enabling Virtual & Interactive-learning for Driving Youth Advancement @ IIT Delhi

VIDYA (विद्या) is a Sanskrit word, which represents knowledge and wisdom achieved by learning.

eVIDYA@IITD is an initiative of IIT Delhi for delivering knowledge using Virtual and Interactive platform for Driving Youth Advancement.

It is an initiative under the aegis of Continuing Education Programme (CEP), Indian Institute of Technology Delhi for launching Online Certificate Programmes.
eVIDYA@IITD Certificate Programmes

IIT Delhi currently has more than 700 highly qualified and reputed faculty members in the field of Engineering, Technology, Science, Humanities and Management. eVIDYA@IITD will launch the programmes in various areas of national importance like Anaerobic Digestion and Compressed Biogas Technology, Construction Project Management, Cyber Physical System/ Security, Electric Vehicle, Embedded Systems, Machine Learning, Massive Machine type communications for 5G and 6G, Microfluidics, Renewable Energy Storage & Conversion, Technologies for Beyond 5G and 6G Communications and many more. Scope of eVIDYA@IITD is to cater to the needs of Industry and participants at National and International level.

Impact of eVIDYA@IITD Programmes

eVIDYA@IITD will empower thousands of young learners by imparting high quality Online Certificate programmes in different domains of Engineering, Technology, Science, Humanities and Management. This will have significant impact as it will open opportunities for youth to learn by using the eVIDYA@IITD platform and gain knowledge in cutting edge areas for their career advancement.

For the period 20th February 2023- 19th February 2025

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