum materials. The candidate will have hands-on training in low-temperature Raman scattering and electric transport experiments. The details of my group can be found in the following link.
Kedar B Khare Physics Optics, Photonics, Computational Imaging, Image Reconstruction.
Krishna Balasubramanian Department of Material Science and Engineering Electron devices.
Krishnakant Agrawal Department of Mechanical Engineering Turbulent Combustion, Combustion Dynamics, Gas Turbine, Furnaces, Rocket Combustion Chamber design.
Kumar Neeraj Jha Civil Engineering Construction Project Management
Kuntal Manna Chemistry Inorganic materials, Heterogeneous catalysis, MOFs
Lakshmi Narayan Ramasubramanian Department of Material Science and Engineering Fatigue and fracture of Ni base superalloys
M R Ravi Mechanical Engineering Rural Energy, Combustion and gasification systems.
M.Veerachary Electrical Engineering Power Electronics and Power Conversion
Mahesh Pandurang Abegaonkar CARE Intelligent Reflection Surfaces, Metasurfaces, Antennas, and Arrays
Manish Agarwal Computer Services Centre Molecular simulations
Manjesh Kumar Chemical Engineering Catalyst synthesis- catalysis
Mohit Garg Central Library Open Science, Data Science, Scientometric and Informetric, Open Data, Information System, Application of ICT in Libraries, Machine learning, Chatbot.
Monika Aggarwal Applied Research in Electronics Signal Processing and Communications, Underwater Acoustics and Image Processing.
Nabi Hasan Central Library AI/Machine Learning in Libraries, Data Analytics, Open Source Software, Library Automation, Scientometrics, Mapping Science, Scholarly Communication, Science Communication, etc.
Naresh Bhatnagar Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Implants, Biomaterials Processing, Polymeric Composites and Nanocomposites, Micro and Nano Cellular Thermoplastic Composites, Machining of Composites, Tissue Engineering.
Neel Kanth Kundu Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Signal Processing for Quantum Communications, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Key Distribution, Wireless Communications, Machine Learning, Deep Learning for 6G Networks, Quantum Information Science.
Niladri Chatterjee Department of Mathematics AI, ML, Statistical Modelling, Algorithm design.
Nilanjan Senroy Department of Electrical Engineering Power system stability and dynamics, modeling and simulation of renewable energy generation systems and statistical signal processing techniques in power systems.
Nitya Nand Gosvami Department of Material Science and Engineering Nanotribology, 2D materials and thin films, Surface science and engineering, scanning probe microscopy
P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan Department of Management Studies Digital influencer management; Digital Divide; Digital transformation of small businesses.
Pranaba Kishor Muduli Physics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Spintronics, spin-torque oscillators, spin Hall effect, Spin pumping, Magnetic skyrmions, ultrafast (THz) spintronics.
Priyank Srivastava Electrical Engineering Systems and Control, Distributed Optimization.
Priyanka Verma Department of Chemistry Heterogeneous Catalysis, Nanostructured Materials, Sustainable Energy.
Pulak M Pandey Mechanical Engineering Additive Manufacturing, CAD/CAM, Manufacturing Sceince
Punit Sharma Department of Mathematics Numerical linear algebra and control theory
Rahul Goyal Department of Energy Science and Engineering Off-design and transient operations of hydraulic machine, Erosion wear and cavitation in hydraulic machines, Performance assessment of hydropower plants, Wind turbine performance, dynamics stall and vortex breakdown, Wind and cavitation tunnel measurements, Marine Propeller, hull-propeller interaction, Computational fluid dynamics Fluid-Structure interactions, Wind energy forecasting using artificial neural network, CFD analysis of single and multiphase system, Atmospheric water generation
Rajan Prasad Mechanical Engineering Structural vibration, Acoustics, Rural Technology, Metamaterial
Rakesh Kumar Palani Electrical Engineering Analog and Mixed Signal Design
Ravi Shankar Department of Management Studies Supply chain management & modeling (modeling).
S Chandra Sekhara Rao Mathematics Numerical Linear Algebra , Computational Ordinary/Partial Differential Equations, Parallel Computing
S. Dharmaraja Mathematics Applied Probability, Queueing Theory, Financial Mathematics, Stochastic Modeling and Performance Analysis of Computer and Communication Systems.
S. Wazed Ali Textile and Fibre Engineering Eco-friendly/Green Chemical Processing of Textiles: Use of natural agent/s-bio-extracts in Textile Finishing. Nanotechnology in Functional Materials (Textiles & Polymers): nano-finishing, Nano-coating, Nano-composite, Nano-biomaterials-synthesis & Application. Electro-active Polymers and Textiles: Piezoelectric, Conductive materials for E-Textiles/Polymeric sensors/Energy harvesting.
Sachin Kumar B Centre for Biomedical Engineering Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Nanomedicine, Biofabrication, Raman Spectroscopy for biomedical application, 3D bioprinting.
Sahil Bansal Department of Civil Engineering Complex Numbers, Fourier Transform, Uncertainty Quantification, Structural Dynamics.
Sai Chand Transportation Research & Injury Prevention Centre Traffic simulation, transport planning, disaster management, transport network modelling, traffic studies, road safety, autonomous vehicle, crowdsourced data, data analytics.
Samiran Mandal Centre for Atmospheric Sciences Physical Oceanography.
Sampa Saha Department of Material Science and Engineering
Sangeeta Kohli Department of Mechanical Engineering Biomass based rural energy technologies
Saswata Bhattacharya Physics Computational Materials Science.
Satyananda Kar Department of Energy Science and Engineering Atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma, Plasma Pyrolysis.
Saurabh Saxena CART Lithium-ion batteries, Machine Learning for Battery Health Management, Battery Management System (BMS).
Seshan Srirangarajan Department of Electrical Engineering Signal processing, optimization, and wireless communications with a focus on positioning in wireless networks, sensor networks, and radar signal processing.
Shahab Fatima Centre for Automotive Research and Tribology Machinery Health Monitoring NVH Machinery and Industrial Noise Control Acoustical Natural Materials, Automotive Health Monitoring, Reliability and Maintenance, Application of Machine learning and Deep learning in Condition Monitoring.
Shankar Prakriya Department of Electrical Engineering 5G/6G communications, Intelligent reflecting surfaces, backscatter communications, multiple access, Interference management
Shaurya Shriyam Mechanical Engineering Robotics, logistics, healthcare, urban transport
Shivajirao L. Gholap Chemistry Natural product synthesis and their biological studies. Development of new synthetic method and its application in organic synthesis.
Soumik Siddhanta Chemistry Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of biological systems
Suddhasatwa Basu Chemical Engineering Hydrogen & Fuel Cell, Electro-synthesis.
Sudeep Narayan Banerjee Computer Services Centre Supercomputing, Cloud & Virtualization, Data Center Management in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Parallel Computing
Sujeet Chaudhary Physics Investigation of Magnetotransport and Magnetic Anisotropy in Sputtered Thin films and Heterostructures for Spintronic Applications
Sumeet Agarwal School of Information Technology Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning.
Supravat Karak Department of Energy Science and Engineering Next generation organic and perovskite solar cell
Suresh Neelakantan Materials Science and Engineering Mechanical behaviour of advanced metallic materials in bulk and porous forms.
Surya Prakash Singh Department of Management Studies Operations and Supply Chain Management
Swades De Department of Electrical Engineering Communication systems and networks, with emphasis on performance modeling and analysis Current directions include resource allocation, energy harvesting, wireless energy transfer, sustainable and green communications, spectrum sharing, smart grid networks, and IoT communications.
Tapan K. Gandhi Electrical Engineering Computational Neuroscience, AI in Healthcare, Biomedical Image & Signal Processing, Embedded Technology, Medical Electronics
Tarak Karmakar Department of Chemistry The development of advanced simulation and machine learning methods to study nano-bio-systems, investigate catalysis (Chemical reactions), and understand intricate biomolecular processes. we are particularly interested in leveraging Ml-based methods for multiscale modeling of supramolecular self-assembly.
Vamsi Krishna Chalamalla Department of Applied Mechanics Control system design for underwater robotics
Vibha Arora Dept of Humanities and Social Sciences Environmental Sociology, Social Movements, Religion and Society, Dalit and Tribal Studies, Urban Studies, Visual and Digital Anthropology.
Vipin Kumar Depatment of Energy Science and Engineering Electrochemical Energy Storage
Vishal K Vaibhav Optics and Photonics Centre Computational Photonics.
Yama Dixit Centre for Atmospheric Sciences Past climate change, hydroclimate dynamics, climate-civilizational changes, abrupt climate change
Yashpal Jogdand Humanities and Social Sciences Social Psychology